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This thing blows! 😂😎6/17/2018 11:47:12 PM

Pros: Moves a massive amount of air, as advertised, with almost zero noise. Put it this way, I'd bet it will be the quietest fan in your case. Build quality feels fantastic, as I've dealt with a few other brands of large fans, and they tend to feel wimpy. This one is not wimpy. Great fan, great price. Definitely buy this fan!

Cons: It doesn't seem to do well with a custom fan profile. I believe that a fan like this is meant to just run at full power. Which is fine because its dead quiet at full power still. I literally had to push it to about 90% in speed fan to keep it from stopping now and then. So to save yourself some trouble, maybe just hook this bad boy straight to a molex.

Overall Review: Highly recommend it! 10/10 would buy again.

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Fantastic card!6/17/2018 11:40:42 PM

Pros: I'll get right to the point, as I'm not much of a writer. This is the beefiest heatsink I've EVER seen on a graphics card! The temps I get on this thing are absolutely amazing! Full intensity mining, at +100core +796mem, it doesn't even go past 60c and hovers around 55c, and fans are only at about 60% to achieve this. That's at 80%TDP of course, but it still achieves full speeds and isn't declocked(is around 2100mhz, with slight drops now and again) much at all at that TDP. As far as gaming, one older game i play, with settings maxed, it was running at around 35c WITHOUT THE FANS EVEN ON! FarCry 4, max graphics @1440p, it was right at the threshold where the fans aren't even needed. Maybe was at like 44c. Now I'm sure some of the other high end cards from asus, evga, or a few others managed to use some great coolers as well. The point is that this is the cheapest card offered at the level of performance available. I am DEFINITELY a Zotac fan now, and may switch to their products exclusively because of their pricing.

Cons: The Zotac software included, Firestorm, seemed to not work as well for achieving stable overclocks compared to MSI Afterburner. Maybe I'm biased, as I've used Afterburner for 10+ years it seems(don't remember when it came out). This really isn't a con, because the program works fine. I was just unable to fine tune it as quickly as with Afterburner, and it does offer nice access to tuning the RGB lights.

Overall Review: If you are considering a 1080ti, make price your deciding factor on the cards you are looking at, because Zotac offers the absolute best card for the money, and its the cheapest high-end overclocking solution available IMO. Also wanted to point out the custom fan settings they incorporated into the card bios, as you can't change these particular things I'm about to point out. Below about 40c(not sure of the exact temperature they have it set at) the fans don't even run, and thats because this cooler is so efficient. When you do reach the threshhold of fans kicking on, they burst to maybe 110%, and then come down to whatever speed you set manually, or the stock fan profile is decent too. I haven't read their reasoning for this, but I want to say its maybe to blast some dust away? Fans are SUPER quiet too, and you will only hear them at maybe 90%+. I wanna keep singing the praises of this card so people buy it, but I'd bet not many will even read this review, so I'll shutup now. ZOTAC FAN FOR LIFE!

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