Fast card; cheaper than new; no complaints4/10/2020 8:54:57 PM

Pros: Seems to work as well as a new one.

Overall Review: I am wet happy with this card. I’ve been running Folding@Home on it and playing Borderlands 3 and it works very well.

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Very Basic System; Lacking Two-Way Communication12/7/2015 8:51:11 AM

Pros: -Relatively Cheap -Small footprint -Accessories are all wireless -The iPhone app works relatively well to alert you and to arm/disarm -Customer service was quick to respond to my email about the one-way communication limitation

Cons: -One-way communication with accessories (this means that the base unit does not know the status of the accessories.)

Overall Review: The one-way communication with the accessories is a deal-breaker for me. They need to disclose this on the marketing material and spec sheet. This means that on the app you can't see the status (opened/closed) for the wireless door/window reed switches. This also means that you can 'Arm' the system while, say, a door is still open and the base unit will be none the wiser and let you do it anyway. Only if you closed the door and opened it again while it was armed would the alarm be triggered. One of the main reasons I bought this was to be able to see if any doors or windows in my house were still open before I left and this system is not able to do that. The core logic of this alarm system works like this--IF the system is set to 'Armed' AND the base unit receives a wireless 'triggered' transmission from an accessory while it is armed THEN trigger the alarm.

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Buy one for work and home7/4/2012 5:35:17 PM

Pros: This is the best keyboard I have ever owned. I use it at home and work. The ergonomic design helps relieve repetitive strain injuries. I can tell a difference in my wrists/forearms even after one day of using an inferior 'flat' keyboard.

Cons: Doesn't support PS/2?

Overall Review: If you suffer from any sort of RSI in your wrists/arms you owe it to yourself to try out this keyboard. The price is very reasonable for the quality of hardware that you get.

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Best Value12/28/2010 9:42:42 AM

Pros: Drop in replacement for my Athlon X2 6000+. Very Fast--encodes a full-length movie to h.264 in about 8 minutes. I also like the fact that it super-charges three cores for applications that can't take full advantage of all six cores.

Cons: Not as fast as Intel's latest and greatest, but for the price you can't go wrong.

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Works great for 17" G4 Powerbook1/9/2010 3:23:41 PM

Pros: Works great in a 17" G4 Powerbook laptop; the performance boost is very noticeable going from 1GB to 2GB.

Cons: A little pricey for what it is.

Overall Review: No need to get 'Apple' memory and pay even more for out-dated DDR memory; get this stuff if you have a Powerbook and save yourself some $$$.

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Great upgrade from an 8600 GT8/27/2009 12:41:52 PM

Pros: I love this card; no slowdowns on any games with highest settings @ 1650x1050 rez. If you have an existing nVidia card in your system and you're thinking of upgrade, buy this card and use both! The latest nVidia drivers allow you to have two different PCI-e video cards in your system and use both of them for games/apps that support PhysX. All the 3D rendering is done on your primary (faster) card and all the PhysX calculations are done on the older card.

Cons: This thing is huge; not any larger than competing cards, but still they are all behemoths.

Overall Review: Make sure you have at least 10.5 inches free from the back of your case towards the front and that none of your ports will be blocked. A good way to test this is to take a piece of letter paper and fold it lengthwise (~11" long) so that it's about the height of two PCI slots then put it in your case. If that wont fit inside, then you wont be able to accommodate this card.

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DOA12/30/2008 9:03:35 AM

Pros: None

Cons: DOA. Tried to upgrade my WinVista 64-bit system from 2GB to 6GB with this pair, but they were DOA, so now I have to RMA them. No overclocking; even with default BIOS settings, Windows blue-screened in Safe Mode and MemTest86+ shows hundreds of thousands of errors.

Overall Review: I have 2GB of XMS2 RAM in my system already, so I thought these would play together nicely. Hopefully I have better luck the next pair.

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