Kind of terrible5/15/2021 12:27:38 AM

Pros: The RGB is nice. Works great with games that support Razer Chroma used with the open source Aurora application.

Cons: The keycaps are always falling off of it. Literally all you have to do is hold it upside down and keys start falling off. If you are a fast typist you will be popping keycaps constantly. After a while the switches start sticking down. I'm struggling to type this right now because my space bar keeps sticking.

Overall Review: Hot garbage. Avoid this keyboard. Corsair has many other quality products so this is a real disappointment. If you get a keyboard from them, read the reviews and make sure the keys don't fall off if you look at the thing the wrong way.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, Sorry to hear about your experience. Considering our keyboards carry a 2-year warranty, please get in touch with us - we'd be happy to help: -Albert
Problematic3/3/2019 2:32:02 PM

Pros: - Good tacking at high speeds

Cons: - Scroll wheel fails. - Garbage drivers refuse to see the mouse, forcing Windows to use a stock driver that doesn't let you use any of the features. - Accidental clicks are too easy.

Overall Review: I've owned two of these mice now and both times the scroll wheel simply stopped working. The first one failed early enough that I could RMA it through Newegg, but the second one failed in the same way. I probably will not be getting any more Razer products any time soon.

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Good budget board8/18/2012 12:25:14 AM

Pros: Good motherboard for the price. Sure gets the job done. Stick a Core i5 in this bad boy and watch your computer fly. Lots of PCIe slots without forgetting about legacy PCI.

Cons: With today's really fat video cards, the card takes up the space of 2 rear panel slots. While that's not exactly a problem with this board, it does cover up one of the PCIe x1 slots. The floppy drive connector is located at the bottom of the case so you have to stretch your cable ALL THE WAY down there. Same with the front panel audio jumpers, which is a strange design choice. Also, there doesn't seem to be an onboard speaker, no doubt they count on the ASRock sound chip to offload it into the desktop speakers. If you don't like this, make sure you have an extra speaker lying around.

Overall Review: Not really any major problems at all. We'll see how this board ages, but so far it's great. No reason to buy a $200 motherboard. A lesson learned though: DDR3 RAM slots are not backward compatible with DD2 sticks.

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This thing is FAST8/18/2012 12:07:29 AM

Pros: I've had this processor for a little while now, and it is without a doubt the fastest one I've ever used. Sure, it's no Core i7, but honestly I don't see myself needing one. It's incredible. In all my games I always load the maps before anyone else online does.

Cons: Absolutely none to speak of. Although, you might want to get some aftermarket thermal paste to go between the chip and the heatsink fan. I had some lying around.

Overall Review: Still can't play games in Dolphin emulator extraordinarily fast, but it's noticeably better than a Core 2.

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Friggin' sweet2/8/2011 11:42:17 PM

Pros: These cables are great. There's no reason to spend $40-$80 on an overpriced HDMI cable when these babies work just fine. I'm not seeing any problems. No low contrast, no noise. Just a nice crisp picture.

Cons: Absolutely nothing.

Overall Review: Other cables are only expensive because of retail markup. There may be a small difference in quality or durability, but in all reality it's not worth a 600% price markup.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Nice little card6/15/2010 5:39:18 PM

Pros: This card is pretty good. Just plug it in to your computer, boot it up and stick in the install CD. Install the stuff and you're ready to go. Maybe You had to reboot first, I don't remember. It's worked great since I got it. Webcam applications and the like recognize it, and you can stream from it over MSN messenger and probably Skype too. Even if you're capturing in 1080i, you can stream it, though it will be scaled down to suit the app. Included software is just fine, you can record and use it for everything or you can ignore it completely. I haven't noticed any jumpiness or quality degradation in the app.

Cons: It supports up to 1080i (including 720p and 480p), but not 1080p. It's earned a frowney face for that. :( You can't use any of the audio inputs outside of the included application, it isn't recognized as a sound device in the Windows control panel. Instead the app will only pass it through to the Wave if the app is running. App will only record into MP4 format. If you can change it, I haven't found the option.

Overall Review: My relevant specs: Windows XP Pro x86 Intel Core2 Duo e6600 @ 2.4GHz NVidia GeForce 8800GT 6GiB of RAM (which is wasted on this OS, I know)

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Good stuff11/24/2009 1:12:12 PM

Pros: It's just a standard wireless XBox 360 controller that comes with a USB receiver that works with Windows. This receiver works a lot like a real 360's controller system. For example, if you have it plugged into your computer, and also connect a controller via a play-and-charge cable to your computer, the controller will automatically connect to your computer. Of course the controller is also compatible with an actual 360, since it really is just a 360 controller.

Cons: Only thing I can think of is you can't use the guide button (the big X in the middle) for your own purposes. Also these things are very sturdy, but won't put up with constant abuse. Like any controller, if you get annoyed and throw your controllers around a lot, they WILL eventually break.

Overall Review: It would be nice if the receiver had a ring of lights indicating which controllers were connected (like the 360 does). No biggie.

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Good game!10/5/2009 5:03:30 PM

Pros: It's a good game, especially if you like the Beatles. Despite looking quite different, once you start playing it feels the same as either Rock Band.

Cons: None whatsoever.

Overall Review: Note that this is Software only, I've seen too many negative reviews on rhythm games because they didn't come with controllers. If you want to buy controllers with the game, make sure you get the bundle. But this game works with ANY preexisting Rock Band controllers and I'd imagine the Guitar Hero explorer or Les Paul guitars.

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