Ran Great for 2 months, then DRAM issues6/1/2020 8:22:05 AM

Pros: The motherboard was easy to use and the documentations were actually clear and helpful. I experienced no notable issues with the board or system until below...

Cons: After two months, literally to the day, I woke up and attempted to boot the system and got nothing but a black screen with the board's DRAM LED lit. Nothing had changed since the night prior. Attempting to remove / swap / isolate RAM cards and DIMMS, reset CMOS, etc. did nothing. Prior to this complete failure, I had a couple instances of stalled boots prior to POST, but never noticed the DRAM light. Cycling power resolved the issue and I didn't think anything of it. Outside of this though, I never had a single hiccup - after building the system booted right up and ran like a dream, which makes the failure more upsetting and puzzling.

Overall Review: Its a great board when it works, but there appear to be some underlying issues with some components.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Jeremy Y., I'm sorry to hear that your board suddenly stopped booting. ASUS provides warranty coverage in order to fix or repair any product that may stop working prematurely under normal usage. If you already reseated the RAM and cleared CMOS, then we definitely need to get a hardware repair started for your motherboard. Please reach out to me at cl-lane@asus.com and include case #N200611667 in your email for reference. I'd be happy to get an RMA started for you. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best regards, Lane ASUS Customer Loyalty – US Support