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Mac OS Compatible USB32DVIPRO USB 3.0 to DVI / VGA External Video Card Multi Monitor Adapter - 2048x1152 - USB 3.0 Graphics Adapter M/F USB32DVIPRO USB 3.0 to DVI / VGA External Video Card Multi Monitor Adapter - 2048x1152 - USB 3.0 Graphics Adapter M/F

Pros: Supports OS X 10.8.2 with Alpha Driver, Multi-Monitor (Dual Display + Built-In LCD Display)

Cons: Occasional video flicker which is to be expected since the driver is still basically testing phases. May occasionally need to be unplugged then plugged back in to reset screen, again another driver issue.

Overall Review: While I've only had this product a few days, it did give the added ability to use my other monitor with my MacBook Pro (15 inch, Mid 2012 - 9,1). It allowed closed lid to just have the dual display or tri-display if I so choose. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked too. Dragging and dropping different windows to the other monitor worked as if it was part of the setup. I had Windows 7 (through Parallels 8) on the monitor through this setup and my Mac OS on my Built-In and Second Monitor all at the same time and didn't have any issues so far. It will not support the Quartz Graphics, so don't expect it to display the screen saver or support gaming. I will note it displays "Quartz Graphics" or something along those lines on the one monitor so images don't burn in to the screen. All in all, the setup functions well for my workstation. Coupled with a 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub for all my other devices, it replaces any need I had for a desktop when it came to software development. While a docking station would be nice, plugging in 3 cords (Power, USB Hub and USB to DVI Adapter) isn't all that bad. *I'll try to report back in a month or two on any/all updates.

Great collection, Bad Storage

Full House: The Complete Series
Full House: The Complete Series

Pros: Overall clever case storage (The top of the house comes off to allow you access to the DVD's)

Cons: Thin/flimsy dvd cases don't hold all the discs. Some of the popped out and moved around causing scratching on the surface, which in returned couldn't be read by even a Blu Ray player.

Overall Review: Seller said they'd provide replacements for the discs, but never heard back from them after I stated which discs were problematic.