It works full speed and more7/26/2019 8:44:47 PM

Pros: Got it up to 3733 without over volting or increasing latency. Did not try to take it higher because that maxed out the infinity fabric. Love the low profile heat spreaders. It fits nicely under my oversized heatsink.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Installed on ASRock Fatal1ty B450 K4 with Ryzen 7 3700X.

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Crashes my computer at rated speed7/23/2019 7:10:30 AM

Pros: I appreciate the small heatspreaders. That makes it work better with oversized heatsinks. Runs fine at 2133.

Cons: Does not run at rated speed.

Overall Review: I have a Ryzen 7 3700x on a B450 motherboard. When I load the XMP 2.0 profile it causes my system to BSOD.

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Good for Steam Streaming7/24/2015 9:53:51 AM

Pros: This item is lightweight, has great battery life, and excellent display compared to my last net book. After I installed steam, I booted it up and launched a game using steam home streaming. It worked great.

Cons: It has a small hard drive, which is in the specs, and the display isn't as good as many android devices I've used.

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Lifetime Warranty11/12/2013 4:53:54 AM

Pros: Lifetime Warranty

Cons: Heat sink isn't very high end, but it's adequate, and it's quiet.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the great review! Okay, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and let us know. Play Hard!
Works with RAID10/20/2011 11:13:34 AM

Pros: Makes my apps and games launch faster. Also it works with my RAID 0 array. Since dataplex is at the software level it will work with any local volume.

Cons: Doesn't effect the Windows Experience Index.

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Love everything but the front Bezel11/23/2010 12:36:49 PM

Pros: The first sign of quality for this chassis is the black finished interior. Other signs of quality are the mesh back-plane slot covers; thumb screws for the back-plane, 5.25" drives, and side; tooless 3.25" drives; water cooling grommets; and cutouts for hiding your wires. There is also lots of room for additional fans, and sufficient room to install a Radeon HD 5870.

Cons: The "handles" on the front bezel feel a little flimsy.

Overall Review: This case is always inexpensive and I've never seen anything with this level of quality at this price range.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
1 of two died within hours11/2/2010 7:37:12 AM

Pros: Nice LED.

Cons: I got two as part of a combo deal. One of them died within hours of first using it. They are not big enough to use as windows 7 installation media.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we are sorry for the problem. Please visit the link below and create a support ticket to get in touch with our staff to arrange for a replacement drive. Thank you
External Link(s):
OCZ Support Page
Tall heatsinks11/2/2010 7:35:52 AM

Pros: Worked at advertised speed and timings.

Cons: The giant heat-pipe heat-sinks are actually bad for enthusiasts because they interfere with the installation of large CPU air-coolers. If you are using a large air cooler you can only use two DRAM banks.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Pain to install11/2/2010 7:34:09 AM

Pros: It is quiet and cool and has room for a push-pull fan configuration.

Cons: It is a pain to install as it requires going through the motherboard. It is hard to line up the screws through the universal brackets. The foam pads to keep the fan quiet came loose and got ate by the fan. The noise it made cause me to cower under my bed thinking doomsday had come. Had to take out the foam pads.

Overall Review: This cooler is big. The fan was on top of my first two DRAM banks, so make sure you buy ram without tall heat-sinks if you want to use this cooler.

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Ordered 2, both worked.11/2/2010 7:29:54 AM

Pros: I ordered two for a RAID array. Both worked.

Cons: none

Overall Review: nothing better than no RMAs when you order a bunch of hard drives.

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Great Features, OK Quality11/2/2010 7:28:32 AM

Pros: Great features for such a compact chassis. It holds lots of hard drives, has great connectivity and a good card reader. It looks like it fits in great in a stereo rack and has plenty of room over the motherboard area. This stock fans are quiet. It has room for an additional 120mm fan by the hard drives.

Cons: Lower manufacturing quality than some other chassis I have used and cable management is difficult.

Overall Review: If you want to add a video card you will be limited to about 10".

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Core Unlocker is Great11/2/2010 7:23:00 AM

Pros: The core unlocker is easy and great. It only took a single keystroke during boot-up and I went from 3 to 4 cores. Blu-Ray playback is great with the integrated video, and the sound over HDMI is painless and easy to use.

Cons: I would appreciate more headers and I'm getting tired of legacy IDE connectors taking up valuable PCB.

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Unlocked just fine.11/2/2010 7:20:18 AM

Pros: Unlock easily and with no stability issues. Now I have 4 cores at 3.1 GHz.

Cons: The heat-sink looks like it is poor quality, but I have had no issues with heat or noise.

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Bad Screws11/2/2010 7:18:53 AM

Pros: Great features. This chassis has lots of great features for its size. It supports a full sized power supply and 4 hard drives. The built-in card reader works great too. The two stock fans are barely noticeable when they're spinning.

Cons: The motherboard standoffs are not interchangeable and the screws that came with it are weak. I sheared the heads off of two of the screws while I was installing the motherboard and was not able to remove them. The metal in the chassis is also not very stiff. The drive tray came bent when it was delivered and the back-plane bent a little when I installed the PSU.

Overall Review: I used another chassis from this manufacturer in a previous build. That set me up for disappointment. This case was much lower quality than their other products.

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Lots of Connectors11/2/2010 7:12:09 AM

Pros: It has lots of connectors and it's quiet.

Cons: It doesn't come with a power cable.

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Great Layout11/2/2010 7:10:42 AM

Pros: Easy to install, easy to use. It has great functions keys for windows media center, and it is light and easy to use. It has a great layout for a media center setup.

Cons: It takes a few seconds for the keyboard to respond when you first pick it up.

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It works11/2/2010 7:08:38 AM

Pros: It works just fine and the Price was great.

Cons: It does not come with any OEM BluRay player software and windows 7 does not have native blue ray support. Factor in the cost of BluRay playback software when you get this drive.

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It works11/2/2010 7:04:09 AM

Pros: It worked when I plugged it in.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Packing for OEM Western digital drives was bad in the past with a DOA rate of about 1/2. With the new packing I haven't had a DOA yet.

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The Low Profile Bracket is Backward11/2/2010 7:02:19 AM

Pros: The wireless adapter works.

Cons: The low profile bracket is backward which will make it conflict with other expansion cards.

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DOA5/3/2010 10:04:42 AM

Pros: It's light

Cons: Came DOA. I had to pay to ship it back to newegg for replacement, and now it's $14 cheaper than what I ordered it for.

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5/1/2010 8:01:08 AM

Pros: Good and Small. Comes with a descent power supply for an upper mid-range graphics card (have tested it with Radeon HD 4850). Great tool-less system for drive bays.

Cons: 92mm tower coolers are a tight fit. The sunbeam HDT will fit with the 120mm side fan. The Cooler Master Hyper TX3 will fit with a 12mm wide 120mm side fan. Cable management isn't so good. The design tolerances are a little loose so you can see a little bit of bare metal between the front bezel and the sides of the case.

Overall Review: Graphics Card Compatibility: Will easily fit any graphics card up to 9.5" If you remove the case for the 2 external 3.5" bays this case will fit any sized graphics card. You could even put two HD 5970s if you wanted.

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It works4/28/2010 10:57:41 AM

Pros: The nicest packaging I have ever seen, the power supply worked just fine.

Cons: none

Did you find this review helpful? 
It works4/28/2010 10:56:13 AM

Pros: It works

Cons: none

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Same Performance as 48501/20/2010 12:26:35 PM

Pros: This card overclocks like crasy using MSI Afterburner. At stock speed it gets about the same 3d marks as the HD 4850, however it has much more overclocking headroom. About 25% instead of 10%. The large memory size and high memory bandwidth make this card great for newer games with massive textures.

Cons: This card is loud compared to what I'm used to, but my other card has a quiet aftermarket heatsink, and my card before that (7900 GTX) had a legendarily quiet heatsink.

Overall Review: GPUz and Riva Tuner don't work with this card yet. The max temps I've seen on this card are 75 degrees C overclocked. That's not too bad for the chip. When the single slot 4850s came out they ran just fine at 95 C.

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Digital does not work with MediaPortal1/18/2010 7:34:24 AM

Pros: The analog tuner works great. My nVidia DualTuner works better, but this works pretty well.

Cons: Digital tuner is not recognized by media portal. Only analog

Overall Review: I haven't had a chance to use this with windows Media Center, but I have heard the digital tuner works well there. I have not tried it with any third party tuner apps.

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