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Better than Reviewers Believe12/31/2010 1:00:49 PM

Pros: - Contains all the up-to-date components you need. Plenty of all those great features. Trust me, the POST decoder that comes with this is one of the best features ever. - It just works, right out of the box.

Cons: - Space is a little cramped for shoving a HSF in for the CPU. Not that big of a deal if you know what you're doing. No eggs subtracted because of the flawlessness of the board.

Overall Review: I had a little trouble installing my RAM, as the board failed to pass the POST. The POST-decoder on the board told me I had a RAM problem. Thanks, Intel. +1 for the motherboard, -1 for my skills.

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Great Card12/31/2010 12:56:41 PM

Pros: - Attractive; look at the tubing and the heatsink cover! The best-looking component in my setup. - Fast; This card does almost everything you want it to do. I say "almost," since in Nvidia's Supersled program, the physics are a little wonky. (physics calculation is moving the objects at a minimum of 10 fps in a 28 fps environment) That said, no eggs subtracted since the program is gpu only, and the performance is the worst I can expect. - Cool and quiet; no overheating or noise issues here.

Cons: - None

Overall Review: If you're hesitant about buying this card because it's a Sparkle and not EVGA or something, the only thing I can say is to stop being an idiot! You're looking at a quality video card here. I'm very pleased and impressed by it.

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Great RAM, great price12/31/2010 12:43:46 PM

Pros: - Fast; a huge improvement over my DDR2 RAM. - Attractive; who would love these two vibrant red pointy chips? People will know what you have stuck in your ports. - Stable; once I got in in fine, I have no problem with them

Cons: - Couldn't think of any.

Overall Review: Recommend to anyone with a compatible motherboard.

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Excellent PSU12/31/2010 12:40:29 PM

Pros: - Wiring; plenty of cables, not too long or short, either. Comes with fasteners so you can manage the wires very easily. If you have the compatible parts (i.e. not using the old IDE HDDs) then you're going to be impressed. -Attractive; somewhat shiny black, with a coppor trim. Simple, elegant. -Quiet; the fan on this is extraordinary. Worried about noise? Don't be. -Excellent wattage; No more will you have to worry about your PSU not living up to specs; this thing does what it says on the tin. -Stable. This thing will be running after the nuclear apocalypse. I don't see myself ever having to worry about this breaking down. It's a Corsair, after all. Not surprising.

Cons: - It doesn't power my home.

Overall Review: An absolutely excellent, attractive, stable PSU. Coming from Corsair, though, this shouldn't be surprising in the least. If you want a 750w power supply, I would suggest no other.

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Decent HSF12/31/2010 12:34:42 PM

Pros: - Extremely quiet. Seriously, at full speed, I could barely hear this over my other fans at idle. The tiny bit you can hear is not at all whiny, either. It just sounds cool. -Very small. Don't do any calculations on whether or not this will fit; it WILL fit. You might be pushing it on the lateral side, but in the case of the height, don't bother worrying. -Installation was a breeze. Don't worry about those stupid push n' twist connectors, this has Phillips-head screws. - Cheap, attractive, excellent bright LED's. Oh, and it's REALLY QUIET.

Cons: - Cooling isn't that great. If you're using the i7 builds, look elsewhere, even using stock speeds. This wasn't really built for the i3/i5/i7 line, as temperatures are far too high for stability on my i7 875k at 2.93 Ghz. I knew this beforehand, though. This should be expected for < $40.

Overall Review: A quality HSF at a great deal, though it doesn't run as smoothly as other HSF's. Still, at this price tag, it outperforms.

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