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Inexpensive; gets the job done2/1/2018 5:29:06 AM

Pros: - It was amazing to find Bluetooth earmuffs at this price. - Keeps my ears warm without being overly intrusive.

Cons: - Audio feedback is loud: audio playback is significantly quieter than the times used to indicate power-on, etc. Operation is also a little noisy. It might be a good idea for manufacturers of products like this to produce a companion app to allow for changing more complex settings like that and for pushing any firmware updates they might release. - Inexpensive construction: these earmuffs seem to be made primarily from plastic, with soft fabric enveloping the product for comfort. They do fold up a bit for transport, and the simplicity of the design is good and gets the job done, but not the most comfortable and doesn't inspire confidence in their durability.

Overall Review: - It's probably just a flaw in the pair I received or a but in dealing with a mono audio signal, but I only get sound out of the control side; there appears to be infrastructure to provide sound to both ears, so this is probably not normal for this product, but may indicate quality level. - I might buy this again based on the same inputs. Given the price, it's about what I expected. I generally just use one ear off my regular Bluetooth anyway, and it's comforting that the right ear works without the left. They do serve to keep my ears warm on very cold days--more by keeping them close to my head than by insulation--and they serve as a backup Bluetooth device in case the battery in my main set dies while I'm out and about.

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Great USB adapter included11/15/2015 6:18:35 PM

Pros: Includes the best Micro SD USB adapter I've come across. It is simple and compact, and has even survived the wash once or twice...

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I would have a hard time justifying purchasing Micro SD cards without the adapters included in this pack (they would have to be significantly cheaper, and I would need to be well stocked on these adapters already), because the adapters (particularly the USB adapter) are almost more useful than the card itself.

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Excellent product11/15/2015 6:13:14 PM

Pros: Durable (mine has accidentally went through wash a couple times from keeping it in my pocket; still works well).

Cons: None.

Overall Review: This is exactly the product I needed to connect USB products to my cell phone.

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Bad Product Design11/15/2015 6:07:25 PM

Pros: Product was cheap enough not to bother redressing grievances.

Cons: Product will not face outward on an inward-opening door due to door jam interference. WiFi device must connect to camera's wifi hub and use camera's app (rudimentary, with a weird name) to view video. Wide angle lens distorts image (no software correction). Poor low-light visibility via camera.

Overall Review: This would be nice as a prototype or proof-of-concept, but is not a good finished product that is actually ready for the market.

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Great Value3/20/2010 10:20:26 PM

Pros: Awesome improvement from my built-in gpu. Graphics & Gaming graphics indices in the Windows Experience Index rose from less than 5 to 7.3.

Cons: None—I think this is one of the best balances of cost and performance that I've found.

Overall Review: I'm actually ordering another one because a cheaper one I ordered for another computer didn't work with it. I was happy enough with this one that I think it's worth just putting this one in that other computer, too.

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