Skepticism cured.10/22/2012 3:05:32 PM

Pros: It actually can do some decent gaming performance. I was able to pull a respectable framerate out of crysis 2 on high spec with the DX11 patch.

Cons: Doesn't quite do it on Ultra spec. The stock cooler seems a bit basic, especially considering there is an integrated discrete GPU.

Overall Review: This is what I chose as the heart of a sub-$300 gaming system for a friend, the intent of which was to play that new World of Warcraft panda and pokemon expansion. I was skeptical of the whole discrete graphics included in the CPU packaging thing, and sort of wanted to see it in person. It runs wow without breaking a sweat, and can run several more demanding games I tried. The performance is nothing to write home about, but given the cost, is more then acceptable. Console gamers no longer have price as a reason to not play on PC.

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pretty good deal10/22/2012 2:47:07 PM

Pros: Inexpensive, considering what all you are getting. This case has a painted interior, 3 case fans, one of which is led-lit, a clever tool-less drive installation design, and a 450W power supply. Both sides are attached via thumbscrews. That is a lot of value for money at this price point.

Cons: The sides of the case feel flimsy. The build quality is lacking, but perfectly acceptable at this price point. Since the only LED fan is the one at the front, the windowed part at the back is a bit under-lit, which could be fixed with a cathode. There is no room to hide cables behind the motherboard tray. The cables on the power supply are not sleeved, and as this case has a window, that makes for a bit of an obvious wire mess. Buying a wire sleeve kit would eliminate that last problem significantly.

Overall Review: How do these guys make money? Other then the understandably lacking build quality (which is acceptable at this price), you are getting quite a value here. Their margins must be tiny. If you get a wire sleeve kit, and an LED exhaust fan that can be powered by the motherboard, you can get this thing to look pretty decent. I am using this for an AMD Trinity based sub-$300 gaming system and it fit the bill perfectly.

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good stuff2/7/2008 10:38:09 PM

Pros: Huge. With my 2 120mm fans, this thing keeps my athlon X2 6000+ nice and cool.

Cons: Huge. Mounting is a pain. Tip: for am2 users, use the stock back plate, and the screws that mounted the stock plastic bracket to hold the cooler down. It fits perfectly that way and you don't have to risk mutilating your motherboard to get it mounted. My mobo is a foxconn c51xem2aa, so if you have that board, use that method of mounting. Should work with all AM2 mounts though.

Overall Review: I got the cooler for free, and I got the fans for free at quakecon. This is the best free cpu cooler ever. picture of how it looks now, i will add a second led fan later to replace the tri-color ugly thing.

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quakecon8/5/2006 10:47:46 PM

Pros: I just won this at Quakecon '06. I havent put it in yet, as the guy before mentioned there is no AM2 mount plate, i will see if i can mod one of the existing plates however. this is a very high quality product from a look at the construction. I will prolly edit this if I can once I mod it if it works, so that the more hardcore of us can use it.

Cons: No AM2. It isnt pretty, It uses high quality black hose, but clear would be better for a windowed case. I have an Aerocool Extreme Engine 3T, which has no window, so it is cool for me.

Overall Review: If you dont have a windowed case or an AM2 processor, this should do good. Probably would be a good easy to install cooler for you rich kids new conroe chips. :P

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niice7/26/2006 2:16:35 AM

Pros: Excellent board, much nicer layout than the AXXS model. black, in my black extremeengine 3 case. along with my 7900GTX and athlon x2 4200+ tears up any game out there.

Cons: i would like a raid boot disk for usb flash drives. i havent owned a floppy drive since 2002.

Overall Review: wow, just wow. pwnage

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mean card7/4/2006 2:08:19 AM

Pros: Super fast, eats game engines for lunch

Cons: i dont have my other one yet

Overall Review: cant wait to get my second one, tore through my benchmarks like they were nothing. first time i have seen a decent framerate from 3dmark06. tears up all games with no effort, doom 3 engine doesnt even stress this card, neither does HL2, 242 fps with hl2 stress test, 178fps out of doom 3 timedemo. ut2004 @ 1920x1200 averages 500fps on max settings. if you have a big monitor (like my 34" dell) this is the card for you, i will be buying my second one soon. excellent card.

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Silent but deadly6/13/2006 12:54:40 PM

Pros: I can't hear it. Quality of the power from both rails remains perfect under heavy load. This is also the only power supply I have seen to have fan power connectors. Beautiful power supply. The fan is set up to spin at ~800-1500rpm, so even when it is spinning i cant hear it. The knob changes the setting of what temperature the fan will start spinning at, good idea. Auto makes the fan always on, and speed is controlled by temp i believe, also a good idea. Also the SLI power cables are sheilded. If you are building an SLI rig, definately consider this PSU.

Cons: Mirror finish is easily mucked up with fingerprints, but this is minor, because you should only be touching it when you install it.

Overall Review: Some electritians will tell you that modular cabling causes some resistance, in my tests I found that even if so, the power level stays where it should and doesnt budge. It should be noted however that I found 3.3V output was a little high, as I was reading it at 3.44, but this is very minor. The only gripe I have with newegg of course is that while my PSU and CPU came in 2 days (with 3 day shipping), I actually have to wait until day 3 for my mobo and video card. Newegg you guys never cease to amaze me, don't ever change.

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good case11/14/2005 8:57:57 AM

Comments: unlike most cases with plastic front panels, this one is sturdy and has a quality feel to it, it comes with thumbscrews for the side panels, which is a plus for me, and the lighting is nice, it will look great with some cold cathodes. it is a bit heavy tho.

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XFX = ownage6/18/2005 7:02:03 PM

Comments: I got this to replace my OC'ed AOPEN FX5700LE (375/500). The difference is insane. It runs much hotter, but, it is significantly faster. It is quieter than my FX was. Benchies are as follows: P4 2.66 Northwood core 512MB PC2700 DDR Aopen AX4GE-N mobo 3dmark03: FX-2461 6800GT-100800 3dmark05: FX-583 6800GT-4532 Aquamark03: FX-22478 6800GT-76599 Doom3 timedemo 1024x768 maxed: FX-7.08fps 6800gt-55.45fps I am loving to see my games running at their highest settings. This card = ownage. Props to newegg and fed-ex for getting it to me quickly.

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