Fast!7/8/2012 7:57:18 PM

Pros: -Windows boots in around 5 seconds. I love how it doesn't even wait for it to finish the animation. I did a clean install of Windows OEM version though, so it may be slightly slower if installed by other means. But it doesn't get faster than this.

Cons: None as of yet.

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Cool, but not recommended for beginners7/8/2012 7:49:53 PM

Pros: -Looks awesome. -Small enough to bring to LAN parties or fit just about wherever you want. -More than enough drive bays. -Almost entirely metal; quite solidly built. -Plenty of space for extra case fans, which you will want at least one of, if not more. -Great airflow. -Did I say it looks cool?

Cons: -It's quite small, especially on the width end. Some coolers and possibly graphics cards will not fit, so check on that before you buy all your parts. -There is no cable management system, so think about the way you're gonna plug stuff in or else it will be a real b****. -Some covers for drive bays or graphics card outlets(sorry I don't know all my terms) will only come off once and never fit back on, so make sure you're removing the right parts. It's not a huge deal if you mess up though, trust me. -It's difficult to screw in the motherboard because part of the case prevents you from screwing in the motherboard head on. In other words you need to screw at an angle. It can still be done though, if you're patient. -Only comes with one fan. I'd recommend buying at least one more and putting it at the bottom-front of the case for good airflow. -No 2.5" to 3.5" adapters. Get one if you have an SSD.

Overall Review: I was a first time builder looking to stick it to all those intel fanboys. Now sure, once you have everything together it's an awesome case. Just make sure if you're considering buying it that you can accommodate its peculiarities. Most of the cons I listed are only barely cons. They're more just building tips. The lack of a cable management system has not seemed to hurt my airflow or temps. Despite the occasional hiccups in the building process, I don't regret buying this at all.

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