an excellent tablet1/9/2013 12:33:33 AM

Pros: -clear, bright, colorful screen -fast i5 processor handles everything like a champ -I'm able to do light gaming with it. -handy dandy usb3.0 port + mini hdmi if you are into that sort of thing -windows 8 pro let it act like a "regular pc" with ease. Windows 8 on the whole is really growing on me. -I think it is really beautifully designed, aesthetics are nice. -long battery life for the demands this thing makes as a tablet. 5-7 hours typically if I leave it on and use it heavily. Will easily last waaaayyyyy longer than that if you are using it sporadically and putting it to sleep when not in use. -speaking of sleep mode, it comes out of it immediately. -cold boots to login in about 6 seconds. Give or take 1. That's insane. Once in, metro interface is instantly ready and smooth, even if 'desktop' tasks are doing their normal loading. (you should keep that to a minimum though...) -comes with a nice quality leather-ish flip\fold\angle case. I'd like to point out that some people say it blocks the rear camera. That part if the case actually is a Velcro flap that reveals it. Discovered that on accident. -comes with a desk stand to mount it in\expand usb slots. Don't care that its plastic, I'm happy to have it. -not very heavy. 2 pounds and some change. It feels well made. Considering what it does, I'm surprised it doesn't weigh twice as much.

Cons: -Front camera is laughable, quality wise, but whatever, at least it has one. Haven't used them much yet, so dunno. Rear one seems pretty par. -I really wish Intel would get their act together and offer a better GPU solution. The hd4000 is not terrible for what they need it to do, but it isn't great by any means. I know this isn't a gaming device, necessarily so maybe I shouldnt complain. The i5 helps carry some of the weight, and it does run many games way better than I expected. -I wish I had a separate button to temporarily turn the screen off instead of full on sleep mode button. -no sd reader, but it aint a deal breaker, trust me. You may choose to remove all the Acer ware that it comes with. I did eventually. Some might find it useful. Uninstall McAfee asap. Windows has its own defenders.

Overall Review: IMPORTANT: update your wireless driver. Ends any issues. ALSO IMPORTANT: go through the power plan settings, maybe make a couple different ones. The balanced mode may be throttling its performance sometimes, especially games. I was getting bad results until I put it in high Performance mode while on battery so that it was allowed to pump out the frames per second. "Desktop" Gaming: expect to be able to play most games at low or mid settings, maybe at lower resolutions sometimes, and still get a very enjoyable experience. Do not expect to play a graphics intensive games and have a great time. have steam installed and a few other things. Search YouTube for various demos of it running games. You may be surprised what it can do with certain games, and let down with others. Tis the nature of games. FINAL THOUGHTS: this is not a tablet for the light of heart. Its got some meat on it, and a buttload of features that simply blow all other tablets away. I am in love with this thing. Some say this is expensive for a tablet. Its not just a tablet. Its a full on windows pc. This is worth every penny.

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makes all the difference12/1/2011 6:48:34 PM

Pros: -true 120hz is a pleasure to look at when you aren't 3dvision'ing -is very bright and clear -not as expensive as others and still wins out with quality -3dvison is pretty darn cool.

Cons: -well the stand is a tad wobbly, as others have stated, but I don't really care. My desk isn't that sturdy, but then again i'm not knocking it around while using my computer....

Overall Review: when you don't want 3d, the smooth 120hz rocks (especially when dealing with typical computer tasks and movies and stuff like that. when you do use the 3d, it works perfect there as well. couldn't be happier! still sad my old monitor died, though, but this 120hz makes me forget old-whats-it.

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Perfect12/1/2011 6:43:24 PM

Pros: -EVGA makes top of the line products and has top notch support. Been with them for the better part of a decade now. worth the extra little bit of money to go with evga over others. you get what you pay for. -priced very nicely for the large amount of performance you get out of it, compared to the 580 and the 560. value! -I can use 3dvision now without my computer pooping itself.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I had a 280 for the last 3 1/2 years, and it was perfect up until now. BF3 just puts it through the grinder. I've also been toying around with the 3d vision kit, so it'll be nice to have the extra horsepower to utilize it better. I don't have the money to throw at my PC, so this card keeps my gaming addiction alive without killing my wallet. Thanks newegg!

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super uncomfy3/10/2010 10:28:41 AM

Pros: when i could set up the virtual surround correctly, they were great. sounded pretty nice for the bargain i got them for.

Cons: couldn't always get it to do set up like i wanted with any given game. super uncomfortable after about an hour. the cushion isn't fat enough, so the inside speaker would be pushing against the rim of my ears. something began to short out somewhere, i think at the headset connection, not the middle or usb end. . . . so they're dead. lasted a few months

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Perfectly pleased1/24/2009 10:22:10 PM

Pros: ~amazing screen ~i like the keyboard/buttons ~speakers sound nicer than expected, when "natural bass" and "sound space expander" are turned on and adjusted. are clear at a reasonable volume for a laptop. ~fingerprint reader works great (more in other thoughts) ~graphics card handles games much better than expected! in fact, way better than expected. this heavy gamer (no, not weight) is pleased very much. ~am enjoying vista 64 very much (runs very smoothly and quickly), and haven't had a single unwarrented compatability issue. yay simcity 4! ~can i say, the value is great. sign me up! oh.. already did. i guess i cant' put the price in here, due to policy. ~hdmi port. sweet. ~the power button and power-plug in location are genius. ~looks slick ~buiilt in camera with good/fun software (for a change)

Cons: ~the touch pad is in an odd spot...? ~it doesn't mow my lawn ~bloatware is to be expected, but easily removed ~strange windows security (fixed now) and internet explorer 'show images' issue... which i can not solve. will have to talk to microsoft. seems to be an isolated issue, glitch that happened when uninstalling 'one care' or something else. whoops. ~no eSATA ~i'm pretty sure there's no IEEE? it's dark in here. ~refuses to fit in a reasonably sized bag/case, so i have a hulkin' one that makes me look smaller than actual size.

Overall Review: overall a killer laptop. couldn't be happier! the fingerprint reader works great, haven't had the problems that few others seem to be having, fortunately. i am able to use it to bypass my password to log in to windows (which is freakin sweet to show off), and to sign in to any website that has a login field. it will be the end of me, since now i will forget all my logins, though they're easy to look up in the software if you wish to edit them. again, i really couldn't be happier with it. it was exactly what i wanted, at the price i wanted to get it at.

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