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Great...when it works9/4/2012 12:56:07 PM

Pros: - Full bars even when only the main USB plug is used, router 40 ft away. - Can get signal from the building across the street.

Cons: - Connection dies after two hours, it sees ZERO networks even though there are at least 10 in range. Have to disable/enable the adapter to fix the problem. - Old drivers (based on Realtek drivers from from 3/10/2010) , no new updates on the Amped website since 1/24/2011. Even the Mac drivers are at least 7 months old - Have to force the IP address in order for it to work with an older a/b/g D-Link wireless router. - The USB socket on the adapter is a little iffy. Have to push it in real good to get a proper connection. Seems like it'd break fairly easily.

Overall Review: Windows update keeps peddling a newer version of the Realtek driver that this adapter is based on. Doesn't work well with it though.

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Manufacturer Response:
We are sorry to hear about you frustraion with your adapter. Form your description, it seems like there may be a faulty connection to the hardware. Give our Amped Wireless Elite Support Team and we can help you determine if the USB connection is not working properly. Our devices are covered by warranty for up to 1 year. IF you have a faulty product we will replace it ASAP. 888 573-8820
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works....a little12/16/2010 9:12:08 PM

Pros: -Cheap, got it for under $10 -easy install -works with my logitech bluetooth keyboard from across the room, on Windows Home Premium 32bit and Windows 7 Professional 64bit.

Cons: -Dies if I use the keyboard too much, and doesn't fix itself without a reboot (switching ports doesn't work, reconnecting the keyboard fails). The driver for this is a year old, no updates available.

Overall Review: It fulfills the reason why I got it, to connect my keyboard to use when I use my computer as a media center, which requires very few keystrokes. It only dies when I use my keyboard for more intensive things like gaming. The issue isn't with my keyboard as I use it intensely with my laptop's built-in bluetooth before getting this dongle for my desktop. Also, haven't tried using more than one bluetooth accessory.

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