Works as expected7/16/2019 10:57:28 AM

Pros: - Cheap (for an X570 board). - All the features you need for a typical build. - This board is good for a moderate overclock , and Ryzen 3 doesn't really gain much by overclocking anyways, so I wouldn't think it worth getting a more expensive motherboard.

Cons: - The small chipset fan can be quite loud, as you might expect. There is a bios update apparently that lets you adjust the fan curve to make it more silent, but who knows how that may affect performance.

Overall Review: I got this board to pair it with: - Ryzen 3900x - Corsair Force MP600 (PCIe 4x) - Corsair Vengance LPX (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15, 4 sticks) Everything is working well so far, and I am getting the performance indicated by reviews. After enabling XMP my ram hit the rated speed just fine. Normally I would remove one egg for the little chipset fan, but since almost all of the competing boards have a fan as well I can accept it. If you don't need PCIe 4x, you can get a better x470 board without the chipset fan for less money. I wouldn't worry too much about PCIe 4x forwards compatibility, even a 2080 TI can't saturate a PCIe 3x connection, so it will be years before it is a bottleneck for most peripherals. Only an NVMe SSD with PCIe 4x support can saturate a PCIe 3x connection, and even then that speed is not going to be reached by most real workloads. Assuming you want an X570 board for PCIe 4x support, unless you already know why you need a better/different board, this board is good enough for your needs.

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Works great, fast as expected7/16/2019 10:30:38 AM

Pros: - Heatsink seems reasonably good quality, don't know how much that affects it though. - PCIe 4th gen - Excellent sequential access performance

Cons: - It isn't cheap, but that is to be expected for this level of performance

Overall Review: - If you just want a fast PCIe 4x drive you don't have many alternatives, but I have a hard time imaging this will get significantly beaten at this price point any time soon. It should be noted that existing PCIe 3x drives can be found for half the price and about 75% as fast, probably more so in typical workloads, so I'd only recommend this drive to those who know they have large sequential access workloads.

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