Good product, could be much better.1/14/2013 12:25:39 PM

Pros: 8 2.5" drives in a 1U! Fans are quieter than most, but hey its a server, who cares?

Cons: Only 2 USB connections, couldn't they squeeze in at least 4? The mobo has lots of USB headers that can't be used. The air shroud for the CPU steals all the air from the ram modules. Could use one or two more of the small fans to cover the rest of the chassis including the PCI-E slot. For a chassis that offers 8 hot swap bays, and a socket 2011.. 330W is REALLY LOW. I had to count watts to make sure all 8 drives and the 6-core xenon wouldn't overload it.

Overall Review: Given the popularity of SSDs now, and their importance used to accelerate SAN and NAS servers. I would love to see more of these 2.5" bay systems. One with preferably a redundant PS and more cooling. A little bit of redesign and they should be able to fit a second half-height slot, that could be very useful as well. I'm having to RMA this one. It arrived with defective USB ports.. UGH.. I can't seem to get an order without defective equipment anymore. Cmon guys!

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Nice looking, bad hardware9/12/2012 1:53:10 PM

Pros: Nice looking chassis, seems sturdy enough.

Cons: Screws appear to be incorrect size and type. Unable to attach panels. Sent allen wrenches when the screws are hex. I'm not entirely sure which is right, the screws or the allen wrench. This alone is super frustrating so I took 3 eggs off. No clue how long it will take the manufacture to send me the correct hardware.

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Data Corruption8/2/2012 1:42:27 PM

Pros: While it worked, it was incredibly fast. Linux recognized the SI chips and saw it as 4 drives individually. Not a problem as I wanted ZFS to do raiding across the drives anyhow.

Cons: Lack of driver support for non Win7 if you want to have the card do its own raid. Solaris can't even see the individual drives like Linux can. Drive failed silently after 1 week. Writes to the drive became corrupted, ZFS saw it instantly thanks to the checksum write process. Windows would happily continue on as if nothing happened. Only a scandisk revealed the issues. OCZ did not take our troubleshooting of it to heart. We were running our production DB off it. So when it failed it hurt, and having to do another 6+ h of drive testing as OCZ asked for the RMA was not acceptable. I RMAd it to Newegg. I am very worried of putting this into production when I get it back from RMA. I think I'll switch to standard SSDs for now.

Overall Review: I inadvertantly posted this review to another OCZ SSD in the same order. The vertex3 240g. That drive is in running very good. Given the cost of the drive and newegg not offering refunds on it... Makes me even more worried to put the drive back into production. I can't afford to have the database get corrupted again. Costs me 6 hours to restore it from backup and I got lucky that the corruption started in the middle of the night while it wasn't being used.

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Manufacturer Response:
We sincerely apologize for the problem. Our support team was attempting to get you running again and avoid the inconvenience of the RMA. When you receive your replacement please visit our support forums at the link below. We will be happy to assist you with system setup to insure success in your application. We care about our customers and we are here to help. Thank you
External Link(s):
OCZ Support Forums
Had to update the bios with a cpu with less core2/8/2012 3:18:19 PM

Pros: Works like a charm with 12core cpu only after you update the bios to the 2005 version.

Cons: Newegg mentioned that this server supports the interlago cpu. Installed 2x 12 cores cpu with 64 GB of RAM, the BIOS screen would not show up. Had to temporarily switch the cpu to an older one to update the BIOS.

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