Great 2K Monitor for the Price5/30/2020 12:44:42 PM

Pros: - many display input options - quality color rendering - easy access menu

Cons: - a little "wobbly" for powering on/off

Overall Review: My second Dell 2K display; Using this one attached to a Raspberry PI 4 (dedicated for work). Works well with a standard micro-HDMI adapter, and has served well with my laptop and a thunderbolt/display port adapter. Switching between different inputs has been simple (as opposed to my older dell monitor, which is a bit more difficult). Color rendition and clarity are a plus.

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Nice performing drive4/26/2014 6:02:14 AM

Pros: Compact unit, performs well, USB interface surprisingly speedy - great flexible use, excellent construction

Cons: Dual-USB cable is a little awkward - probably a proprietary cable (I haven't looked to replace it).

Overall Review: overall - especially for the price - this well constructed unit performs as well as internal drives. I bought it so that I didn't have to have DVD units in all my computers (3). It's been a great buy

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Does the job quietly, but kinda huge11/2/2013 6:59:31 AM

Pros: Massive cooling power with low noise levels. While I'm not beating the daylights out of this workstation (yet) - the fans have been much quieter than any others I've had. Full functionality and installed relatively easily.

Cons: I wish their documentation was a little more thorough. Initially on reading the package I thought I'd mis-ordered for my "build your own". I got online to do the RMA - but fortunately looked at the questions area and noticed that the LGA1150 *is* supported (though not noted in the document and box). Checking on the vendor site confirmed this - but now I had to go back and take the motherboard out to remove the stock cooler and install this one.

Overall Review: While I've been working with computers for nearly 30 years, this was my first "build your own". More explicit (and bigger font, really) documentation would've been nicer.

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Solid Drive11/2/2013 6:51:31 AM

Pros: I've had 3 of the WD100xxxx family drives in operation for varying times - from over 4 years, some at 3 years, and recently purchased another for a system I built myself. A good price, reasonably performant - and (of course) vast amounts of space. I keep a close eye on them (pushing 3TB of data!) via the SMART functionality available on my system.

Cons: Though I've had DOAs from ALL disk manufacturers - I've bought about 5 of these - one was DOA and another starting showing issues after a year. Once they're burned in, though, they're workhorses. (Note that these death rates are slightly better than what I've had from some other manufacturers).

Overall Review: These aren't blindingly fast - I use them for standard home directory and media archives. In that role, they perform excellently.

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Solid cable5/4/2012 6:24:53 PM

Pros: An incredibly sturdy cable that puts your device manufacturer to shame. Solid, thick, and with great shielding that deals with the electrical noise from the computer system.

Cons: None really -- the reasonable price, and solid workmanship have made me happy.

Overall Review: I'm surprised at the chintzy cables you get with your devices -- after shelling out $300 for iPod, $500 for a samsung phone, then they bundle shabby cables - which wind up leading to heartburn as you deal with the EMI problems.

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Nice little piece of hardware5/4/2012 6:21:53 PM

Pros: I've had this a couple of weeks now -- and it's working great for me. The dual-ports and high amperage meet the needs of all my modern gear. Check the specs on what you're looking to power - I was hearing a 1.2A requirement for new iPads - but right now I'm working fine with a blackberry 9xxx series (750mA) and new android phones. I was aiming for the perfect "travel companion" to deal with hotel challenges (many of whom haven't realized that a LOT of outlets are needed by the business traveler). With dual USB, fold-up blades for the wall outlet, and the solid feel -- I think this is going to be with me for a while.

Cons: Though a little pricey, I think the build quality offsets this. It has a solid feel.

Overall Review: There is a real shortage of reasonable chargers, solidly built, with the fold-up blades for the wall outlet. Previously I'd been buying these in Japan, but am glad to find them (finally) available in the US.

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Great HW, Worst OS on Earth.3/21/2010 4:38:35 PM

Pros: The hardware in this system is very good, and a candidate for different operating systems to run on it (look up compatibility for your variant, to be sure). Dual radio support seems to work fine. For the hardware, it deserves 5 stars. Once I finally got it installed, I get wireless attachment at 300Mb/s (you need to look up some windows tricks on this, by the way), and coverage and throughput is very good (I live in a "concrete and re-bar" building).

Cons: Has the most horrible operating system I've ever seen. As a networking and systems professional, it took a bit of wireshark and a few hours to get this thing onto my network and routing. For the software/firmware in this thing, it warrants me tracking down the developer and slapping them. I've never seen such stupid approaches to a system.

Overall Review: Anticipate random stupidity from the firmware -- e.g. that it'll DHCP fetch it's address over the "internet" port only, and that even slight divergence from the installation instructions wreak havoc. Every save you do is painfully slow. Deleting parameters is nigh-impossible. Possibly the more advanced you are in your skills, the worse this will behave. It wants to be your one and only router to the internet, and takes some fine machinations to get around that. By the time I completed getting it on my network, I hated and pledged never to buy another NetGear again in my life.

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Nice Price, Great Goods5/23/2009 10:20:36 AM

Pros: Good price for nicely packaged memory.

Cons: Shoulda bought more (I could've upgraded two 1x1G DIMMS).

Overall Review: Arrived quickly, passed a full set of the memtest86 tests. Looks like good grounding, and heat dissapation. Works flawlessly -- now my VMs fly!

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Surprising failures7/27/2007 3:03:12 PM

Pros: Price

Cons: Multiple failures.

Overall Review: I'm surprised - I've used Kingston memory in "prior lives" as a standard memory. I've been going round-and-round with finding this particular set that actually works. A first set I got had pattern failures on anything that was on the high 1/2 of the chip, and, after a return/replacement with newegg (heaven bless 'em), the chip would fail any all-0's test. I've been using memtest86 as my test suite. Typically I've found Kingston to be quality, but this has really rubbed me the wrong way (I'm lucky in that the particular effected users are being patient about it). I can't count on my users being patient forever, and spending the extra few dollars for Crucial, which is the memory shipped with the systems. Two bad sets in a row is something I can ill-afford to live with. Kingston let me down.

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