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Re-review with latest legacy drivers12/21/2014 9:38:40 AM

Pros: - Best 4670 AGP card - IceQ cooler keeps things cool and quiet - Legacy drivers from work now!

Cons: - Extremely high price

Overall Review: I made a Windows re-install on my AGP system and I'm happy to find out that AMD finally corrected their legacy drivers. 13.4 Legacy work fine with this card, previously you had to use 12.4 because >12.6 didn't have the correct FIDs for this (or any) AGP card and so the installer didn't detect them and the driver install would fail. 13.4 is still old, I know, but at least it works now and you don't have to jump trough loops to get a working driver since AMD no longer lists previous releases on their driver page.

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Good budget USB 3.0 drive12/21/2014 9:19:27 AM

Pros: - Good transfer rates over USB3.0, 50MB/s write, 160MB/s read (when reading/writing from an SSD) - USB2.0 speeds close to high end 2.0 sticks: 20MB/s writes, 30MB/s reads - Standard USB stick size. Doesn't get lost in your pocket or anything.

Cons: - Nothing really. You're buying a budget 3.0 stick.

Overall Review: This was one of the first USB3.0 sticks available from Kingston and I absolutely love it. At first I wasn't that impressed because the USB2.0 transfer speeds are nothing to write home about, although they were on par with good USB2.0 sticks but once I got an USB3.0 motherboard, oh boy! Also I saw that I was limiting the read speed since on an HDD I was getting 60MB/s reads but once I got an SSD the transfer rate went to 160MB/s. Yeah, there are faster drives but they usually go for twice the price of this.

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The greatest little AGP board9/13/2013 7:23:05 PM

Pros: - Core 2 Quad support - Official support for Wolfdale (45nm) CPUs(R2.0 supported them with bios 3.30 but not officially) - Works with Windows 7 out of the box. The built in Windows drivers work fine. - Apparently they fixed the slow boot of R2.0. A big plus.

Cons: - Core 2 micro-architecture support requires CL2.5 RAM. Not really a con, just a heads up. - Only 2 RAM slots. - VRMs can't handle an overclocked Quad. If you plan to overclock stick with dual cores. - Max FSB is 300Mhz. Again, not a con just a heads up. - CPUs with 1066FSB will force RAM to run at 3:2 (177Mhz) no matter what setting you select on bios. This is done to maintain CL at 2.5.

Overall Review: I have owned the R2.0 version of this board almost since it was released and this is one of the boards that shows Asrock's trademark ingenuity: imagine a board drafted for Pentium 4s that by its EOL gets Core 2 Quad support. Or a modern board released in 2013 that ships with a floppy connector. That's Asrock for you, always thinking of the quirky customer. The first system I build with this was a Pentium D805 overclocked beyond 4Ghz (FSB was 205 or so) plus an AiW X800XT AGP from a previous build. Those were the good days. We thought AGP would hold on for another 10 years or so (lol, yeah right). I later replaced it with the Conroe865PE when I upgraded to a Core 2 Quad (the VRMs on the 775i65G couldn't handle the overclock) but I still have it in use paired with a Pentium E5800 (wolfdale) and a HIS HD4350 AGP in a low profile case. It sees some action when my brother comes over to play RTS vs me. This re-release certainly is something else: who would think of releasing an AGP board on the year 2013? No joke, I'm tempted to pick one as a backup for my R2.0. It looks godly in black. I would LOVE a re-issue of its big brother, the Conroe865PE. Still have mine. Review is for the R2.0 but the layout and components seem to be the same so I think pros and cons still apply.

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Best low profile AGP card9/9/2013 8:39:52 AM

Pros: - Low profile - Low power consumption (25w) - DDR3 memory, helps with overclocking - Practically silent

Cons: - Tiny heatsink, gets into the 60C range at idle. - Low fan curve, 25% at 65C. I suppose it won't hit 100% until it gets to 100C or something.

Overall Review: For people having problems installing this card on Windows 7, the Microsoft built-in driver is faulty and will crash on boot. What you must do is this: 1. Turn off the PC 2. Set the HD4350 in the AGP slot 3. Turn on the PC and let Windows load the built in drivers 4. DON'T RE-START when prompted to. 5. Install the 12.4 AGP hotfix drivers from AMD (you can find them in Sapphire's website download section) 6. Re-start the PC. No more crashes on boot. If you already let Windows load the built-in driver and re-started only to find yourself in a crashing loop you'll have to remove the HD4350 and use the onboard video to get into Windows and delete the driver manually (look for guides on "remove ghost devices"). Sapphire Trixx works with this card and will let you adjust voltages too. The card doesn't seem to have much overclock potential but every bit helps, especially RAM as this is a 64bit card. The card is enough for playing old 2008 titles in medium to low settings and even some modern titles too (RTS and racing games mostly, don't expect to play Battlefield 3). Its more or less equal to an X1600PRO so any game that has it as a requirement should be playable on this. System: - Acteck Bern low profile mATX case - Asrock 775i60G - Pentium Dual Core E5800 - 2GB OCZ Platinum EL DDR400 - Kingwin 32GB SSD (system), 250GB Seagate (data and programs) - Creative Xtreme Gamer LP - HIS HD4350 AGP @ 700/750 - Windows 7 Starter

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Same as NON PLUS version7/15/2013 7:57:58 PM

Pros: - It didn't took my lunch money.

Cons: - Will throttle 125w CPUs. Not adecuate for CPU intensive tasks. - Uses old VRM design (D2PAK, extremelly hot) - No heatsinks on VRMs. Assume same CPU support as non-PLUS version.

Overall Review: This board has the same components as the NON PLUS version and thus it really isn't intended for 125w CPUs. Sure, it'll run them but will throttle as soon as the VRM section gets to 50ºC. FX-8350 CPUs throttle down to 2.8Ghz (!!!) effectively killing their usefulness. And don't kid yourself, the CPU will throttle almost half of the time you have it working. Throttling kicks in in about 30 seconds with the cores loaded 100% with Intel Burn Test and after that it throttles back and forth every 10 seconds or so. Disabling hardware monitoring in bios just turns off CPU and NB temp monitoring, the VRM monitoring runs all the time (thankfully, I wouldn't want one of these to catch fire). If ASUS had at least heatsinked the VRMs it could have better performance but really, for the VRMs they should have gone with MLPs or SO-8s at least.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Sorry to hear that you don't like the design of the board. This board is a budget board so it won't have the heatsinks you are looking for. If you look at our higher model board such as the M5A97 and M5A99X, you can clearly see that heatsinks are used. Thank you for choosing Asus as your motherboard brand of choice. You can email me at ASUS strives to meet and exceeds our customer expectations within our warranty policy. Regards, Jeffrey ASUS Customer Loyalty USA
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Not really 460w...1/13/2012 7:42:22 AM

Pros: - Cheap - Cables are enough for a mid tower system

Cons: Not a 460W unit as advertised. Says right there in the specifications label (5th picture): "The +3.3V & +5V & +12V total output shall not exceed 377.9W". 377.9W (3.3V+5V+12V) + 9.6W (-12V) + 12.5W (5VSB) = 400W.

Overall Review: Notice how the big "460" in the label doesn't have a "W". It's that way so that when you ask they can say: "The 460 is the model number, not the wattage". Although the PSU is fine for my purposes, I don't like those kind of tactics.That I would expect from a el-cheapo, no-name brand but not Cooler Master. How hard is to put trustful information on the specification's label? 3 eggs less for that!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi TRWOV, We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with our psu. Please contact us live chat, link below, for any questions and assistance. Respectfully, CMUSA Customer Support
External Link(s):
Live Chat
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HIS HD4650 DDR3... an HD4670 in sheep's clothing?8/30/2011 9:53:14 PM

Pros: - More powerful than my old X1950PRO but at 1/2 the power consumption. - DDR3 memory, the best HD4650 AGP out there. - UVD2, HDCP and HDMI bitstream audio; excellent card for recycling your old AGP rig into an HTPC. - Single slot

Cons: - DX10 only - 128bit bus. Effectively halves the memory bandwidth so overclocking the memory is a must. I managed to hit 870Mhz (1740DDR) using Saphire Trixx but your mileage may vary. - For XP, Catalyst 11.1 AGP hotfix and earlier seem to work fine. Later drivers gave a lot of issues: BSODs, Windows locks on bootup, the works. Windows 7 64bit (and Vista I assume) can use the latest 11.8 hotfix drivers without issue, although I got sporadic in-game crashes here and there but it might be due to the OS also (maybe Win7 64bit isn't optimized for AGP??) *note*Hotfix drivers aren't verified by MS so you'll get a warning about them not being WHQL certified. - HDMI audio might conflict with your sound card in XP. If you have issues either disable the HDMI audio in the device manager OR uninstall your sound card (if you have onboard sound disable it in the bios). Win7 allows for multiple sound controllers so it doesn't have this issue. - Cooler is somewhat anemic and louder than expected.

Overall Review: - This card is the same as the HIS HD4670 AGP but with a different cooler and BIOS. If you happen to have an aftermarket cooler that fits the card you could overclock to match the HD4670 AGP clocks (750/800). Mounting holes are 61mm apart; push pins setups are recommended as there are several SMT capacitors behind the GPU which might interfere with backplate installations. - Overdrive limits are core 650, mem 800 which run fine with the installed cooler. Anything above would require a better cooling solution. Even 700Mhz makes the GPU go over 70ºC. If you need or want to go above Overdrive limits you should use Sapphire Trixx to do so. - After owning this card for almost 6 months I decided to get the HD4670 as I'm recycling my old rig into an HTPC and the blower style cooler will help to remove air from the small case and keep the noise to a minimum. Still I'm keeping the HIS HD4650 as a backup: has performance to spare and sips on power. Excellent buy.

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If you happen to have a dual/quad core with AGP get this.8/27/2011 5:13:01 PM

Pros: - Trades blows with the HD3850 AGP at 2/3 the power requirement. - DDR3 memory - HDCP and HDMI bitstream audio; excellent card for recycling your old dual/quad core AGP rig into an HTPC. - Blower style cooler, helps to move air out of the case. Specially useful for small HTPC cases. - If you own one of the few Intel 775 or AMD 939 boards with AGP slot that support dual and quad cores you can truly get your money's worth with this card. A Pentium E5800 (Wolfdale) overclocked to 3.7Ghz bottlenecks this card (if you overclock the card and fps don't go up then you have a bottleneck).

Cons: - DX10 only - 128bit bus. Effectively halves the memory bandwidth so overclocking the memory is a must. I managed to hit 890Mhz (1780DDR) using Overdrive but your mileage may vary. - Two slot? Might be a con for some people. - Catalyst 11.1 AGP hotfix and earlier seem to work fine with XP. Later drivers gave a lot of issues: BSODs, Windows locks on bootup, the works. Windows 7 (and Vista I assume) can use latest (11.8) hotfix drivers, although there are some in game crashes here and there but it might be due to the OS also (maybe Win7 isn't optimized for AGP??) *note*Hotfix drivers aren't verified by MS so you'll get a warning about them not being WHQL certified. - HDMI audio might conflict with your sound card in XP. If you have issues either disable the HDMI audio in the device manager OR uninstall your sound card (if you have onboard sound disable it in the bios). Win7 allows for multiple sound controllers so it doesn't have this issue.

Overall Review: - I would recommend this card to people whom at least own an overclocked Athlon 64 FX and preferably a dual or quad core CPU. Pentium 4 users really shouldn't look past the HD4650 for an AGP upgrade. In reality I would suggest an HD3650 but the HD4650 consumes less power. - If the dual slot configuration mess with your plans, HIS has an HD4650 DDR3 which is the same card just with a different bios and cooler (look at newegg's pics if you want proof). Overdrive limits are 650/800 for the HIS HD4650 but by using Sapphire Trixx you can bypass the Overdrive limits if you need to. - System: Asrock 775i65G rev.2 board, Pentium E5800@3.7Ghz (231Mhz FSB), 2GB RAM DDR400. Tested with XP SP3 and Win7 SP1. Crysis and Far Cry 2 get about 50 fps with med settings @ 1280x1024

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Labeling mistake?5/1/2011 7:42:29 AM

Pros: - Works as intended - Modular - Cables are the best I've seen, fully sleeved with PVC coating

Cons: - There is no way to remove the bezel from the outside. If you need to remove it (as I did since my case has a frontal door) you'll have to void the warranty. - No documentation. Even just some labels on the PSU would have been enough. - Old design. Efficiency is poor as a result, tops at 76% but can be as low as 68% depending on load (very low or very high loads hinder efficiency). Since it's only powering part of your GPU load it doesn't waste a lot still.

Overall Review: As other user pointed out, the HardOCP review mentions that this unit failed at full load test but fared well at the ~75% load test (316w). What got me thinking is that my unit has a higher rated capacitor from other brand (Sunncon) on the primary side which differs from the unit reviewed. Granted, Sunncon isn't exactly top notch but according to the ePower site there are two versions of this unit, a 350w and a 450w and both look the same. Could it be that some 350w units were incorrectly labeled as 450w? If you want to be on the safe side, just stay below 350w (29A). For $20 that's still pretty good. NOTES: - The molex connector isn't a power source, you need to plug in a molex from your PSU so that the unit knows when to turn on. - 12V1 = top row of connectors, 12V2 = bottom row of connectors

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Fairly good for the price, but improvement is welcome10/10/2006 7:59:49 PM

Pros: -Cheap -Works flawlessy...eventually.

Cons: -Manual is very bad. Doesn't explain how to set it as an IDE (non RAID) controller instead of RAID controller. Also it's pretty difficult to set up at first. -Included CD was bad. Had to download drivers from Silicon Image's website.

Overall Review: I was reluctant to get this card because some reviewer said that it only works as a RAID card, but I contacted Sabrent and they told me that it can also work as non-RAID. You have to install the drivers in the NonRAID_2port folder and don't set up a RAID in the BIOS. When I connected the card to a pair of brand new HDDs the system refused to boot up. I connected them to the SATA ports on the motherboard, formated them, then connected them to the card. It worked. Other reviewer said that plugin the HDD after bootup works too. As for the drivers, the folder in the CD was corrupt, I had to download the drivers from the Silicon Image website. It seems that the ones on the CD are the same ones (same file names and sizes). Although it takes some work to get this to work, I'm pretty happy with this card and Sabrent has became my favorite cheapo brand, I've bought many cards from them (sound,firewire,tuner,etc.) but they need to provide better manuals and support to really stand out.

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Not as quiet as expected6/24/2006 11:00:15 PM

Pros: Cheap. Moves quite a lot of air. 3/4 pin connectors. Long, sleeved cable.

Cons: It's not 25dBA. I bought this along with a Silverstone 120mm fan rated at 26.65dBA and the Silverstone just makes about 1/2 of the noise of this one. It's not related to the air pressure since I tested them out of the case for zero resistance conditions. This fan's motor is the source of the noise.

Overall Review: Fortunately, I had a spare Zalman RC56 resistor and used it with this fan and now it's on par with the Silverstone fan noise levels.

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Fairly good4/22/2006 11:39:50 PM

Pros: -Cheap. -Good overall build quality. -Better than Onboard AC97 audio -Based on C-Media CMI8768, DD-EX and DTS decoding. -DirectSound 3D, A3C, EAX 2.0 support. -Great performance for the price.

Cons: -Doesn't support EAX 3.0 and above, but that isn't really Sabrent's nor C-Media's fault. EAX 3.0 and above won't be licensed by Creative, the ones who invented it. -No MIDI sound. No DirectMusic either, according to Dxdiag. Doesn't matter to me but for some it would.

Overall Review: Some pointers: -Download the current drivers from cmediadotcomdottw. The ones on the CD are too old. -The 9 pin connector is the SPDIF IN connector, not a FPA connector. -If you want DD encoding for games, get a card with the 8768+ (plus) chipset. Newegg doesn't make a distintion between the two versions of the chipset but I can confirm that the Diamond XS71DDL, TurtleBeach Montego and Auzentech XMystique use the 8768+. I had a problem getting Halo to work properly. Some sounds from the gunfire were lost. For example, the first fire would sound, and then the second wouldn't. Only gunfire was affected. I asked around a bit, and found out that Halo has a sound buffer that is too long for some cards (even some Creative ones). It seems that BF2 and FarCry has the same problem but I can't confirm it. The fix was to get a better card with a bigger buffer or turn off hardware acceleration in the game. This isn't really a fault of the card but a bad implementation of EAX by Gearbox.

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