64GB YESS10/11/2015 11:47:12 AM

Pros: Even though it doesn't say it is quad channel. It is But only EVGA E-LEET recognized that. (at the time of this review) not cpu-z.

Cons: Says it will automatically overclock? I don't see it or can find how to do it? is it PLP or XMP 1 or 2. motherboard says xmp 2 isn't supported.

Overall Review: 64gb is overkill, that said I just wanted it. Kingston should provide more info on specs and a how to on the overclock. I think telling people it is quad channel would be a selling point, but who am I?

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Best of the Best7/3/2015 8:49:45 AM

Pros: Unparalleled graphics power in a single card. 12 GB vram, only uses 250 watts max. Water blocks already installed with warranty. Cards run cool 24c idle 41c is the highest I have seen in benchmarking. Lights are programmable with GeForce Experience.

Cons: Expensive, Only 3 year warranty.

Overall Review: I have 2 of these in SLI running 4587x1920 resolution and it only uses 58% of the cards POWER. ANTEC 1200 HCP EVGA X-99 CLASSIFIED LGA2011-v3 I7 5930K @ 4.2 EKWB CPU Cooler Kingston 120 GB 3.0 SSD +2 WD blue 1 TB 3.0 . 16 gb G.Skill DDR4 2133 2 EVGA Titan x Hydro Copper SLI Creative Recon 3D 5.1 onboard sound 64 Bit Windows 7 Pro. Corsair Air 540 Steel series Merc Stealth Keyboard Cyborg Rat 7 #1 Dell U3415W 3440 x 1440 #2 ACER V246HL

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EVGA is the BEST!4/11/2015 2:17:25 PM

Pros: Support is good, layout is good, heck its all good. Bios is way easier than another brand I had.

Cons: None for me.

Overall Review: M.2 compatibility chart would be a great addition to know b 4 you buy.

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It works4/11/2015 2:10:19 PM

Pros: Works, PC can see all the files on the 2280 crucial drive I put in it.

Cons: ICan't boot from it.?

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REALLY4/11/2015 2:05:49 PM

Pros: Looks good

Cons: Every video card I have ever owned the 6 pin is keyed the same, why is the male end keyed wrong? Luckily I could change the end to make it work.

Overall Review: The pin next to the clip needs to be 5 sided not square. How can a company that has been in business this long not know the correct pin layout?

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Please contact our support team to assist you with warranty options. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: rma@rosewill.com Email2: techsupport@rosewill.com We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
I have been waiting for this.3/20/2015 4:41:49 PM

Pros: 3440x1440 @ 21.9 aspect is awesome, the picture quality is way better than 1920x1080. Dell warranty is better than all. Software is very useful. Pixel density makes display very sharp. Gaming looks better than ever.

Cons: Very expensive............ curve is not that noticeable. Only 60hz.

Overall Review: Over all I love this monitor. Haven't tried the speakers. Some were concerned with light bleed but I don't notice it at all in everyday use, gaming included. Does g sync or free sync really matter?

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Just Good11/30/2014 1:16:51 PM

Pros: DDR-4, 2011-3 and M.2 slot, 3 or 4 way sli, all good. Included software gets an A.

Cons: Well the first board died after installing win-7 and had to RMA to newegg. Second one is working fine. UEFI BIOS is a nightmare, good thing they included a old school bios. No debug led just a post beep(s) Gigabyte tech support told me to do everything I told them I already tried.

Overall Review: 2011-3 and ddr4 is not the speed demon upgrade I was hoping for, some things are faster some r the same. But 6 cores and 12 threads on my 5820 is a win. Overclocking is more tricky than on the x79 platform but future updates may help.

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My vote is YES11/30/2014 12:52:26 PM

Pros: Works well Fast as fast can be, No issues, No cables or power cords to install. Boots windows 7 in a flash.

Cons: Only 6GB/s not 10 as slot says.

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Great card6/23/2013 4:41:37 AM

Pros: Great card good framerates and at 5400 x 1920 thats alot of gaming goodness!

Cons: Not a big con but they take up 3 slots and wont fit for 16X16 crossfire on some motherboards

Overall Review: Well I was complaining about ASUS RMA and I finally got my new (yea new) replacement and this one works on my crossfire eyefinity 5+1 setup.

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All DATA2/18/2013 2:48:35 PM

Pros: works as described, faster than 2.0.

Cons: Not that much faster, But it was cheep.

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Great HDD12/19/2012 3:49:54 PM

Pros: WD hdd's are having a tough go as far as reliability goes but this one fired right up and the clone software worked great. Its faster than my old sata 3.0 segate.( witch after 3 yrs is still going.)

Cons: well none so far

Overall Review: Game loads are very good with this drive on sata 6.0

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COOL3/25/2012 5:48:38 AM

Pros: Worked on my 3820 ,used 2 88cfm yateloon fans and its cool and quiet. Great for the price.

Cons: none

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Ram3/25/2012 5:45:51 AM

Pros: Worked with my ASRock extreme 7 quad chanel.

Cons: none

Overall Review: profile kicks it to 1600.

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Great Board3/25/2012 5:42:19 AM

Pros: Looks cool and everything worked out of the box,put a 3820 processor on it and 16 gb of kingston quad chanel ram, two 580's sli and this works great, UEFI is easy to understand, haven't overclocked yet but it is just a click away in UEFI.

Cons: No post speaker. (Its the only one)

Overall Review: Good price and so far good quality.

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Great for me!1/14/2012 10:24:25 AM

Pros: Fits my hand and my style of game play, FPS mostly and RPG's It may be recertified but I can't tell the difference from new. The lighting is the best I have seen and makes all the difference.

Cons: NONE (wasn't free)

Overall Review: I went from a merc to this and the lighting is all the differnce i'll never go back to a non lighted keyboad.

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It's BIG11/5/2011 9:59:02 AM

Pros: Great picture quality, FPS Games look fantastic, Once u get it dialed in its pleasing to the eyes.

Cons: Took a lot of research (mostly here) to get hdmi input to look GREAT, web pages would flicker until i disabled NVIDIA scaling I didn't use the included software,Menu buttons are a little wonky (don't work with every touch)

Overall Review: Had to do some woodwork to my desk to get it to fit, all in all it does look fantastic

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Great Power1/25/2011 8:02:46 AM

Pros: Hybred cables are just right, Lots of power cables are long enough for my mid tower(Antec 900)

Cons: None

Overall Review: This has nothing to do with this proudct,but I have a B#@$h,What is the IQ of the people who package these high dollar items they put the item on the bottom of the box with all the packing materal on top. This is the same with every purchase shiped to me. So far even with package damage no item has been DOA. Lets get with it New Egg and have some quality control within the shipping departments.

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MB ROCKS11/15/2010 3:29:46 PM

Pros: Support for a wide variety of proc. and memory ETC..... Bios is an overclockers paradise.Would recomend this to a friend.

Cons: not true sata 6.0 or usb3.0 but it works well.

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AWSOME11/15/2010 3:23:55 PM

Pros: Only a few tweeks and Windows 7 says 7.8 windows experience index. Thats pretty good.

Cons: A little bit of investigation and it was Flying.(EVGA forums)

Overall Review: I have a EVGA motherboard and the Forums helped me run it at a fast speed.

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