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Disappointed7/24/2016 2:17:19 PM

Pros: Size of the micro accommodates large casseroles. Thorough, even cooking. Quiet Light comes on when door opens.

Cons: Slower cooking than the Panasonic it replaced.

Overall Review: Arrived with a HUGE dent in the upper left side, though packaging was intact and not damaged. It was obviously damaged at the Sharp manufacturing plant and still put in a box and readied to go to a retailer. No way for me to prove this arrived damaged :-(

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Good Choice for Portable Storage12/4/2010 7:05:17 AM

Pros: I had been a Verbatim swappable hard drive fan for the last 8 years. Their Firewire 400/800 drives are fast, problem free and easy to use. As Verbatim no longer makes a physically small but 1TB swappable storage device, I looked through many alternatives. I decided on the LaCie Rugged 1TB. Installation/formatting was extremely easy & fast on my MacPro (OSX 10.5.8). Upon rebooting, the MacPro recognized the LaCie Rugged and was instantly ready to back up my computer. I could not have asked for a more problem free experience! I maintain 3 Macs in my house and a couple others for friends. This is a great choice for toting around massive amounts of back-up data and software easily. The Firewire 800 option is the only way to go as well. You might save a few bucks buying a USB2 swappable drive, but you will hate yourself in the long run for how S-L-O-W they are. This is definitely a positive choice all the way around.

Cons: None? That I had to purchase a separate LaCie Cozy protective case for the LaCie Rugged. For the price of the Rugged, they should include a case.

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Great FAST memory for my new Mac Pro7/20/2009 9:20:52 AM

Pros: When I purchased my Mac Pro 2 weeks ago from Apple, I chose the 6GB memory configuration (instead of the minimum 3GB) for a fee of $150. I don't know why, but the Apple rep never asked if I wanted to fill all 4 RAM slots (thus going to 8GB). The self installation is very easy and took me less than 1 minute. The Kingston memory is flawless and my Mac Pro is no maxed out. Could not be happier.

Cons: None for the memory. Great product - 5 eggs. Would rate NewEgg's shipping a 1 egg if I could!

Overall Review: I mistakenly opted for NewEgg's $2.99 Super Saver Shipping. The memory was thrown into a padded bag with no sturdy protection. It was crumpled in my mailbox and a wonder it was not damaged in transit. Shipping time took 10 days. DHL turned the padded bag over to the USPS an hour from my home and it sat at that facility 4 full days before being delivered. Shoddy shipping service from NewEgg. I was looking at new monitors on NewEgg's website. In light of how the memory was packed and shipping handled. I will be looking elsewhere. A monitor stands NO chance of arriving undamaged.

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