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Pros: Bass is very good, smooth, good range. Receiver has plenty of options. Remote is very easy to use Banana clips for speaker, great connections on receiver Audessey set up for speakers was accurate and good results The receiver has to weigh about 40 lbs!!

Cons: This is a HT in a box....speakers aren't klipsch or paradigm(duh) So don't expect them to blow you away. 1st upgrade is speaker wire The speaker connections are the tab kind...not a good connection

Overall Review: I've been waiting 8 years to get a Home Theater system. However, 3 children in that time I've had to downgrade everything I wanted. Priorities :) This system is FANTASTIC. If you are on a budget buy it now! Free Shipping!! I stole this for $379 :)(thanks for the great deal Newegg!) It's worth retail though!

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