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ok9/7/2010 6:43:18 PM

Pros: -Cheap -Works -Picture is pretty good -decent for skype with the girlfriend, she can see me..

Cons: poor framerate in skype

Overall Review: Cannot address the microphone, have not used it, i have a headset. If i were to guess it would probably be bad as other reviews say. If you dont require a mic, this should do ok. not great, but ok. you get what you pay for i guess, went cheap got cheap. but will get the job done.

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Works great!8/11/2010 8:13:01 AM

Pros: -120mm White LED -Cables came sleeved -Decent cable length -Moves alot of air, great fan -Lowered CPU temps a few more degrees (see other thoughts)

Cons: Not a con, but a "meh" : USPS 4-7 day egg saver shipping, came in 7 days. I'm too hopeful for speedy shipping i guess :P. Also probably my fault for ordering on a tuesday. oh and just be aware, comes in a large padded envelope, not a box. Again, not a con as it arrived fine, just FYI

Overall Review: Ordered for use as a second fan on a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus. Worked just fine with the extra hardware that came with the cooler to mount a second fan for the push/pull setup. As it should. I did not make use the molex adapter, just used one of the 3-pin fan connections on my gigabyte motherboard. Might be nice to have in the future. All in all, i needed an additional 120mm fan for my cooler, but wanted some light in my case. Thought quite a bit about the LED color, decided on white. Considered the XLF series because of the many positive reviews, but saw this CLF series, and decided I wanted brighter, and this thing is BRIGHT. Go with XLF if you want not as bright. Added to my cooler, lowered idle temps 2-3 degrees, desktop and internet multitasking temps 4-5 degrees, prime95 load temps 4-5 degrees. Max temp now hovers between 46-47C, Phenom II x4 955 BE oc'd to 3.6. Case is an Antec 300 Illusion Think i should pick up a fan controller soon...

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All you need8/6/2010 7:56:14 AM

Pros: -Cheap -USB -Works great -Does not feel like a $7 keyboard, it will probably last me a long time -CHEAP!

Cons: Same price to ship as the price of the keyboard :P

Overall Review: After i built my rig for xmas and got back to school, i was low on cash and needed some accessories, including a keyboard because the old PS2 keyboard i scavanged from my house was starting to go. I really did not want to spend a whole lot on a keyboard, so when i saw this keyboard, this cheap, with this many great reviews, i didn't think twice adding it to my cart. I am a gamer, and i agree that a high-end mouse can be adventageous (i own a deathadder), but IMO spending up to $100 on a KEYBOARD is the most pointless purchase one can make. Get this, save yourself the cash. There is no need to spend more than this on a keyboard.

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Works Great8/6/2010 7:31:59 AM

Pros: Works great, just had to download drivers and it was worked just fine Great price, got it during a shell shocker deal

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Got this because i'll be living with 3 other roommates this year, so chances are i won't be setup directly next to the router like i am at home. Wasn't sure how to accurately test the capibilities of the card like some other reviewers were. But, with my connection at home, using speedtest for comparison, wired i was at about 25Mb/s up and down, and with this wireless card 18Mb/s up and down. Which to me seems reasonable, as wired is always preferred

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Awesome speakers for awesome price6/19/2010 7:38:25 AM

Pros: *speakers sound awesome *little volume module with headset plugins is great, and accessible *GREAT price

Cons: speakers can be knocked over easily because theyre thin and light? no REAL cons

Overall Review: im not picky on sound quality so for me this relatively cheap set of 2.1 speakers that sound great and work great was exactly what i needed. Others who are not willing to skimp on sound quality may need to look at more expensive ones, because im sure sound quality would vary between this $20 set and say a $100 set.

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Great case for my first build ever1/22/2010 1:17:03 PM

Pros: Found this case easy to work in, fans are awesome, love the LED's on the fans. Haven't done any computerized temperature tests yet, but seems like everything is nice and cold. Variable speeds on all of the fans are nice as well. Plenty of room even after everything installed. Awesome, awesome case. Glad I went with this for my first build

Cons: None, as it being my first build, nothing to compare it to Although: With the bottom PSU mount, some of the wires BARELY reached.

Overall Review: Had some help with the build. Everything went smooth as silk. My more experienced friend had never seen the 300 (he has worked with the 900) and was impressed with how roomy it was (said it was comparable to the 900). Sound isn't a concern for me (i wear headphones when im gaming anyway), so I went and turned all the fans to high straight away. Pretty sure its keeping everything nice and cold, have yet to run tests. THANKS NEWEGG!

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