3/26/2015 3:00:15 PM

Pros: Nope

Cons: Fan defective, loud beeping and coil whine

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Best deal for the price3/23/2014 10:16:59 AM

Pros: You can't find these features for this price anywhere else. Great airflow, dust filters, 4 large fans included (Worth almost the price of the case itself) fan controller, and card reader. Also like that the optical drive is hidden, it's a nice feature. With tool-less expansion slots.

Cons: I had to cut a piece of the top exhaust fan off to be able to plug in the CPU 4 pin power. Cable management is just ok, nothing speical, certain places can be a little cramped.

Overall Review: Can't beat this case for the money.

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2/4/2011 5:54:54 PM

Pros: Great card. Upgraded from HD 3850, doubled my performance. Overclocks well, 990 mhz on the core with max voltage allowed by BIOS. Fan speed can goto 100% (Other brand 460's locked at 75% without BIOS mod) Good temps. Never over 80 C with voltage turned up and 50% fan speed after playing Crysis for 2 hours.

Cons: The fan is LOUD at anything above 45%. But that isn't a problem for me. I don't like nvidia's control panel vs ATi's, but thats a personal problem I guess lol. DX 11 is a gimmick for now, I have most DX 11 games and you can hardly notice a difference even when you're trying your hardest to see it. Not many games take advantage of PhsyX, Mirrors Edge was very nice with it on though.

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