Great little laptop for the price5/21/2021 6:18:35 PM

Pros: - Small - Nice keyboard with backlight - Fast internet speeds for this kind of laptop - Gets the job done for productivity - Fast ram - And a nice USB C in connection, wasn't expected

Cons: - Processor can get hot as it's not hard to max it out - Small storage, but can get around with a simple external hard drive - Comes in S mode so until you deactivate that only things from the microsoft store can be downloaded

Overall Review: This is a nice laptop for productivity and is worth the price, this can easily run office applications with a browser and something else open with ease. I love it and use it daily for numerous things.

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Bad advertising7/11/2020 4:41:04 PM

Pros: Was a great CPU Worked well for years Could do heavy tasks

Cons: Not as many cores as advertised!!

Overall Review: This was a great little cpu, I ordered it and received it within 6 weeks, because of Trump's closed import border things so it was stuck at customs. But when I put it in my system and booted, it was fast and great, then I went to task manager, it was a Dual-Core CPU that hyper-threaded to 4 cores. That is what hit me, it was a dual core hyper threaded cpu. I see this everywhere, when people say its this many cores but thats its hyper thread count, if we are doing that now, I have a 12 core cpu. I don't I have a 6 core that is hyper threaded to 12, but we are going by hyper thread core count logic, I have a 12 core.

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