Runs well, good price.4/6/2015 4:05:59 PM

Pros: Great card. I like the way it looks and it performs great. It runs most games on medium/high at a constant framerate at about 60 fps. Some big games like Arma run only decent on most computers. This card will hold it out at 30fps on good settings.

Cons: Coil whine. Coil whine. Coil whine. I absolutely hate it, and it's super obvious with this card. It happens between 37%-52% fan speed. I've set the TriXXX Sapphire Tweak Utility to just skip that entire fan range. It has gotten rid of it, but now my fan jumps in speed the whole time I'm playing games. The coil whine happens exactly where my card wants to rest its fan speed.

Overall Review: It was cheaper than the direct comparison Nvidia card. But after the coil whine and infrequent driver updates, I'll probably go back to Nvidia with my next card. I bought the card back in July, and it cost about $224 back then and came with three free games. This card is essentially a Radeon 7950.

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Awesome case!11/22/2014 3:13:56 PM

Pros: Huge window Decent lit fans Great organization Tons of hard drive bays Tool-less design is awesome Lots of space for graphics cards Clear large sized fans Black interior looks great

Cons: Upside down USB ports on the front No rubber grommets Only 3 fans, I wouldn't really liked four, two on the top, two in the front. I can't find a color matched 4th fan. NZXT doesn't seem to make this fan for consumer purchase. I had to solder my existing PSU wires to extend them to reach my motherboard because the PSU is on the bottom. Can't fit a water cooling prebuilt setup into the top with the radiator on the inside. Because it has so much air flow, there is a lot of space for noise to come out.

Overall Review: I don't think computers really need dust filters, because the dust will get in anyway, and typically people are lazy about checking those filters. Some of my cons are cons for me personally, so they really don't subtract from my overall rating.

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Great Board7/12/2014 11:34:04 AM

Pros: This motherboard is awesome! It has worked incredibly well for the two years I have been using it with my Core i5 2400 and GTX 550Ti. The UEFI Bios is a really cool feature, you get to use your mouse in the BIOS. I like how the board is black, it looks more sleek than a green or blue motherboard.

Cons: Spacing on motherboards PCI-E ports is causing me to buy a new case. I cant run an SLI or CrossFire setup because the second PCI-E slot is nearly butted up to the bottom of my Micro ATX case. This fault is more on me than ASRock. Wish it had 4 ram slots rather than 2. Again, I knew what I was buying and figured two was enough, and this is on me. So I didn't dock anything off the rating

Overall Review: I have the original version of this motherboard, not the 2.0. It had 4 USB 3.0 ports instead of two. That's the only difference I could find.

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Pretty Good10/6/2013 5:56:15 PM

Pros: Lasted 3 years now. Get really loud. Auxiliary Input. Headphone output. Volume switch with bass control. Decent Subwoofer

Cons: The input 3.5mm cable stopped working, so I soldered on an old working jack. The sound doesn't seem to go up equally on the speakers or in the headphones. If I turn it up half way, the right speaker is louder than the left, significantly louder too. The shiny finish scratches easily. Seems to play pretty quiet volume through headphones, even if I try to blast it. Collect dust easily.

Overall Review: They have scratches and I've had to physically modify them using parts from old speakers but they still play sound and work after 3 years, maybe even longer now. They don't distort much even at high volumes. I wish I could fix the volume control myself, but it is not a huge issue since you only realize the volume is unequal in the speakers right after you change it, then your ears adjust to the sound.

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Awesome mouse!7/17/2013 2:22:29 AM

Pros: Rubberized coating. Not heavy, but has a decent weight. Black and grey duotone colors looks good since there is no LED backlighting in this mouse. Software lets you customize DPI more than the Corsair M30 I tried out. The DPI goes up to 3500, although I probably won't venture much beyond 1800, especially if I want to build muscle memory with this mouse. Perfect shape for large hands. Side buttons are perfect. Sensitivity is awesome. Glides smoothly. Didn't cost as much as a 2013 DeathAdder. LED optical sensor is very accurate.

Cons: The lift off distance is a little high, but honestly it's nothing I can't adjust to. Shiny parts in the front and on the bottom are bound to get scratched if I ever take this mouse off my mousepad. DPI switch is in a very inconvenient place, definitely not made for switching on the fly. I wish it had a DPI swith more like the Razer Mamba. But there is a reason why that mouse is $130 and this mouse is $60.

Overall Review: I played Left 4 Dead, Battlefield 3, and War Thunder to test out sensitivity and I will need to adjust to having a higher sensitivity, but I really like how fast I can turn while keeping my accuracy for small minute movements. It's my first gaming mouse, and probably my stepping stone to future Razer mice. And after playing 1 level of Left 4 Dead I had nearly dialed in the sniper and was picking off everyone I saw and carried my group to victory. Having no lights I do wish it would've cost the same as the Abyssus, since they seem to have the same sensor. And from what I have heard, this DeathAdder uses the old model's molds and technology, just in a different color and without the lights. So it's basically a way to make money on a fresh device without having to go and develop something new and spend much. I will come back to follow up this review in 6 months, unless it has any issues before then.

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Great Card7/10/2012 7:32:37 PM

Pros: This is a really good card, and was a terrific upgrade from my ASUS 9600 GSO 512mb. Having a 1GB card is awesome and GDDR5 is so much faster. I had trouble running GTA IV on low settings, and now I play them at medium/high (I am bottle necking due to an old AMD processor that I need to upgrade). The card is shorter than my old one and still takes up two slots. The precision overclocking tool has a good interface and it easy to use. EVGA has a good warranty and I got a mail-in rebate when I bought the card.

Cons: Not as powerful as higher end cards, but obviously it's priced where it should be.

Overall Review: It's not GTX 590, but it can play pretty much all games. A lot of games can be played on High Settings just fine. Crysis 2 is great on Advanced settings, GTA IV can run at medium/high settings, maybe all high if I had a Core i5 rather than a AMD 6400+. Call of Duty: MW3 can run on all high settings with some AA going on.

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Ehh...9/20/2009 11:53:08 PM

Pros: It spins for a while.

Cons: Well one of the 4 pin connectors was loose and a wire fell out and touched my computer case shorting out my system. It worked well was kinda noisey and rattley. Also it didn't come with mounting screws.

Overall Review: For a dollar I never expected much. I just needed a little airflow, but it looks like I won't be using this fan again.

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Works9/20/2009 11:32:52 PM

Pros: It works. The 420 power supply is enough for my 9600gso and 3.0ghz AMD processor. It holds everything and fired up first try.

Cons: Case is kind of weak and the front usb got popped out place. Easy fix. I felt like I got more than I payed for because I like how this case is very small.

Overall Review: Power supply has 4 4 pin power connectors. Only enough to power my graphics, a dvd drive, a harddrive, and a fan. I need some splitters for more fans. Also the I/O port is really sharp and you might find yourself slicing deep into your finger, but that happens with sharp cut steel.

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