Great Splitter10/27/2014 3:38:15 PM

Pros: Great for the Phanteks PWM fan hub, which is what these were specifically designed for. This product is not to be used as a standard fan splitter as it is designed to be pared with a PWM fan hub which then gets it's voltage from the motherboard fan connector, allowing it to control all fans even though these only use 2 pin connections. They work great in my Enthoo Primo case which came with them and the fan hub together.

Cons: None, they are sleek, and built really well.

Overall Review: Ignore what the other reviewers have said about these being only working with 2 pins and giving you no control, that is a purposeful part of the design as they are built specifically to be used with a PWM fan hub.

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Most Durable Flash Drive Ever8/19/2013 10:44:28 PM

Pros: If you're looking for a flash drive that will keep your stuff safe and has high capacity this is for sure the one to go with. you can just feel the quality when you pick it up, heck even when you look at it. And since it has USB 3.0 the transfer rates are incredible. This flash drive is worth the extra 10 to 15 dollars compared to other drives, it is so durable that I trust it with anything. I can take it to my work where I wash dishes and cook for a restaurant and I feel confident that all my files are safe.

Cons: None at all what so ever!

Overall Review: The perfect flash drive for anyone!

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Best Fan Money Can Buy8/19/2013 10:41:37 PM

Pros: This fan provides excellent air flow, my CPU fan is greatly quieter ever since I got this fan (I have an open air case so it's really noticeable when the CPU is loud). The green LED's are super bright and in my opinion that is exactly what I wanted. If you're looking for a 200mm fan this is the one to go with, whether or not you get green, and you can easily turn off the LED's if you don't want any, simply unplug the pin connector that completes the circuit.

Cons: None at all so far. Works perfect and I am lucky the fan is still alive as I made a dumb mistake. By mistake I plugged the fan LED light control into the chassis fan power slow and completely fried the wire, there was rubber smoke all around the house for a few hours. I was worried the LED's were ruined but I simply unplugged the old wire that allowed me to plug it into a switch and plugged in the original wire that completed the circuit and now the LED's are always on.

Overall Review: This is the fan for anyone that wants excellent air flow, oh and did I mention its ABSOLUTELY silent!

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Best Graphics Card for The Money8/19/2013 10:36:04 PM

Pros: So far this card has been amazing, from day 1 I really enjoyed it, I went through a lot of what I thought to be driver problems but that ended up being problems unrelated to the card. I can run most games on the highest settings, the only one I have found that I cannot is Crysis 3 of course, and on there all I must do is turn down the Anti-Aliasing and it runs at a smooth 30 FPS. I wish I had purchased one of these instead of my 660 ti a long time ago, I will definitely be buying another one soon to CrossFire with this one. Another big plus is the build quality of XFX, I have had EVGA and Saphire cards and they aren't nearly what XFX is. This card is made from solid metal and the heat sink is HUGE. The dual fans provide amazing cooling and they are quiet, even at 100% they aren't anywhere near what my other cards sounded like (although it's still pretty loud), but they never even reach more than 50% anyway. Also the card stays perfectly cool, its usually no more than 65 degrees Celsius. I honestly couldn't say enough good things about this card.

Cons: I have found absolutely no problems with the card itself, I have had what I believed to be driver issues but ends up I do not believe they are driver issues. The card is amazing and I couldn't have made a better purchase, except for a 7990 that went on sale for 699 a day later haha. But I'm here to rate the card not the drivers or games or other cards, so I give the actual card itself 5 eggs!

Overall Review: If you buy this card you will for sure be pleased, it is simply a work of magic, especially for the money.

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