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Very nice , Included rag, grease and hardware7/26/2021 7:21:18 AM

Overall Review: Perfect. Easy install on 2000 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 5.0L. came with all hardware needed , grease, and a rag which was very nice to have the rag . Instructions included as well .

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Not that great for what i had in mind7/22/2021 2:11:41 PM

Overall Review: Worked with android phones , but was picky on which apple phone ios it would work on.

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Great virus protection7/22/2021 2:10:38 PM

Overall Review: Eset is always my go to Virus protection for about 4 years running now. Not a single virus , and if i happen to accidentally click on a bad link that injects a download somehow , eset will kill it most times before its downloaded. Kinda pricey always have to wait for some sort of sale when i need it .

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Awesome7/22/2021 2:07:55 PM

Overall Review: Work great on my 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0L V8. Easy install that are right on top of the engine . Items were new and sealed.

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Great!!7/22/2021 12:55:08 PM

Overall Review: Fit perfectly for my 2000 Ford explorer Eddie Bauer 5.0L V8 . Came with locking washers and nuts , general instructions. Shipping time was extremely speedy for this particular item. Item is brand new . Does the job it needs to. My old starter was a reman and it wasn't quite spinning fast enough anymore to properly start the vehicle , replaced it with this and works as intended.

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Very Nice Bluetooth Headphones!10/27/2020 8:45:07 AM

Pros: -Great Audio Quality -100 HR Rechargeable Case -Magnetic Attraction Earbud to Case -Buttons on Earbuds are easy to push and don't hurt my ear when I do -Case has rounded corners so it fits in pockets without stabbing you -Has lots of options for different size Ears and extras so they don't fall out -Shake the case to see charge level -Range is decent. 8 feet without any issues.

Cons: -Charge cord provided is only about 1 1/2 feet -Sometimes when watching a video the earbuds flash white (even though they are still working and providing audio) , for some reason its not detecting the sound, doesn't stop them from working though. Does not do this while playing music. -If I don't pull earbuds out at same time from the case , my phones blue tooth puts it on call audio only to earbuds and I have to manually go into the blue tooth settings and enable media. -Sometimes very rarely when moving around away from my phone it will stop playing the audio for a brief second.

Overall Review: This product actually surpassed my expectations in sound quality. For a company I've never heard of or even tried. Make sure to get a USB wall box charger that has an output of DC 5V , 1.5AMP. Also make sure you first charge the case and earbuds to full before using. In my attempt to first charge it I tried using my phone charging cord, which wouldn't charge it at all, so i switched to the cord provided and it started charging immediately, must be something wrong with my other cord, something to look out for. They seem a bit bulky compared to other earbuds, but they are really light. The one I bought was a (Renewed) set that looks like everything is brand new and never used or opened. All in all its a major upgrade over my last blue tooth earbuds which were not quite as good as these. I'm sure there are better earbuds out there , but if I had to rate these from Low grade , Mid grade, and High Grade, I would say these are Mid grade headphones. I will now consider Anker/Soundcore products to look at and choose from in future purchases.

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Just the right amount of length i needed8/28/2020 6:31:13 PM

Pros: Black Braided Cables

Cons: Only if it had cable clips to hold the fan to the connectors , but this doesn't minus an egg cause the price is right for what it is.

Overall Review: Seems well made , only used it on 2 fans and works as intended. Cable length was enough to route everything behind back panel underneath motherboard so that's a plus!

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Easy Install, Instructions were decent , Overall B+8/27/2020 6:11:39 PM

Pros: ASrock Polychrome Compatible No Lettering or Logo being displayed is a + for me Radiator Design is Solid - Fitment was not an issue Fans are decent Came with hardware for Intel and AM4 - No pieces were missing Overall quieter than my previous setup which was all Corsair ML fans 10 degrees Cooler than the stock AMD Wraith Prism (*) Came with all the necessary PWM fan splitters/Clips Cabling was long enough to route Well packaged Comes with Thermal Paste, yes i used it instead of Arctic Silver (Gasp) (* Results will vary depending on Push/Pull Configuration, Case Location, and other fan setups, you may be able to squeeze more out of it , My Case is not in a very breathable location right now, which is why I opted for water cooling) CPU - Ryzen 7 2700X

Cons: One of the inner threads where you mount the radiator itself to your case , was not threaded properly from the manufacturer, so be careful when mounting don't force anything that isn't smoothly screwing down. Luckily i didn't continue screwing it down but instead backed it all the way back out and re-seated the screw for it and it went fine.

Overall Review: This is actually a good product so far. It really depends on how long its going to last before failing, which all things do. If it lasts a couple years I'll be happy with what i paid for it, and no hard feelings , but if it dies in 6 months to a year I'm not going to recommend it to my friends. For now though I do recommend getting it if you need it, its a really good price for what your getting in return. Setup was a breeze and it has basic setup instructions for Intel and AMD, comes with thermal grease, also compatible with ASrock Polychrome Sync.

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BattleTech4/11/2020 12:53:34 PM

Pros: -On Sale -Multiplayer

Cons: -No Co-OP main game

Overall Review: Game is decent , to play with a friend . i will be playing it over the years as a side game. The price was great , was on sale.

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Hoops, with more hoops3/25/2020 7:39:36 PM

Pros: -Free Xbox Pass for 3 months..

Cons: -So many hoops and red tape to jump through , one might think the promotion is not worth redeeming

Overall Review: Overall i did get the Xbox Game Pass for 3 months, took AMD About a week to get it to me, so if your patient and can wait by all means. Make sure you have your Receipt For both, AMD product you bought and The Game Pass Code they sent to you in the email, they will want both.

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Very good Buy and Well worth the Money Spent!!!3/25/2020 7:36:00 PM

Pros: -8 Core (16 Thrreads) -Comes with its own wraith RGB cooler with thermal pad -Instructions are clear -Easy installation -Power Horse

Cons: -Runs a little on the hot side (normal) -Temperature Sensors are kind of weird

Overall Review: This processor is a power horse. For the price you cant lose and it will last a good while. Was a little concerned about temps but realized most of the programs were reading from the wrong sensor to begin with, make sure to use AMD Ryzen Master software to look at actual temps, it is overclocking software but you don't have to overclock anything it has just a view mode which is the initial start screen. Another note for CPU Fan, Case fans make sure to use Tctrl as your sensor and not CPU , CPU is the overall socket itself and Tctrl would be your actual temp of your cores if I'm not mistaken. If you don't use Ryzen Master , keep in mind if it seems like its running hot its because most other programs add +10 degrees because they are reading from the CPU Socket sensor. Dont forget to set your fan curves based on TCtrl as well.

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Nice and easy Setup3/25/2020 7:24:50 PM

Pros: Well Packaged Easy to Install (Well any fan pretty much is) Works with ASROCK B450 PRO4 PWM (On board Fan control) Medium Fan Level Noise

Cons: none atm

Overall Review: These fans are very well packaged , was quite surprised. Installation was a breeze it has Rotation arrows and airflow direction arrows on them on one side. Works with PWM onboard fan controller for Different fan Curves . Fan noise is medium when they ramp up , just make sure you set the right fan curves to minimize noise vs heat , every case is different. Overall not bad , i just hope they last awhile!

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Great Memory!!3/25/2020 7:18:28 PM

Pros: Worked with no Issues ASROCK B450 PRO4 Motherboard Compatible Works with Pinnacle Ridge AMD CPU 2700X

Cons: non atm

Overall Review: Memory worked great in new system build with no issues or needing a bios update. Would Recommend , just make sure you do research on your processor + motherboard compatibility before getting any new memory.

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Awesome3/25/2020 7:15:02 PM

Pros: Perfect for my new AMD 2700X setup Speed as advertised Easy Installation into ASRock B450 PRO4 Motherboard (Automatically detected)

Cons: Non at this point

Overall Review: This was perfect for my new build without breaking the bank with the speed and storage. Would buy again.

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Great PC Case, Plenty of Room for everything.3/15/2020 8:03:08 AM

Pros: Plenty of room for all my components. Case is Nicer looking than the picture shown . Quality of the case is better than most , doesn't feel cheaply made or on thin side. Has Filters on Bottom , Bottom Front And Top of case that are magnetic cling .Wire management is great , so many options to run cable and hide them. Front face comes a part for cleaning etc.

Cons: No Reset Switch No HDD LED (I'm going to use the Power LED and see if that works instead) Only comes with one Exhaust Fan , no other fans or intake fans included (At least on mine it was optional)

Overall Review: I would buy this case again for another build. Just keep in mind you may need a couple 120mm Fans for air intake. If you can deal without a HDD LED or Power LED then its not a big deal. Overall its a Decent Case for the price

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Great for the Price.8/31/2019 11:30:50 PM

Pros: Easy Plug and Play For Windows 10 , if you still want the actual drivers (without using a disc) you can get them from the realtek USA website and just search for "RTL8811AU" in the search box. Overall this little USB dongle is light even with the attached antenna. Packaging is decent , the Install manual is straight forward , use the disc install the driver then plug in the device, just wish it had a link to the realtek website for those that don't actually have a cdrom in their pc. Hopefully this will last awhile , my previous one was a Rosewill with no external antenna and it lasted approx 3 years with no issues. Another note is the external antenna does give i slightly better signal than my old one. Have not tested 2.4 ghz this is all on 5ghz connection.

Cons: No URL Given to download driver as second option for install

Overall Review: Overall Simple install Good Range External Antenna Longevity ?Unknown? so far Will recommend and purchase again as long as the lifespan isn't too short :P

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Better than expected1/8/2017 9:32:42 PM

Pros: Dual Band Wireless Adapter Cost is good for what you get Size is also good Good for getting off over crowded 2.4 Ghz apartment living.

Cons: No Cons

Overall Review: Would Recommend to Other People I don't know how far the range will go with this adapter i'm only about 25 feet away from the Wireless AP , with 2 walls in between it, seems to work perfect on 5ghz. Have not tested the 2.4Ghz side of it yet. Bought this because i live in an apartment and everyone around me is using 2.4 GHz wireless and no matter what channel i was switching to it was still over crowded. My wireless modem is dual band and i noticed no one was using 5Ghz around me so i bought this and the difference is night and day. Works for what i needed it for.

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Nice Product , does what it says.10/26/2016 6:32:35 PM

Pros: Antenna is small enough you can hide it well and still have a functional antenna. Low Cost. Easy setup in minutes. Instructions were clear, not that you really need any.

Cons: None Yet

Overall Review: I actually like the product , small compact , easy to hide. Mounted it on the back of the actual HD TV and can't even see it. It's a lot smaller than i thought it would be was kinda skeptical that it would bring any channels in at all, but it works pretty good. Giving it 4 Eggs because the product is actually good in my opinion , which has nothing to do with shipping.. Felt a little deceived about shipping from California , when it was actually shipped from china, but there is nothing that can be done about that.

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Exactly what i needed10/26/2016 6:20:23 PM

Pros: Simple Easy to Install Works great for me where i was getting spotty signal issues.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Would recommend to others.

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Easy to Install1/16/2016 11:59:33 PM

Pros: Fit in my Rosewill Mini ATX Case nicely. Works with Windows 10

Cons: Using the software utility from the disc had some issues, un-installed it and installed driver only from CD to let windows manage it instead.

Overall Review: Had to replace Stock antenna with a better one , too much 2.4Ghz traffic in my area interfering with it (Apt Living), but that's not the manufacturers fault so does not count against them.

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Awesome11/28/2015 7:33:02 AM

Pros: Works great so far. Works in mini ATX case. Enough power and more for everything i needed to hook up. Mounted real easy. Screws were provided, and power cord.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: Although it does fit in the mini atx case, it is kinda hard to wire manage the length of the cables, still workable though, not going to count against it.

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Great for small spaces11/28/2015 7:25:08 AM

Pros: Great for small spaces. All case screws were provided(studs, motherboard screws, internal HD screws and Card screws). Really light compared to most cases.Comes with 2 fans, not that noisy at all. Over all not bad for the price you pay.

Cons: Case is kinda thin on the side panels. Should be fine unless u plan on kicking it around a lot.

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