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Great Value8/15/2015 4:14:30 PM

Pros: What attracted me to this case was the top mounted HDD docking station. It's a SATA setup, not E-SATA. The front panel leaves the switches, audio ports and USB ports attached to the case. The switches are on slides with metal springs. Feel good and appear sturdy. There are many cooling fan mounting options. The back panel is unusual in that the ledge for attaching expansion cards is actually outside the case. This has the effect of putting the IO panel flush with the outside of the case rather than recessed. This makes the attachment of cables far easier than normal.

Cons: The filters at the case bottom of the case are nicely made with a fine metal mesh. The problem is that they do not pull out for cleaning like a toaster crumb tray. The power supply will need to be unbolted and tilted for it's filter removal.

Overall Review: The HDD docking station is designed to be a hot swappable SATA configuration. If your system HDD's are not set for RAID or AHCI in BIOS you will need to shut the system down to swap HDD's. I changed mine to a USB docking station.

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Great Value7/13/2015 5:14:07 PM

Pros: First off, I didn't buy this from Newegg. Normally I would have but there is a reason I chose to go to a retail store for it. I needed a power supply to mount in the bottom of the case AND HAVE THE SATA CABLES PROPERLY ORIENTED. I was able to inspect the unit in person. Happily, I can report that the SATA cables for this power supply are properly oriented for mounting in the BOTTOM of the case. Perhaps case maker might consider supplying this information as part of the specifications. DUH

Cons: No cons except maybe the SATA cable orientation information could have been listed on the box so I wouldn't need to upset the store by unboxing right there.

Overall Review: Someone needs to start a list of the SATA cable orientation of power supplies. I'll start , Corsair CX430 - Bottom of case mount

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Free Acronis Software6/10/2015 5:47:08 AM

Pros: I won't comment on the performance because it's pretty much a given with these sweet little SSD's. There is much confusion concerning A-Data's free Acronis software. Reading the information, one get's the impression that the software includes ONLY a migration package. NOT TRUE. What you get is Acronis lite program much like what you can get free with WD hard drives. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles but it does include the back-up utility that most of us really only want.

Cons: None at this time.

Overall Review: A-Data will make you jump through hoops in order to get the software. Be patient, you will eventually get it. If I can get it, anyone should be able to. ( I really mean that). Don't forget to write down the Acronis key code on the backside of the drive before you mount it. Duh

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Unique Design4/8/2015 11:07:39 AM

Pros: I have specific requirements for my CPU coolers. They need to have a permanent mounting base on the face of the mobo. I need to be able to easily remove and replace the cooler from the base for cleaning. This cooler accomplishes this in an unique manner, The heat pipes are slanted towards the rear of the case. There is only mounting supplied for a push fan. Most coolers have the heat pipes straight up in case the end user wants to also mount a pull fan. Very few end users bother to mount a second fan. As a result of this design the fin tower and fan together, mount squarely on the designated mobo cooler space. There is no concern of the fan interfering with the first ram slot and mounting screws are all easily accessible. Yay !!! I'm assuming that it can easily keep my budget Intel Haswell processor cool.

Cons: None at this time

Overall Review: Just installed this cooler so I can't comment on it's cooling ability. I wrote this review to highlight it's unique design. Nowhere is this feature ever mentioned. Hope this will serve to better informed PC assemblers.

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Worth the Wait4/23/2013 7:34:30 PM

Pros: I needed this to take advantage of the USB 3 header on my new ASrock motherboard. I must confess that the sole reason I chose this over the other offerings was the fact that it has a pretty blue power LED. The leads for the USB 3 are nicely sleeved in blue. The USB 2 leads are a ribbon cable. For my case the leads were plenty long enough. Installation was simple. The back screw hole lines up with the slots provided in my Cooler Master case floppy drive bays.

Cons: This was shipped from Hong Kong so it took about 12 days to get to me. Like my review title says---- "worth the wait".

Overall Review: I was a bit concerned about saying goodby to my floppy drive until I realized that I was only using it for MemTest. I finally downloaded a CD version. Duh..

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Fan is 80mm x 10mm3/6/2012 7:04:37 AM

Pros: Heavy aluminum top and bottom plates leach heat away from the sturdy steel frame. Cooling fan is whisper quiet. The hard drive is mounted to the frame with 4 screws rather than rubber pads holding it in place. Blue LED's are nice and bright. (I like LED's)

Cons: Rubber feet should have been provided. The bright metal frame is visible through the front mesh, The mesh is easily removable and a little bit of black paint improved the appearance of the unit.

Overall Review: As the title advises, the cooling fan is a 80mm x 10mm slim fan. Fans this size are available from several makers. I'm assuming that I wasn't the only potential buyer who wondered about the fan size. Over the years, I have learned to avoid PC hardware with fans that can't be replaced with standard fans.

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Fine Performer2/19/2012 7:01:56 AM

Pros: Fast on Comcast cable. No loss of speed compared to wired computers on the same router. Operates fine in spare PCI express video card slot.

Cons: Neither myself or my Guru, who is fairly experienced in networking, was able to get the ASUS software to operate invisibly. Had to install using Windows XP software. No big deal but I really dislike software that lets you do anything except what normal people would want to do. I'm sure this is my fault but I did remove one egg anyway.

Overall Review: The machine this is used on is not overly secure. That is to say, young people have access. I'm sure a USB port style adapter would go disappearo in a hurry so I chose a PCI-e style adapter instead.

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Nice Looking Case2/13/2012 7:55:35 AM

Pros: Red trim paint is beautiful metallic hi gloss finish. Black interior is attractive. My first bottom mounted PSU case. The heaviest component at the bottom makes for a more stable case. I had to splice extra length to the CPU power cable but that because I wanted to route behind the MoBo. A nice roomy case with good ventilation. Red front LED fan is really bright. Makes my computer room look like a bordello. Not necessarily a bad thing hahaha.

Cons: The sheet metal seems thinner to me. I didn't like having to use the force necessary to snap out the expansion slot covers with the MoBo in place. Plan ahead. Doesn't use the normal method for attaching side panels. You really need to lay the case on it's side to get them on properly.

Overall Review: Despite the cons, I'm happy with this case. I needed a case with top mounted controls for re-casing an older computer. The components are quite happy in their new home.

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I Like This Mouse11/16/2011 8:42:15 PM

Pros: I like the feel and weight of this mouse. all buttons work as they should. I had problems with using this on a black mouse pad. The cursor would sometimes go spastic. After changing to a light green pad it operates flawlessly.

Cons: The owner's manual and the included software CD are not particularly informative. There is no explanation of the sensitivity button. The connect button and the Off/On switch at the bottom of the mouse are not addressed at all. If I have never owned a wireless mouse before how would I know what a "connect" button is for. DUH

Overall Review: Don't know why I should need to search the internet to find out how the mouse works. I think I understand how everything works. At least it seems to be working fine. I removed one egg for this.

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Great value7/9/2011 7:07:46 AM

Pros: My onboard sound chip was beginning to die. This card breathed new life into my 4 year old build. I selected this card because it seems aimed at headphone users..which I am. Every sound source has great improvement. Music is much cleaner and more lively. I very much like the user interface.

Cons: Nothing negative except a few blinking LED's would be a nice touch

Overall Review: I took hours playing with the many settings but I ended up going back to the default settings with a bit of bass added.

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Pretty Heat Spreaders4/6/2010 10:10:48 AM

Pros: From reading these reviews...I manually set timings to 5-5-5-15 and voltage to 1.9 volts in bios for my Gigabyte EP43-UD3L mobo. Sailed through 4 hrs of memtest86. Kudos to G.Skill for a relatively up-to-date configurater section and a user forum on their website. Kudos to Newegg for being the ONLY retail site showing complete memory stick information. (volts )

Cons: None yet

Overall Review: Very nice case sticker. My dog thinks the hologramish box is a very fine toy.

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Little Sticks1/14/2010 8:41:33 AM

Pros: I actually have the 1GB pair of this memory. These have performed fine for 1 year +. Compared to Kingston's, the rest of the memory stick manufacturer's websites are a joke. Kingston's is the only site that you can look up your mobo to see what ram is suggested. This information is either missing or sadly out of date at the other sites.

Cons: I really dislike these "half height" sticks. There is an opportunity for someone to make heatspreaders for these to bring them up to normal size. Your system looks as though you don't have ANY memory installed when you use these. Kingston...did you think these were a good idea ??

Overall Review: Those of us who like some bling in the systems we assemble will be avoiding these. It's a shame that I will be ordering ram from other manufacturers just because of the size. Sounds stupid, no ??

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Oldie but Goodie1/10/2010 5:02:02 AM

Pros: I've always wanted one of these. Seem to cool my E5300 with ease running 1/2 speed. I must say that the install of that spring clamp was a challenge. The little add on clip kept falling off. I finally used a small zip tie to loosely hold it in place temporarily while I attached it to the base. I also put the attaching clip on the fan side and used an unsharpened (duhh) wooden pencil erasure end to force the clamp into place. The little clip just misses the fan blades. Oh yeah, I like the fan controller. Don't think much of the PWM solution.

Cons: Nothing except there are NO instructions on how to UN-install. I Guess I'll just have to figure that out myself when it comes time to do a thorough cleaning job

Overall Review: With the advent of the 45nm CPU's the cooling requirements have dropped considerably. Unless you plan to way overclock or use one of the high end quad core CPU's, These very pretty coolers are more that adequate.

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Nice Design12/1/2009 7:53:30 AM

Pros: This is a very handsome case. The blue color is anodized aluminum not paint. The side window is large and nicely shaped. The controls and front panel ports at the top of the case works out nicely for me. The removable HD bay was handy because I "swiss cheesed" the right hand wall so as not to block the front fan as much.

Cons: The "tool less" plastic expansion slot clips are a bit weak. I used screws as well. Some of the Cooler Master cases uses these same clips. ( who makes these cases anyway )

Overall Review: Before insatlling the mobo, I cut out an opening the size of the Intel 775 mounting plate. I always use a CPU cooler with a back plate and I don't have that much faith in the sticky tape manufacturers use to attach them to the back of the mobo. There is nothing wrong with the standard Intel plastic mounting pins unless you remove them and try to REUSE. You will find the white plastic prongs to be permanently spread and almost impossible to insert into the mobo holes. At least that's my experience.

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Just what I needed11/21/2009 2:37:05 PM

Pros: Blowing cool air over my Gigabyte GV-NX84S512HP graphics card. This is a rather good looking passive heatsink card. The Vcool's fan aligns perfectly when the extension is added. Nice blue LED's. Nice example of precision made injection molded plastic parts.

Cons: Not really a con but, I had to change the wiring in order to plug into a motherboard fan header. It can't be a con if you know about it beforehand.

Overall Review: When buying a graphics card avoid the single slot, tiny fan cooling solution cards. Get card with a large cooling requiring 2 slots or get a passive heatsink card an add a separate fan like the Vcool. I'm only losing two PCI express X 1 slots for this cooler. I have two more of these. Do your homework...

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Just What I Needed3/6/2009 6:47:41 AM

Pros: A perfect replacement for my old Asus P4b standalone machine's power supply. It has 2 floppy connectors and I needed the 2nd one for the video card. Seems very stable and quiet so far.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I was expecting the packing carton to be the ugly one shown in the pictures. I was happy to see that it came in one of Rosewill's classy black cartons. I always save these. I don't know why but, they are just too pretty to throw away.

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Sweet Price12/14/2008 5:29:35 AM

Pros: Bought this to bring my old ASUS P5BE board to 2 G. Same memory that it already has except that the sticks are about half as tall. ????

Cons: If you plan to add heat spreaders...forget it. They won't fit this new size stick. Not aproblem for me as I don't use heat spreaders.

Overall Review: Kingston memory sticks have been very reliable for my machines for years.

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Lovely Card12/1/2008 7:21:58 PM

Pros: Replaced my Nvidia 7900GS (XFX) card which died on me. I love the big fan and heatsink. It works fine with my old ASUS P5B-E motherboard even though it's a PCE Express X 16 version 1 interface rather than a version 2. Plays all my Direct X 9 games very well. It fits into my Cooler Master Elite case with no issues.

Cons: None as yet.

Overall Review: Must go now. I have a date with Adrianne.. hehehehe

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Good Looking Stuff11/12/2007 11:28:34 AM

Pros: Replacing my purple (yuck) round cables with these. I like the pull tabs on these, makes it much easier to remove the cable without pulling the cable itself. I tightened the clear cable ends to the cable using a small zip. tie.

Cons: None.

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Nice Big Case10/13/2007 6:23:26 AM

Pros: Big for a mid-tower. 5 optical drive bays. This case is more sturdy than Cooler Master's Elite series. Tool less systems work well as long as you aren't toting it around to lan parties. Front bezel is quite attractive. Looks much more expensive than it is.

Cons: Shipping carton shows this case is also available in RED anodized finish. I WANT RED !!!

Overall Review: This is an inexpensive case so I am very pleased with the quality. If it cost $150, I might have some complaints.

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Nice Board10/9/2007 5:26:03 AM

Pros: The board is nicely laid out. There is an extra fan header (NB FAN)that's not in the manual, nine standoffs so the right hand side of the board is fully supported, and the BIOS chip is replaceable. It's probably the best P945 chipset board currently available.

Cons: Gee, darn, it won't support $1,200 processors or $600 worth of ram. No sata raid support so I guess I will just use the extra sata ports for optical drives. Darn. Also limited overclocking so I can't burn up my Pentium 4 CPU.. Darn again.

Overall Review: I'm building this PC as a utility machine so no gaming capabilities required. After recently building a machine around a P965 board, this build has been refreshing. People need to do their homework before buying a motherboard.

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Impressive7/7/2007 6:50:03 AM

Pros: My reason for getting this cooler is a bit unusual. I needed something to replace my ASUS cooler which wasn't doing a very good job. This cooler bolts directly into the ASUS back plate that's permanently attached to the back of my motherboard. This cooler is giving me a 5-8 degree improvement and will probably get better as the Artic Silver cures.

Cons: While the base plate is highly polished, a close inspection shows the surface to be rippled. So I ended up having to lap the plate. I would prefer a FLAT plate to a polished plate with ripples. This is my only reason for the 4 egg rating.

Overall Review: Not thrilled with the butterfly design. I plan to tell people this: As the designers worked on the most effecient air flow, the fins began to resemble butterfly wings so they simply ran with it. Actually there may be some truth with this story.

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A Happy Device5/3/2007 10:28:29 AM

Pros: Simple HD mounting. Windows will initialize. You only need to go into "Disk Manager" to format and it's ready to go. The bridge chipset is by JMicro...a real plus. Stays fairly cool after being on 12 hrs daily. I very much like this little guy.

Cons: Strictly a lay down, non-stackable enclosure. May be a problem for some users..not me. I find that it's best to switch on after Windows is up. I like to watch it come up in the "My Computer" screen. Duhh

Overall Review: I'm not understanding some of the issues in these reviews. The plug ins at the back certainly seem sturdy to me. The case cover comes off very easily.

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Refurbished P5B-E3/26/2007 6:37:05 PM

Pros: Received a OEM P5B-E in response to my RMA of a retail board. Long story can't fault Neweggs's policy. This board works perfectly. I only had to clear the BIOS and re-setup. The previous owner of this board had poor settings.

Cons: I have been able to download most of the utilities that I want. (no CD) It would be nice to have a case badge and the USB back plate header. When you RMA it must be complete and no physical what haoppens to all the parts that come in but don't go out with the "open box" item ?

Overall Review: I'm happy to finally get my new computer up and running. It's very quick and stable so far.

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NCQ..Yes1/15/2007 10:24:42 AM

Pros: In order to clarify..reviewer below says this HD doesn't support NCQ. According to Seagate's Product Page, it DOES. Information is available here by clicking Mfgr Info, then product page.

Cons: none

Overall Review: When looking at Seagate site's specs...if they do not show the "seek times" it's because that HD does not perform well for that spec. May or may not be an issue. Who knows, it's all voodo magic.

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