Simple and Straight Forward2/16/2021 2:22:48 PM

Pros: +Standard Asetek core (Gen 7) +Infinity mirror face plate is entirely removable and attaches via magnets +Included fans have relatively short cables that daisy-chain together +No product-specific bloatware necessary: Pump and fan curves can be set in bios and lighting works with baked-in Phanteks cases or MSI/Asus programs .

Cons: -None So Far

Overall Review: At its heart, its your typical Asetek rebranded AIO. If don't like Asetek AIO's you won't like this product. For me however, I appreciate that you know what you're getting as far as quality and reliability. The decorative infinity-mirror is nicely understated to my preference but can easily be removed completely leaving a simple, circular, black pump-head if you prefer. The included fans are your standard phanteks high static-pressure PWM fans, and they have nice short cables and can daisy chain together which are very nice for cable management. I would absolutely recommend this AIO to any one in the market, but as always case compatibility is something to keep in mind. It's no fault of the product, but it's a 360mm rad. They're not small.

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Quality product, excellent customer support11/16/2016 12:52:39 PM

Pros: - Very attractive design, though you probably wouldn't be reading this if you didn't already agree. - Solidly built. The aluminum panels are thick and have no noticeable flex. There is also minimal use of plastic parts in general, which I consider to be a plus. - Overall, easy to build in with good room on the right side of the case for cable management - Integrated RGB led control is a nice touch (led strips not included) - Spare screws of various types are sorted into a nice compartmentalized case. - Customer service is fast and polite. My unit shipped with a fan hub that doesn't work correctly. Phanteks' customer service took my call and, after a few questions about troubleshooting the issue, offered to send me a replacement part as long as I could submit proof of purchase.

Cons: - Integrated RGB control is limited to 10 pre-programmed colors, the simplicity is nice, but I wouldn't mind having some more control over the color. - The rest of the build is solid, but the front panel filter is plastic and does feel a bit flimsy. In my experience this is an issue that you find in most cases, but I still feel like I need to be fairly gentle when removing this filter for cleaning. - While I like the thumbscrew method for securing the side panels, they're not exactly something you'll find at the hardware store if you manage to lose one. No spares are provided with the case.

Overall Review: - If you want to do a hidden LED strip, consider your mounting options. With the top panel being aluminum, magnetic mounting options are not going to work. With the big glass sides its very hard to hide anything in this case, so expect a need to be creative in some of your aesthetic solutions if that's important to you. - The basement shroud is a great aesthetic touch, but consider leaving your PSU free-floating until you've got all your cables connected to it, it's not easy to plug in that one power cable you forgot once the PSU is secured in place.

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