Work great. Ugly color.6/13/2020 1:03:27 PM

Pros: I have bought many Noctua fans for my computers over the years since I became obsessed with a near silent system at idle. Many times all you can hear is the air wooshing. Because I've had these fans before is why I'm reviewing them before I get this order delivered. For a given airflow, Noctua are some of the quietest fans. They can also keep spinning very very slow whereas other fans would stop spinning running that slow. Their non-sleeve bearings make them last a long, long time. They will outlive your computer and they will not get noisier the older they get. No doubt that is why I'm paying their premium price. It comes with connectors to make using it easier like an extension cable, a splitter, and a "resistor" to make it run slower/quieter than their maximum.

Cons: Their high price. Maybe it's just me but they seem like they should cost about half of what they do. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I always found the color to be seriously ugly. Like, why??? The fact that I didn't have windows on my cases made it irrelevant though. Sometimes I wish there was less wiring involved for a small build. If you connect two fans together, side by side, along with the splitter, you end up with a lot of extra wire if you care about wire management.

Overall Review: Come to think of it, I'm using these to build a BLACK Silverstone FTZ01 computer where you can see the fans and they don't look that ugly, I guess. They looked ugly as sin on my silver FTZ01, which is why I sold it as soon as someone asked to buy it. Not puke ugly, but I never felt like glancing at my computer to see how cool it looked. I got these fans (4 of them total) to build a specific, special need, small system. They work like all the other Noctua fans I have bought. If minimal noise for a given airflow and long-lasting bearings is important to you, Noctua fans are worth your consideration.

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It works great!6/13/2020 12:25:42 PM

Pros: Great value. When I got this mobo I was surprised to see it priced so much lower than other boards. Would it provide a satisfactory experience? Ethernet, audio, M.2 NVME, and hardware monitor drivers work out of the box in Linux Ubuntu 20.4 and Debian Sid. Tremendous value. When I got it, great price compared to anything else like it. Fair number (8) of USB ports in the back. Effective manual fan speed controller in the BIOS. Water pump fan controller (which I don't currently need but I see the potential). Runs cool n quiet! Then again, I do have 3x140mm case fans... It detected and works well with my Ryzen 3700X CPU, 3600 MHz XMP2.0 Corsair Vengeance memory in the hardware compatibility list at their website. That makes it FAST! Not the fastest perhaps but still very fast and more importantly, it's stable.

Cons: No USB C. I would like to have seen more settings options in the hardware monitor like "Standard" "Quiet" or "Turbo" fan settings but in actual practice I would not use them because I like to do a manual setup. There I would like to have seen five temperature/fan% points instead of just four. Not a deal breaker, the manual settings work well enough. No Gen 4 option in BIOS. Maybe I missed it? Yes, I know it's not officially supported but I read it would be enabled on some X470 motherboards. No, I do not have a Gen 4 device yet. Oh well. The manual is easy to follow and well laid out but I thought it would be better if the "picture" of the connectors lined up with the corresponding table (pages 33-39).

Overall Review: I actually wanted an X570 motherboard but did not want a chipset fan or the much higher cost. When I first set it up, everything worked: my PCIe M.2 drive, my 3200 MHz "Intel memory" in XMP mode, buzzer speaker and I was able to install Linux. Although everything worked, all was not well, the system would hang often hang on reboots. I did not panic because the system was stable if it was one of the ~ 50% of the times that it finished booting to the OS. I did some troubleshooting and determined that booting with XMP off would boot stable all the time. I got some 3600 MHz "AMD memory" but had the same booting problem. All that is forgotten and will not be held against it with the new BIOS from MSI. No issues with anything at all. It's fast and stable. Satisfied customer!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the MSI motherboard! If you ever require technical assistance or warranty support, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
I love this thing3/19/2011 12:56:01 PM

Pros: It's quiet. I know because I can't hear it and noted that the fan doesn't turn on when I'm not gaming. Actually, sometimes it doesn't even come on at while I'm gaming. My system draws under 300W, though. It's efficient. I know because I have a KillAWatt and my system draws under 80W at logon prompt and a little more doing light work (quad core intel i7 860 using ce1, 4 GB of 1600MHz DDR3, 5870 VGA, hd tv/fm card, claro halo pci sound card, card reader). It's powerful. I say that because my system is incredibly stable at all times (Debian Linux, Windows 7).

Cons: I suppose price but I looked at it as an investment. It's on sale, hurry, get it!

Overall Review: Many others expressed their satisfaction better than I but I just wanted to add a voice to a product that deserves it. Although I think it's awesome that Seasonic has a fanless PSU that is very darn good, this 650 makes it almost irrelevant since it's almost always running "fanless" anyway.

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Form and Function!10/28/2010 9:59:27 PM

Pros: Front eSATA. Front easy-to-clean fan filter is low restriction although I'm not using it so I don't know how effective it actually is. Beautiful craftsmanship. Lightweight yet feels sturdy once assembled. All black (includes black screws to replace any and all screws you may be using otherwise) looks great! Clear window so you can see all your cool computer components. Efficient airflow, including low restrictions grills, front and back.

Cons: It looks like a great deal of thought was put into everything but cable management. I would recommend getting SATA cables of almost perfect length to help in the aesthetics department. LEDs are too bright (mostly the power one)! I used a black marker to make it tolerable to my taste. I thought sound from all the fans resonated too much, but I doubt most would notice or care (I also removed the HDD cage). I would recommend sound dampening material if the desire is to make it quiet. The one that Lian Li makes works and looks great.

Overall Review: I upgraded to this case because my previous case could not accommodate all my hard drives and new video card. I like my computers to be quiet at idle. I already had fans planned out before I got this case so I don't know how quiet the included fans are. I bought sound dampening material for it and since both of my case fans spin at less than 850 RPM, I am pleased with how quiet my computer is (but then again my CPU heat sink is fanless and both my HDDs are in enclosures) - although I am going to replace the VGA heat sink soon... I absolutely love this computer case. It's really a beautiful work of art. The way everything fits together makes it feel like a high quality, crafted device. 5 eggs!

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Awesome keyboard in some ways5/15/2010 9:29:50 PM

Pros: Excellent tactile feel! At first the keys were a little too hard to press but once I got used to them, I found I like this keyboard better than any other keyboard I've used. I hate mushy keys and this keyboard's keys are not that. I have had my keyboards (at home and at work) for a couple of years and the keys still feel like brand new. This keyboard really encouraged me to concentrate when I was first starting to use it and it has paid off - I didn't do any official timing but I'm sure I can type faster and with fewer errors than before. I certainly have more fun typing. It's a mini if you need that feature. Keys are full size.

Cons: It can seem loud at times. The labeling on the keys is cheap and have faded away on my most used keys! I got mine somewhat cheaper but there's no way that they should fade on a keyboard this expensive. I have had a keyboard that cost almost one tenth as much and the labeling on the keys did not fade. It is certainly a fine keyboard but I sure wish it cost less!

Overall Review: If the keys were illuminated then this keyboard would be perfect because then the fading of the key labels would not come into play. I suppose if you're the type that NEVER looks at the keys it might not matter to you that the keys fade, but I still subtracted one egg for that. I periodically research whether Cherry makes a mini keyboard like this with illuminated keys (and for replacement keycaps). I bought one but it's too think and I can't get used to it so I don't even use it. I don't see myself using a different keyboard ever, once I discovered how a keyboard could feel I bought one for work and I even have a spare!

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