Super Fine Memory!3/9/2020 5:19:34 PM

Pros: Easy install, good fit for my Designare Z390 MB

Cons: None. I do see where some ppl are complaining about getting it to it's rated capacity but this is a MB Bios issue, not a problem with the product. I hope they sort their problems because this memory performs at it's rated speed without a problem. Thank you , Corsair!

Overall Review: Highly recommended. I actually came back today, 9 months after initial purchase, to check the price. I'm ready for two more.

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A clever and QUIET i7 cooler6/24/2019 8:43:17 AM

Pros: The install was quick but I admit you must be somewhat handy. The FAN can and MUST be removed to install this cooler, and then there's an 'X' mounting bracket that must be attached to the MB first that will accept the cooler base. It's clever how it attaches and depending on you MB you can reverse the fan's position. I left mine blowing across the aluminum fins towards the back of the case and into the case fan that was set up to exhaust the case air. (My dual space AMD graphics card fit just below it, with it's two fans blowing upward, no problem.) It is SUPER quiet. My case, BTW is rather large, a Fractal Design case, and my MB is a full on ATX size, a Gigabyte Designare Z300. I've added two top of case fans that are exhausting air as well. The whole package is quieter than my older Intel Core 2 Quad PC build with the stock Intel fan.

Cons: It might take a minute or two to figure the install out, and it is rather large.

Overall Review: I love this cooler, it's prefect for my needs and is SUPER QUIET.

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Great install, very quiet, plenty of powerfor my DAW.6/18/2019 12:20:11 AM

Pros: A simple install into a Fractal Design Case, plenty of modular hookup harnessing, and delivers the power I need.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Buy it, Corsair has made a solid product here, IMO.

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Simple to setup, many features.6/16/2019 9:53:11 PM

Pros: Gigabyte always makes a solid product, IMO. I've currently have another Gigabyte MB that still serves me well after 6 years without fail or hiccup. This new board has Thunderbolt and USB 3.1 inputs, plenty of DDR4 slots (4), things I need for my audio recording needs.

Cons: There do seem to be some quirks, but honestly, this may all be related to the Win10 recent update (Win10 1903) as of June 14, 2019. It's hard for me to tell if this is going on, or if it's the MB getting sorted after sitting on a shelf for a few months. Case in point, the USB peripherals seem like something to keep an eye on. For example after a few restarts, my USB iLok key was unreadable to the OS and then later my mouse. A quick unplug and reinsert seems to have resolved things. (Here I should point out that although I had set my USB hubs to stay on without the energy saving turnoff that WIN10 installs by default, the new 1903 OS update set them back to the default setting.) Was it Win10 or is it a bad USB hub or a faulty connection? So, like I said before, I'm keeping an eye on the USB hubs. Also I needed a CD burner and picked up an internal LiteOn unit, model iHas324 with SATA connection, for my work. I thought the player was bad at first because Win10 could not find the device. I even called MS about this yesterday (June 15) and gave them full access to my PC. No Joy, and in fact they are scheduled to call me back this Tuesday...BUT, after the call...I unplugged the SATA cable at the MB SATA input and reinserted it into a new SATA input.... and the OS found the device and it works perfectly. I have yet to reinsert it into the original SATA port but I will circle back and do this. I actually suspect it will work. Also, another issue that two other ppl have discovered in their reviews of this MB: the HDMI and DP ports on the MB are probably NOT what you think they are. The HDMI is an output so it will light up your monitor with an HDMI input. However, the DP port is an input that is associated with the Thunderbolt out (I can't /won't take the time to explain it!) - DO NOT expect it to send signal to your DP input monitor. Hm, a disappointing discovery for me because I am running a two monitor setup and I thought the connection would be a simple process. Note: It COULD be simple if you bought a monitor with an HDMI and DP input AND A DP OUTPUT that you could then plug into the next monitor with a DP input. Haha, reading the fine print did not help either. So I'm out another $150 for a dual HDMI video card....

Overall Review: Alright, you can see I'm a little thick-skinned about problems with the physical parts as they begin doing their digital work. In part this is because I have had a good experience with Gigabyte in the past, but also because setting up a DAW is always a thoughtful process. Call me foolish but I have seen that there always seems to be a slight learning curve of the various parts as they interface and begin the process. I will circle back in a month or two and let you know how this works out. My 4 egg rating is based on the fact that the monitor connections are not detailed clearly (or otherwise!) in the product description.

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Dell 2719H and the Rabbit Dell Rabbit Hole6/12/2019 8:40:33 PM

Pros: Good looking monitor, good picture and fairly priced. I liked it so much I bought two for my double monitor setup. But....

Cons: Dell makes nice monitors IMO. And this is no exception on so many levels. However, you cannot DAISY CHAIN this monitor. It has an HDMI input, a DP input, a USB input.... BUT NO DP OUTPUT. Since I wanted to daisy chain my monitors I was looking at the HDMI and DP jack - never thinking that they are BOTH INPUTS. As to the Dell Rabbit Hole comment, there is absolutely NO WAY you are going to talk to a DELL TECHNITION ABOUT A MONITOR UNLESS YOU OWN A DELL PC. NO PC ID TAG, NO SUPPORT. And this is maddening because in the SPECS column regarding this monitor it simply says 'HDMI and DP PORT'. It does not say that either are inputs or outputs. And of course you need an OUTPUT PORT to daisy chain two monitors. OK, so, to those of you buying this for a single monitor or something to add onto a laptop with a monitor output, you are all set, carry on, please ignore my disappointment. To those of you looking to daisy chain two of these 2719H monitors together, forget it.

Overall Review: On one level, for a particular market, I would say buy this monitor. To the ppl buying this thinking you can daisy chain them together, look elsewere or buy a video card with two separate outputs. 2 eggs because Dell should be more specific describing the port connections - or at least open their Technical Support to ppl shopping their monitors.

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All good, nice card.2/27/2013 11:46:06 AM

Pros: This was a plug and play experience as the last card I had was a Radeon Saffire, as well. It picked up the old driver and things were up and running at boot up pretty much. (Win7 is pretty good this way). I went to the AMD site and downloaded the newest drivers, 64 bit ones, after the initial install. Clearly the quality of the images on screen were much improved compared to my old video card (HD3650) and the Performance Test score improved 1.1 points which was nice.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I run two monitors, BTW, and I read here where people were talking about the spacing between the HDMI and DVI outputs - so I nixed the idea of an adaptor and instead purchased a hybrid cable (DVI to HDMI) that ran from the card to my second monitor. This worked out perfectly so thank you all for that info!!

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Sapphire Dual DVI video card7/10/2009 12:43:12 AM

Pros: Dropped in without a hitch and picked up my two DVI monitors. I went to the ATI site to download the newest drivers, no problems there. I realize there is another ATI card that has about 146 reviews for $2 less. The difference seems to be DDR2 vs DDR4. Eh, whatever this is worth I cannot tell you.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I am not a gamer. This is for my recording computer, a C2Q that I just put together. My last card was analog and I wanted to switch to digital - and yes - the visual difference is huge. Image quality is much improved. Yes, there are better cards out there for more $$, but this is pretty unbeatable for my needs.

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What's the problem?6/16/2009 5:03:06 PM

Pros: I have certainly spent more money on ram. This being said, running a C2Q9550 on a Gigabyte board that wants to see DDR2 667 for a 1:1 ratio, I adjusted my bios and things could not be better. I am typically a Kingston freak so this is a test. The numbers are 5-5-5-1.8 and I really don't need anything more. reading about the 'bad stick' or two makes me wonder but till it happens to me I will assume the complaints are from OC's asking for too much. The best thing about this ram besides the price is the responses from the Corsair company. They seem willing to address the complaints and eager to help, a good sign.

Cons: That I am a Kingston snob and don't know this ram.

Overall Review: I have never had any ram fail me for my applications. I record music on a PC with Cubase 5 using XP32. When the drivers become available for my hardware I will switch to a Win64 OS and add more ram. If the Corsair flys till then I will gladly buy more of it.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Gigabyte X48-DS5 MB6/16/2009 10:05:14 AM

Pros: Solid board, many options for various devices. Note to self: It looks like the bios on this would allow for an external boot, either usb or sata. I didn't know this but was moving to sata from UATA anyway, eh, a surprise all the same. I might have been able to 'Ghost' my old OS onto the new sata HD. ? Where do people find out such info anyway? Maybe Newegg.

Cons: Like another poster said, there is too much 'busy' software add-on accessories for tweeking - don't load this and go to the bios instead. Its all there, oc'ing CPU and ram, and works great on my C2Q9550. Oh, download 'CPUID CPU-Z' (google) because you will need to confirm the voltage to the CPU after boot. In the bios it looks like you are 'agreeing/establishing' to 1.3VDC, but might find your mutiplier dropping to 6X and the voltage going to 1.5VDC. Yeah, there's a place to enter 1.3 (or greater), just make sure you enter the voltage here - don't assume its automatic. Hm. The soundcard drivers 'Realtek HD' run a program called RTHD.exe that seems to run all the time in the background, slowing things down. Since I am using this thing for recording, I have another external sound device via FW and just uninstalled the Realtek program and skipped the internal soundcard. Woah, much better on the CPU load. Eh, gamers might never notice this. (Diable 'Azalia Codec' in bios for this, BTW.)

Overall Review: Its still very new but it seems to be a great home for the C2Q processor and my recording needs. Good bios IMO, certainly far removed from what I purchased 4 years ago with my P43G. Its great to have my recording program, Cubase 5, be able to fly like this. Of course, thank you gamers for making PC computers like this happen!!!

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