Quiet11/20/2020 4:24:57 PM

Overall Review: It works, comes with plenty of cables, and it's very quiet. I can even tell if the fan on the PSU is on for the most part.

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pretty painless setup11/20/2020 4:03:59 PM

Pros: Comes with cpu cooler so you don't have to buy separate one. AMD motherboards cheaper than intel counterparts. So even though the 3900x I bought was a bit more expensive than the other processor I was considering, the 10700K, it ended up being cheaper going the 3900x because of the savings from motherboard/cpu cooler.

Overall Review: So far so good, put together a pc first time in a while, and it was pretty easy to seat the CPU onto the motherboard and installing the wraith prism cpu cooler was pretty easy. Ran some benchmarks, performs as expected. So far no problems. Temps at idle are ~45C, have never seen it exceed 70C but I haven't put a very heavy load on it yet, mainly used for development purposes rather than gaming.

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Very fast11/20/2020 3:59:45 PM

Overall Review: Ran crystaldisk benchmarking in my 3900x, elite aorus ax b550 motherboard, really really fast results, faster than what some review sites were benchmarking it at. Happy with it so far. I did download samsung magician and also samsungs nvme drivers instead of using windows default nvme drivers. Noticed a speed gain using samsung nvme drivers.

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works at advertised speed11/20/2020 3:57:55 PM

Overall Review: System using 3900x and gigabyte aorous elite ax b550 motherboard. Updated all drivers from gigabyte website, flashed bios to v10, enabled XMP, memory recognized as 3600mhz. No problems so far two weeks in.

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Works fine11/20/2020 3:56:04 PM

Overall Review: I'm not an experienced pc builder so I don't really know how well this motherboard compares to others and all that. However, I did put together a systems with an 3900x, and the motherboard works fine and everything was relatively easy to figure out where to plug in. The hardest thing was getting the screw off the nvme slot to put in the ssd. I like the GConnect thing too to make it easier to plug in all the various pins from power/led/etc. I mainly bought this cause it was on sale.

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