A quality HP3/30/2021 3:20:13 PM

Pros: Pros: Quality construction. Many positive reviews. I must honestly state that I did not use this enough or with quality signal to fully appreciate its capability. From what I have read about it, and its cost, my expectations are high.

Cons: Cons: The straight cable was easy to connect, but extremely difficult to disconnect, such that I fearted that I either could not disconnect the cable, or would damage the HP while disconnecting the cable. The plastic wrapping of the cables was rather difficult to remove, and again, I was fearful that I would damage the cable while removing from the wrapper. Packing was lacking in quality IMO. The HP flopped a bit in the case. The packing made me wonder if the package had been previously opened by someone else, and even asked NewEgg to investigate, which they did. In the end, my impression is that this is how the company packs one of their premier HPs. Again, IMO, they can and should do better!

Overall Review: I will try to add to this review, after I have had opportunity to more extensively try out. I will give product benefit or a high review for now.

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Good for $ when on special offer2/21/2021 10:10:25 AM

Pros: I have variable opinion. Overall good. Red color, beautiful. Stand, wonderful design and easy to assemble. Control buttons, they work but I really hate the design and poor labeling. I struggle with the buttons, making adjustments, especially the on-off button on the R, poorly marked and separated from other function button. Yes, I often shut off the monitor while trying to adjust. Where I really appreciate this monitor is with videos/films. I generally run the monitor on 1080p/1k but that has more to do with poor scaling with MS W10 and much the the software, and the fact that most content is still 1k. And did I mention that the red colors and absolutely stunning! I cannot compare this monitor with other choices in this price group and size/resolution, as I have relatively little experience with the competition.

Cons: Better control buttons and scheme.

Overall Review: If you watch a lot of videos and films on your computer, you will be pleased with the result; at least I am. Sturdy and well built product.

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