Top Notch Case Fan!!10/26/2020 8:23:49 AM

Pros: I added this to my Hyper Evo 212 Black Edition, and man does it look fantastic. No noticeable difference in cooling, but that was expected. Exceptional build quality! Super heavy duty and ten times better than the Rosewill 120mm rgb fans I currently have. Colors are brights and vibrant, with braided rgb header & cpu fan lines.

Cons: Sometimes the LEDs are a bit bright, but you can control that. It was also pretty heavy. Not that it was a problem, but just something to be aware of if you're adding it to a cooler.

Overall Review: Would definitely recommend for either an additional cpu fan or case fan. Rock solid build quality & exceptionally easy to install. I will most likely wait for a sale and replace my other case fans with these.

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Super Great Case!9/8/2020 12:32:55 PM

Pros: -Easy access to everything -The included fans are great -I personally love the PSU & HDD shroud -Mesh vent guard that is magnetic, as well as a mesh guard for bottom-facing PSU intake -LED button for those without the Rosewill hub -Tempered glass was a perfect touch -Can handle future upgrades & SOME water cooling upgrades

Cons: -Kind of tight on space if you're heat sink is large (mine is a little large) -Also tight with a full-sized ATX motherboard, but fits snuggly -If you're into large radiators on the top, this isn't the case for you -Front doesn't allow as much airflow as I had hoped, but its still adequate -Would love one more USB 3.0 up top, but that's a knit pick of mine.

Overall Review: Overall I'd say this case is great for a start or even to upgrade an older system (which is what I did). Came packaged extremely will and all parts were found in the PSU shroud once it was opened. I bought the 3-pack of their RGB fans, and I think it all came together nicely. If you're looking for great cooling & the ability to have multiple radiators/water-cooling, I'd look elsewhere as you'll outgrow this case quickly.

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Cool looking fans, but beware if you're looking to make them addressable.9/8/2020 12:21:31 PM

Pros: -Very nice colors -Easy to install & get going -Customization -The 4 color modes included are pretty neat -Quiet, but blows hard when you need them to

Cons: My only con was the 5v header for these. Obviously, I have 12v and don't really feel like going through any crazy hoops just to make that feature work. With them not being addressed, I'm forced to control fan speed manually & cannot customize the colors. Its crazy because I got them to go with a Rosewill case thinking that'd be perfect.

Overall Review: I'd buy them again, but only with a compatible motherboard.

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