Poor and Incompetent Customer Service - DEFECTIVE PRODUCT3/30/2021 5:22:02 AM

Pros: There are no pros here. The company demanded a video of my unit not working. I make one and then proceed to hear every excuse in the book on how it cannot be viewed. We even moved off of Newegg to their choice of email address, and the excuses continue. If they cannot open a video nor click a link, how on earth can they do anything else?

Cons: This hub did not work right out of the box. It was dead on arrival. With the added benefit of zero customer service, you can expect to receive that same level of service if the need arises. Just be careful, they will NOT believe you and will demand to view a video they cannot open. After 6 weeks of stupidity extraordinaire, I have vowed to remove myself from the cess pool of incompetence. It is just too crowded in here, and I deserve better.

Overall Review: The level of dysfunction here is off the charts. If you deal with this company, you should be prepared to hear what you want to hear with no results to back it up. Oh and by the way, the video they cannot view has been uploaded below. It is so interesting, but it is proof that the unit is defective.

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