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Under-load temps are LESS than what my RESTING temps used to be before I installed this!8/10/2010 2:10:50 PM

Pros: After installing this great HSF (VF700-Cu) from Zalman, the resting temperatures on my BFGTech 6600GT OC AGP went from 165 F (74C) to 126 F (52C)!!! Under extreme load, the temps only reach 164 F (73C)! That's less than what the temperatures used to be with the stock BFG HSF when the card was just displaying the windows desktop! (Note: I'm running the fan at the "Normal" speed setting of 2,650 RPM and not the "Silent Mode" speed of 1,350 RPM.) Also, the NOISE has gone from irritatingly loud to barely noticeable. (and that's at the LOUDER of the two settings the fan supports!)

Cons: With a GeForce 6600GT AGP you can't use the included memory heatsinks because they are too close to the main heatsink, but the card didn't have memory heatsinks to begin with, so it doesn't really need them. I wish Zalman had included some that were half the height of the ones they did--in addition to the included units. Or modified the shape of the main heatsink...but that's a very small gripe. Other Thoughts: Make sure you secure the card before moving your PC anywhere. It's a relatively heavy (270g, copper "cu" version) HSF and can bang into the card below it and/or strain the slot it's in also. Though the heavier pure copper version is worth it for the improved cooling IMO. Tighten the screw that holds this card when installing it. Lock it down! You don't want it slipping.

Overall Review: Make sure when you install this that you use extreme care! Removing the old HSF is tricky! I usually have to (carefully!!) snip off the plastic clips that hold the old HSF on--because trying to push them back through the hole is way too risky (though clipping them makes it impossible to re-install the old HSF unless you order more clips--not that you'd likely ever want to do that after using the Zalman). Make sure you use a good anti-static soft pad to lay everything on, be VERY gentle, be VERY patient, THINK through everything before doing it, don't let ANYTHING scrape ANYTHING etc. Also, be careful when wiping the old thermal grease off of the GPU chip die. Any cloth/paper towel can snag on one of the tiny surface-mounted components next to the die and break it off! I used "Arctic Silver 5" thermal compound (the local Radio Shack actually had it). Careful installing the card too. It'll be somewhat bulky and heavy with the HSF and can easily scrape or knock the adjacent PCI c

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Sooo Quiet!8/24/2007 11:53:13 PM

Pros: I replaced two 92mm Sunon case fans with these babies and the noise reduction is DRAMATIC. My entire system is 1/3rd as noisy as it was before. The only sound I hear now is my stock BFG 6600gt video card fan (which is not very bad either). Before putting them into their brackets, I held each of the two I bought up to my ear with them running, and even at that range they were not much more than a gentle sound of blowing air. In-other-words: A whisper of air, but no "whine".

Cons: They don't have a RPM signal to tell you how fast they are turning. Not a big deal, considering that the old fans were plugged into my PSU and not my motherboard - and thus I didn't have an RPM reading before these anyway. But it would be nice, just so I can tell if all fans are turning and set alarms if they die (not as likely considering these Arctic Cooling fans have a 6 year warranty and my old fans had a a 1 year warranty and they were still working after 5 years).

Overall Review: I wish I had bought these a long time ago! Now I just need to get a good quiet GPU cooler to fully eliminate all noise from my system. If you buy these and they make a whine, then I would say return the bad unit and get another one - if that happens then there must be something wrong with the unit, because these fans are quiet! Make sure to turn off your system before trying to put them into their brackets, so you don't jam something into the spinning blades.

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The Best of the Best8/20/2007 3:13:24 PM

Pros: No gimmicks, this PSU gives you what you need: Rock-solid power and quality as high as current tech will allow.

Cons: None

Overall Review: NOTE: The reason it's longer than other PSUs is because it's the only PSU (that I know of) that has NO internal parts within 1 inch of the fan. This prevents turbulence and makes it super quiet (turbulence is what causes high-pitched whine in other PSUs). It's the price you pay for silence and improved cooling/airflow/reliability. BTW, spacing any fan an inch away from other objects will always make it quieter... I've NEVER had a PC Power and Cooling PSU give me a problem of ANY kind. So many times I have used other PSUs (like PSUs from Antec) and have had bazaar problems with memory etc. that would not go away - then replaced with a unit from PCPandC and have had NO MORE PROBLEMS! Don't mess around with 'stuff' from other manufacturers, just go with these guys and start off your system the right way. These guys build REAL power supplies instead of wasting your money on modular cable gimmicks that decrease reliability, chrome etc.

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