Phenomenal Customer Service4/17/2020 1:51:53 PM

Pros: -Shipped very quickly -Clear instructions on how to reactivate Windows in shipping -Machine works beautifully, as expected -Only one tiny scuff on the lid; other than that flawless condition -Customer service was willing and happy to help with issues

Cons: -External battery was acting up

Overall Review: When I first received this computer in the mail, there were several notifications about the external battery (there are two batteries in this computer) being worn out or incompatible with the computer. This was on Friday. I immediately sent them an email asking if there were any solutions or replacement options. After emailing back and forth until Wednesday, they immediately sent a replacement battery at no charge and I received it that following Friday (exactly one week after first receiving the computer). This computer, although refurbished, works just as well if not better than any brand new computer I've purchased before. And if it doesn't work properly, I cannot exaggerate enough how much EPC wants to help you get it running like new.

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