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They're Case Fan Screws5/23/2020 7:40:03 AM

Pros: They do a good job of holding fans to cases. The dark color works well with dark cases .

Overall Review: They get the job done and they don't stick out like a sore thumb like unpainted ones do.

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So Far, So Good4/28/2020 10:23:57 AM

Pros: It's fast!

Overall Review: I upgraded from an i5-2320 to this processor. Wow, it is so fast in comparison! I like the Wraith Stealth cooler that came with it. I am probably going to put in my AIO once I can get an AMD mounting kit for it, but I wouldn't complain too much if I got stuck with using the Wraith Stealth.

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I Like This Motherboard4/28/2020 10:11:21 AM

Pros: It has built in bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It's very easy to install if you remember to mount the CPU and CPU fan before mounting in the case. It works with the CPU I wanted to install. The included user guide is actually helpful. There is an abundance of SATA connection points. I really like the lock/unlock mechanism on the PCIe x16 slots.

Cons: The standoffs on the CPU cooler backing plate do not fit snug into the holes on the motherboard.

Overall Review: I decided to upgrade my CPU and was in need of a new motherboard to go with it. There were a lot of options out there, but I went with this board because it was in my acceptable price range, it could accommodate the CPU I had decided on and it had built in bluetooth. I quickly installed the board and CPU, but ran into a small problem when trying to mount the cooler that came with the CPU. The backing plate was loose and the backing plate standoffs don't fit snugly into the holes on the motherboard, so it fell back into the case, too far for the screws on the cooler to reach. I had to remove the board and mount the cooler while holding the backing plate in place. From there, re-installing the board was quick. The user guide (an actual book, not a stapled stack of paper) that came with this board is well laid out. I went step by step to find all of the connection (audio, led, fan, etc) points I needed and had everything setup in short order. All told, I really like this board. The only complaint I have is about the backing plate, but that can easily be mitigated by planning ahead a little. If I were to build another machine, I would absolutely consider this board. My experience building a machine is fairly limited, but I found this board easy to work with.

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It's a Perfectly Functional DS4 Controller12/26/2019 2:07:52 PM

Pros: It's easy to pair and use. The rumble on this feels just like the Dual Shock controllers for PS2. Good battery life.

Cons: The plastic seems to have a bit more give than what I was used to with the PS2 Dual Shock controllers. Every now and then it feels like the two sides of the controller are "clicking" back together. I'm not a fan of the shape of the analog sticks. The concave thumb pads feel weird and I'm never completely convinced I am moving the stick in the direction I want to.

Overall Review: I bought this to play old PS1/PS2 games on my PC with emulators as well as to use with my Steam library. This controller is easy to pair with my PC and works seamlessly with Steam. For emulators and games from non-Steam shops, some extra fiddling (and a program) is needed to trick your PC into thinking that an Xbox 360 is being used and to process the inputs accordingly. This is completely a Windows issue, so it shouldn't be taken as a con of the DS4 controller. I have been getting 10-12 hours of gameplay before I recharge, but have not had the batteries run dead yet. I'm sure this controller works very well with an actual PS4, but I have never owned one so I can't speak to how well it works with a PS4. For use with a PC, it works very well.

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Good Upgrade From 2.4GHz Only Router If More Than 100Mbps Aren't Needed11/4/2019 1:36:30 PM

Pros: Relatively simple setup. Very strong WiFi signal. Simple settings interface (once you can get into it) that is good for those who are less tech savvy.

Cons: WAN/LAN ports are only 10/100 Interface is very limiting for advanced users. The URL for the interface is useless if the assigned IP address is changed.

Overall Review: After dealing with congestion in the 2.4GHz band, I decided to give this router a try to see if I could get better performance in the 5GHz band. The package included the router, a power adapter, and a quick setup guide. Within 5 minutes, I had this router plugged into my modem and my 5GHz capable devices were connected to the network. Speed tests run on my 5GHz capable devices now have speeds 2 to 2.5 faster than they ever did on my old 2.4GHZ modem/router. I am also getting an extra 15-20 feet in range compared to my old router. This router works very well, but I would be a bit cranky if I had it connected to my PC with ethernet as my internet connection tops out at 200Mbps, but this router only supports up to 100Mbps on both the in and out ports. Fortunately, I can still use my old modem/router for this purpose. I won't complain too much about this as it is very clearly noted in the product specs and overall does not negatively affect my setup. The one place that warrants dropping an egg is the web interface to update settings. If the router's IP address gets changed from the default (which will happen on the default dynamic setting or if you need to set a static address to prevent conflicts on other devices on your network), the URL in the quick start guide no longer works. At that point, you have to figure out what the IP address was changed to and then enter that as the address in your browser in order to review and change any settings. Overall, this device is great if you are trying to add the 5GHz band to your network but are not needing to have speeds over 100Mbps. If you have a higher speed internet connection, you will want to look for something else.

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It Does What It Claims Its Supposed To Do4/10/2019 10:20:46 AM

Pros: It converts a 4 pin Molex power plug into four 3-pin plugs. It is very easy to install.

Cons: Plugging this into a Molex connector can be a bit tricky.

Overall Review: I bought this to accommodate the additional fans that came with my new case. It is just a small thing, which is all it really needs to be. I wound up hiding it in the cable management gap on the back side of the case. Installation was about a straightforward as you would expect. There are only 2 pins on the Molex end of this adapter, so you do need to take a little care to make sure you don't bend the pins. One of the pins on mine was slightly misaligned, but I was able to gently coax it into place. It took me longer to find a safe spot to put my side panel than it did to install and plug in my fans. I would recommend this item to anyone who has more fans than they have fan headers on their motherboard.

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A Good Upgrade From An Old HDD4/9/2019 11:08:29 AM

Pros: Easy to install So much faster than a HDD

Cons: None, so far.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace my 8 year old 2 TB HDD that was starting to show its age. This was the only 2TB SSD available that didn't completely kill my budget, so it was a bit of a no-brainer to select this one. Installing into my machine was about as quick and easy as any other drive I have installed. I ran into a whole bunch of problems trying to clone my HDD, but I don't believe the problems were because of the SDD. I wound up with a clean install of Windows 10. The OS was completely installed in less than 20 minutes. I am very happy with this SDD, particularly how fast it transfers data, even on old SATA 2 connections. I would definitely recommend this item.

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Silent, Fully Modular PSU That Fits Aesthetically With Dark Cases4/8/2019 10:11:49 AM

Pros: It is very quiet. It is a breeze to add and remove cables as needed. The PSU and the cables look good. They are a good aesthetic fit if you are using a black case. It was very easy to install. It comes with a nice bag to store unused cables. It has a good variety of cables (Sata Only, Sata Molex, etc.), so you can pick and choose what you need for your build.

Cons: None, yet.

Overall Review: I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who is working on a budget conscious build and doesn't need more than 550W. I paired this with a Fractal Design Focus G black case, and it almost seems like they were made for each other. The power supply blends in perfectly with the case, allowing the other internal components to stand out through the case window. The cables are black as well, instead of that red/yellow/black combo found on older power supplies. This power supply looks good in my machine. I found this power supply to be very easy to install. The included cables were just the right length to reach all of my components. I have been running this power supply for a few days and I am yet to hear it. It is so quiet.

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Good Cooler4/5/2019 10:32:54 AM

Pros: Very Quiet. The RGB on the fan and block look very cool and are easy to control with the included controller. It's keeping my CPU very cool.

Cons: The biggest issue I had was with with how the mounting hardware is packaged. There are a lot of similar looking, but significantly different screws all in the same bag. It took me a good bit of time to figure out which screws were needed to mount the radiator. The instruction book was almost completely picture based. This is probably good for a someone who has a good idea as to what they are doing, but not very helpful for first timers.

Overall Review: This was my first time installing a water cooler, and for the most part, it was a good experience. What I would change: If Cooler Master sees this, my recommendation would be to separate the mounting hardware into separate, smaller bags labeled with their corresponding part letter from the instructions. I would be willing to pay a few bucks more for that simplicity. I would also suggest putting some reference to the Cooler Master YouTube channel in the installation manual to look up an installation tutorial. I understand the desire to keep the instructions concise but having other outlets would be helpful. What I like: Now that I have the cooler installed, I am very happy with it. It is so much quieter than the old heat sink/fan combo that was in it and is running a few degrees cooler. I am enjoying being able to change the colors on the fan and water block. I have a USB 3.0 expansion card that uses a molex power connector, which provided a good opportunity to plug in the controller (with the provided power/pass through cable) near the expansion slots, so I have the RGB controller sitting outside of the case. It is very easy for me to change colors on a whim. This cooler came with all of the hardware pieces needed to make it work with almost any current processor/socket. Cooler Master seemed to try very hard to make this cooler a one size fits all product, which I appreciate. I suspect I will continue using this cooler when I upgrade my motherboard/CPU in the next year or two.

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It Gets The Job Done For Me3/19/2018 2:05:47 PM

Pros: - Easy to install. It took longer for me to get the computer case open than it did to install the card. - Works well with the games I want to play.

Cons: - The in box dvd for software and drivers didn't work on my Windows 10 machine. It kept giving me an error that it needed to run as an administrator, even when I selected the option to run as administrator. I was able to download the drivers and software from MSI's site, which worked.

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