Great card11/3/2014 9:16:55 PM

Pros: Price, performance, low power consumption.

Cons: Not gonna lie, a tad louder than i would like, or expected.

Overall Review: Upgrading from a 680, i was happy with my 680 it still had plenty of power for my 1080p gaming. EXCEPT the 2gb was becoming an issue, i had to start lowering textures...I hate that. So it was upgrading time and the performance increase and increased vram is great, not to mention the price. However, i would probably by a dif brand if moderately loud fans annoy you. I have no coil whine ty jebus.

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Love it.12/6/2012 7:11:31 PM

Pros: Insanely comfortable, its perfectly shaped, most comfortable mouse ive ever used. Lots of buttons, quality seems good.

Cons: the only real con ive noted is the charged cable is quite stiff and thick...u might think thats not a big deal but when you plug it in to charge and use it as a wired mouse its so stiff and thick that it gets in the way of normal use sometimes, i have no idea why they did make it braided or less stiff.

Overall Review: Love the mouse, ive tried other wireless mice before and not cared for them they alway felt sluggish or unresponsive to me, but i can honestly say that i can not tell a difference when it is wireless vs wired i love the mouse. A lot of ppl have complained about the battery life but ive had no issues with that yet just plug it in at night and let it charge. Not a big deal.

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Good.7/28/2012 8:42:46 AM

Pros: Outstanding gaming performance, incredibly quiet, and very low temps.

Cons: Price, not the real high end kepler card. weak gpgpu.

Overall Review: well, lets address the elephant in the room, this is not the true high end kepler, this is Nvidia's mid level entry, gk110 the real high end kepler is juuuuuust on the horizon so if you can wait, wait because that bad boy is going to be crazy. That said the gaming performance for this card is very good, so good that even the fact that its the gk104(mid level) it still out performs every other card out there. Which again points to the fact that when the real high end comes....its gonna be beast.

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Pretty Good.7/16/2012 9:38:41 PM

Pros: Size, Refresh rate, picture quality. The 3D can be impressive depending on the game/movie. The stand is great IMO, you can pretty much adjust it to any position of your liking its great.

Cons: Price. Only 1920x1080. 3D is not jaw dropping but it is neat, 3D is a bit dark. Glasses are kinda tight, and not very comfortable wearing over glasses.

Overall Review: I am not a picky person, but I have had quite a few monitors in the past and I know a good one when I see it. And the quality of the picture and the responsiveness 120hz are really nice. The 3D while can be pretty dang impressive, Oblivion for example looks fantastic in 3D, it is still a bit like playing a game or watching a movie while wearing sunglasses, even with lightboost. Would i buy this again? sure but i would wait unitl it dropped another 100-150 bux. It is only 1080 and while thats good enough for me, a higher resolution never hurts. The 3D glasses are kinda awkward over a prescription pair of glasses, it functions but i mean personally I wouldnt mind if they looked like swimming goggles if they were more comfortable, im not trying to look cool while im playing my games or watching a movie.

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Great Board I recommend it.1/1/2012 3:07:06 PM

Pros: Quality doesnt seem to be an issue, the PCIe layout is great. A vast array of debugging/troubleshooting options that offer quick and easy way to tell you what could be wrong with your OC. I really like the easy points for Multimeter use. Really cant say enough good things about it. It is a pretty dang good board in every respect. Might seem trivial but i also like the look/color scheme of the board. Alot of boards look like a 10 year old designed it then colored it.

Cons: I havent run into any. I have heard the chipset fan can be quite noisy but im using a waterblock on mine so i cant say first hand.

Overall Review: Now i have had a few flakey asus boards in the past and took a break on them for a while. I have given them another go in the last few years and they have all been great. Had a Rampage3 before this, was great. Now this board is also great. I suppose it would have been nice if the onboard sound card was a smidge better quality but w.e. not really an issue. Im sure you can get a board for much cheaper that will serve you nearly as well but, if you can afford it then there is no reason not to buy this board if your into OCing.

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Good Card Great Price7/4/2011 3:34:31 PM

Pros: The price is a great deal 300 bux for a fermi is great, and despite what some of the rumors the 480s are they are really good cards. I have 3 in SLi with water blocks, and i think they are great. 480s are actually a better card for GPGPU than 580s also.

Cons: Cooler to dang big IMO, (waterblocks for the win)

Overall Review: I have to be honest why anyone would buy a 580 when they can get a 480 for a couple hundred cheaper i dont know. The 480s when matched clock for clock are only about 5% slower unless you are rich or you just benchmark only there is absolutely no reason to drop another 200 for the 580. The 480s do get hot, do use alot of power, but if your getting one then your probably not too concerned about those issues. And these cards are like a tottally different monster once you get them on water cooling, it is incredible, tottally quiet, and my temps never go over 65ish with voltage increase and around 850 core.

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Buy Evga 480 for warranty6/27/2010 11:44:34 PM

Pros: Evga is second to none in customer satisfaction for a reason, the card itself is not Evga's per say, they are all the same but still for the warranty get Evga.

Cons: None. well they do defo heat up the room after a while lol.

Overall Review: I had ordered 3 gigbyte 480s within the first week of their launch, all three of the original 480s died, no joke, i rma'd 2 of them to newegg and a third to gigabyte, i ended up buying this evga one because it was the only one in stock and i am thankfull for that. all three of the new cards have been working great *knock on wood* all water cooled 1.125v 870core...yah they get the job done.

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like a charm6/27/2010 11:36:16 PM

Pros: I like swiftech products i try to use them whenever i can, and these are easy to use, effective, and dont need to run as much tubing.

Cons: ...none come to mind.

Overall Review: they include short barbs that your supposed to use to connect it to the other radiator along with about a 1inch length of tubing, well i didnt like that idea so what i did was use a couple of k o o l a n c e vda2 sli connectors work like a bloody charm lol. a bit pricey but...i prefer it.

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Love it.6/1/2010 10:34:25 PM

Pros: Price, for what you get this is a steal, Dual Power supply ready, no modding to mount a second PSU, includes dual power supply adapter, no splicing the green and black wires together. Comes with a box with plenty of thumb screws. Temperature display, you can tape the sensor to any component you want monitored or leave it lose for ambient. Adjustable fan speed, really for the price its great.

Cons: Well, sort of a weird con but, it is quite heavy for a case, the metal they used is much thicker than most cases ive seen, not really a con but... I wish there was a tad more space at the bottom of the case, i run 4 vid cards and...its a tight fight, PSUs are mounted at top.

Overall Review: Well, i love case modding and this offered a great big blank canvas to work on, i have a 4x120 radiator on the top of the case, and put a huge window on the side panel, all thanks to a good old jigsaw. I definately recommend it.

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Good Mem5/29/2010 11:00:23 PM

Pros: Name brand, fast....timings are decent. they look good. over all im satisfied.

Cons: I personally think 200 bux on ram is alot, so price.

Overall Review: In order for me to get them to run at 2000 i had to bump up the QPI voltage, 1.47, wouldnt even post below 1.4. A tad higher than i would ideally like, but im not too worried, mem voltage at 1.6 QPI 1.47. got it running at 9 9 9 27, 2t bandwidth is freakin crazy.

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Best Bang4buck5/27/2010 10:14:56 PM

Pros: Name brand, A vast array of power connectors, specifically 4x6+2pin pcie and 4x6pin pcie, you will not be needing any of those adapters in any sli/crossfire config. The price for what you get is phenomanal, the psu has 38A on each 12v rail, that is outstanding, this PSU has gotten nothing but outstanding reviews and performs great in benchmarks, i saw a video of this PSU powering 4gtx480s pulling 1700watts stable, its on U tube i think.

Cons: well, theres no way around the whole Powercache thing is a bit gimmicky those are just inline capacitors (i think) because they didnt have room in the psu case for them, thats fine but they are a bit bulky and may discourage some, i can tell you they look worse than they are and they do not get too much in the way, a small price to pay.

Overall Review: Hey, for the price i defy you to find a better PSU, i was running dual psu's in a tri sli 480 and a dedicated 260 for physx, i never liked running dual PSUs so i started lookin around for a good single one, this one fits the bill.

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Meh, Understated Overkill5/12/2010 6:56:26 PM

Pros: Absolutely ridiculous tweaking capabilities, i have never seen a bios with so many options. The pcie layout is best ive ever seen. Detailed manual, i like the looks of the board. Supports fast ram. USB 3.0 etc.

Cons: Well, not true x16 on all pcie slots if more than 2 cards are installed, no 4 way sli, if your droppin money like this on a motherboard that is supposed to be TOP'O THEE LINE, it better do 2 things, 4 way sli, and true x16, this does neither. To be honest, going from my gigabyte x58 to this was lack luster, sure it looks cool and i can say i got a rampage 3 but it doesnt do anything my other board didnt.

Overall Review: Well, i do wish i had shopped around a bit more, and got a dif board with true x16 i know i know the benchy differences are practically non existant x16 vs x8 but still comon for the money they should have put a nf200 on this, and the included accessories were a bit slim, sheesh, where is my nifty lil lcd screen or something that came with previous rampages. Bottom line, its a great x58 board but honestly for half the price you can get one doin the same just with out the bragging rights.

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Good lil case4/21/2010 6:00:52 PM

Pros: Cheap, gets the job done, looks pretty good.

Cons: metal is extremely thin.

Overall Review: It is what it is, bought a cheap lil case for my parents computer and this fit the bill, no flaws with it.

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Redonkulous4/13/2010 6:43:49 PM

Pros: Bloody sleeping giants, no ifs and or buts, these things are behemoths, i got 3 in tri sli and they chew up games and spit them out. Believe or not i thought the price was pretty reasonable too, i was expecting around 600, so this aint too bad.

Cons: Well, we all know this is a gimped fermi, by a bit anyways, im sure in 6 months the full 512 fermi will be out but the performance difference will be nominal a few fps more maybe big deal. i gotta be honest when the fans kick in they are loud....louder than i remember my gtx280s being, but thats what water cooling is for eh. and they are power hogs theres no way around that. NO BUNDLED GAME ;/

Overall Review: i have 3 paired witha gtx260 for physx, do i regret buying them no, but i do wish the performance was a TAD bit better vs 5870 but im sure with driver updates it will improve, if u can afford 1 5970 but not 2 gtx480s id get the 5970 if u can afford 2 or 3 wont be dissapointed.

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I like it.2/24/2010 9:29:12 PM

Pros: Price, resolution, name brand, features, quality, looks nice.

Cons: None come to mind.

Overall Review: I am using this for a computer monitor, and it works dang good for that purpose, now, im sure that a real 32inch computer monitor costing about 2000 dollars would be better, but the image quality for this as a computer monitor is surprisingly good, good enough that i do not regret the purchase at all. After some tinkering with the settings, it works amazing, and the games look fantastic, i have noticed no ghosting or anything, if your thinkin about it, go for it. youll be surprised, at first the text looked a little jagged, but turning the sharpness down, yes down, helped that out alot.

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Works like a champ.12/10/2009 1:46:54 AM

Pros: Brand, performance, size, looks nice. This lil chipset cooler works great, not much else too say, i like that its not huge its for a chipset so you dont really want a big cooler gettin in the way. Price is very reasonable too, and they give you all the barbs you could need along with ARCTIC SILVER cermaique, its rare that a company includes a well known high end thermal paste, usually you get the lil packet of white stuff that you just throw in a bin and hang on to for whatever reason.

Cons: Not a one.

Overall Review: it has a plethora of mounting options another bonus, i honestly can not see this thing not being compatible with any motherboard.

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Nothin great9/21/2009 3:48:14 PM

Pros: Price, Warranty. Long cord.

Cons: Sound quality is mediocre, wiring is cheap.

Overall Review: I went from a pair of lower end Sen**heisers (that broke within a year really ticked me off) which costs the same as these, to these koss' and the sound difference is quite noticeable. They sound tinny, but you know i aint complaining really i mean for the price ill live, gotta be honest the only reason i bought these was for the lifetime warranty however i am now wondering if it would have been better just to buy a higher end set... I am by no means an audiophile but i can tell these sound a bit tinny. Eh if your considering them i would say pass and buy something better and just live with the fact that headphones tend to break.

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Pretty good.8/12/2009 3:03:40 PM

Pros: Plenty big, if this aint big enough for you, you got problems. The feel of the fabric good, mouse glides over it good. The price is right.

Cons: Well, after a couple of weeks of use, the fabric on the edge has started to peel off from the rubber mounting. Kind of annoying, but it aint the end of the world. Happens to them all but....after a couple of weeks????

Overall Review: I probably wouldnt buy this again, although i am mostly pleased, i will try a different brand next time because of the peeling issue, however for the price i am relatively happy.

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Good router7/29/2009 10:10:06 AM

Pros: Price, name brand, easy to use, the usual, the main appeal was the price.

Cons: none that i can think of.

Overall Review: i dont ask alot out of a router, i am using it as a simple in home router to split up a broadband connection, and its doing that just fine.

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Spectacular7/22/2009 1:36:48 PM

Pros: Price, Name brand, 1080p, Plays anything effortlessly.

Cons: The remote is a lil flakey, and very small. no component out but ill take hdmi over component, and you can always get an hdmi too component cable if you really need component.

Overall Review: Its smaller than it looks it is about 5 inches by 4 inches, and about an 1 1/2 inches tall. not a bad thing just saying its much smaller than i was expecting, nothing much else to say than it works great and does exactly what it is supposed to and can handle 1080p.

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It works7/9/2009 5:31:46 PM

Pros: Well, the button lay out is perfect, its very comfortable to hold, Works with PC, i am using it with vista. It is also a great controller for alot of other type of games too.

Cons: It feels very cheap, it feels like a hollow piece of plastic.

Overall Review: Well, considering how chincy it feels, time will tell whether or not it can hold up to steady use.

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Best Mouse PERIOD7/3/2009 4:06:48 PM

Pros: There is simply no better mouse, Its comfort is unrivaled. it has plenty of buttons, it looks cool, the price is reasonable. The brand is good, Could go on and on. But most importantly it is comfortable, if you have ever used an uncomfortable mouse then you know its not fun. Hurts your wrist, fingers etc, this mouse is just a joy to use.

Cons: There are no cons at all, the only con i could think of is that 2000 dpi MIGHT be considered low for a gaming mouse now a days but who the heck uses 2000 dpi anyways, i think around 1600 is best for gaming and everything else.

Overall Review: I went from a g9x to this believe it or not, i had a 518, and bought a g9 to replace that, and i used it for about 4 or 5 months and just never grew to like, The g9 shape is uncomfortable as heck, at least for me, SO i opted to get the g5 because it is shaped exactly like a 518 which is the best dang mouse shape i have ever come across, and it has bells and whistles the 518 doesnt. SO, until they come out with a shell to make the g9 feel like a g5, ill be using this happily.

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Great Air Cooler5/27/2009 7:02:13 PM

Pros: Extremely good craftsmanship, Extremely good temps, I lapped mine and also have a Scythe 110cfm fan mounted instead of the stock ones, and on my 920 @4ghz 1.38 volts, it idles at 37ish, and under full load prime, maxes out at 74, Those are extremely good numbers for an Air Cooler at 4ghz on a 920. I am impressed.

Cons: Its HUGE, i got it and was thinking gah, ppl exagerate well it got here and NOPE they didnt its big, and NOPE it dont fit Antec 900 with the side fan installed, you will have to either break off the tabs, or do what i did flip the plastic around shave down the tabs so it can fit back and mount a fan on the outside. Eh, not ideal but u do what u gotta do. Oh and it may or may not interfere with your ram slots, if you have big clunky ram like reapers, and your running 6 dimms, your gonna have problems more than likely, if you have normal ram heatsinks then you should be fine, i have normal and they all fit, but one is under the heatsink, BUT it is in there.

Overall Review: I am very pleased with the results, i had water cooling and my temps were a few degrees cooler, however after the tubing sprung a leak right at the cpu block, that spooked me off of water and i looked for the best air i could find, luckily i didnt fry my computer. So, I can tell you that if you are considering this its a good buy, and it handles 4ghz 920.

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Wow great chip5/8/2009 7:05:30 PM

Pros: The price aint as high as ppl are complaining about the chip is a freakin power house, its under 300 bux and you can over clock the bejeezus out of it and make it faster than the 1000 dollar 965. I have mine at 4.0ghz (water cooled) 1.4vcore 1.35qpi turbo mode off. On a Gigabyte x58 ud4p. Im impressed by this chip.

Cons: The stock intel cooler is a joke, i guess intel knows most ppl get after market so why bother making a really good one. But yah dont bother Overclocking with stock cooler.

Overall Review: Well the chip does run a bit hotter than the core2s, mine idles at 33c and at load prime95 it gets to 65, but they are built to take upwards of 90c so they are built robustly.

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Impressed.5/8/2009 7:00:53 PM

Pros: Got it specifically because of the price, and it had a rebate, so ill come out droppin 59 bux for tri channel kit, not too shabby. OCz a well known brand and a good brand so that helps. I got it in my i7 920 build (3.9ghz) and the memory is running at 1556mhz 8-8-8-20 2t timings 1.6v and its rock stable. im impressed, nice looking memory too not over stated sleek and a nice badge in the middle.

Cons: none, woulda liked 1600mhz but no biggie

Overall Review: tri channel memory, jeesh, the bandwidth is unbelievable, i would recommend this memory.

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