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Using the Keurig 2.011/9/2015 10:34:48 AM

Pros: Works well. Easy setup. Convenient.

Cons: A little over priced and I've heard people complain about incompatible K-cups but all k-cups at my local grocery store work just fine.

Overall Review: I prefer manual brews myself (e.g. French press, cafe solo) but you can't really beat the convenience here.

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Decent game7/21/2009 10:45:06 AM

Pros: Good story line, good graphics.

Cons: Feels like the game leads you everywhere, There is no freedom is this game.

Overall Review: I couldn't finish this game because there's not much freedom, but for the price, you get what you pay for.

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Great game, steam not so good7/21/2009 10:40:34 AM

Pros: Epic Game for all people who love a good story line and alot of action/shooting. Epic.

Cons: Steam is pretty bad.

Overall Review: If you don't have an internet connection I don't recommend buying this game. YOU NEED AN INTERNET CONNECTION. You need to let finish its updating before you play the game. Install ---> update Steam---> then play. Took me about an hour total.

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Not bad for monitor makers!7/10/2008 9:52:05 AM

Pros: OK, I have had this TV for 4 days and has been good to me. I am picking up HD channels over the air and quality is pretty good, NO dead pixels, good price especially when this was on sale with Free shipping! I got very good deal, Shipping is very expensive for TV's this big.

Cons: A little more bulky then normal 37", takes about 25 seconds for remote to work after turning on TV. TV Menu kinda reminds me of boring computer monitor menus-

Overall Review: Cant beat free shipping, but also UPS is notorious for destroying boxes and merchandise. The middle of the box had a 6 inch hole\tear but thank goodness it wasn't bad. looks like I lucked out.

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Hiper PSU!5/30/2007 8:03:24 AM

Pros: Looks very very nice, enough power for almost any beast computer, enough cables for EVERYTHING! Comes with a tool box as well, BUY THIS THING!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Highly recommended-

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2 golden Gigs5/25/2007 8:46:46 AM

Pros: Looks Awesome(Better then pic), Very compatible. I have an Intel board with a pentium D.

Cons: Make sure to check Bios for memory settings, default timing was 5-5-5-5-15, I set to 4-4-4-4-12.

Overall Review: Good stuff-

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Nice Board!5/25/2007 8:40:52 AM

Pros: Good board, Good Bios, seems to work perfect with my custom build, Pentium D(3.0Gz), 2.0 GBs OCZ Ram, 320 Seagate HD sata, Lite-on dvd sata.

Cons: Tried to find regualar ATX of this board, at the time they didn't have. O'well

Overall Review: Had some trouble putting heat sink and fan on the board, not boards fault, heat sink came with my Pentium D, it was some kind of push and click-on heat sink. Had to maneuver some what to set right.

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