An Outright Amazing Case12/2/2015 4:08:50 AM

Pros: Frame is all steel construction Unique shape and coloring (especially with the orange LEDs) Plenty of grommets for cabling and watercooling Fan Control Size and Efficiently Used Dust Filters

Cons: -Back area is too shallow -Airflow is mediocre at best -Awkward Side panel removal/propping -Sensitive P/R buttons -Lack of Side Window (personal preference)

Overall Review: Where to begin? To start off, I purchased mine on 28/10/2011, yes, I have now owned it for well over 4 years. I've transitioned builds about 3 times in this, and it's ready for it's fourth as I move onto a different case for my gaming rig, putting this as a more media oriented use. This case has followed me for dozens of LAN parties, get togethers with friends, and a good amount more. What's even more so, I purchased one for my fiance so that we would match, and the situation is the same there as well. (Her's has also lasted for 4 years since 1/11/2015) After 4 years the front audio ports have remind perfectly intact, along with the USB ports entirely. It has stayed amazingly clean with only 2 deep scrubs needed over the last 4 years, and dust is rather easier to clean in this than many others, at least from my experience. This case is big, and it can be a tad bit overwhelming, so if you really need the size, this is amazing. As many have previously said, the back area for cabling is ridiculously shallow, leaving no room for errors on the side of cable management. The HDD and SSD mounting area suffer from this drastically, as daisy chaining off a single power line causes the loop to push harshly against the panel; you need some muscle to make it fit in right if the drives are stacked rather than displaced. Which you don't get an option of displacing a bit if you have more than enough dives. Another limit I had was a slight difficulty of getting SATA and power cables to my optical drives, as there isn't a great, non-visible way to get into that area. Finally, Airflow...certainly wasn't its focal point. Between the 3.5 drive bays blocking the front 140mm fan rather well, an awkward placement of the bottom 120mm fans on the left side panel, and the massive 200mm fan, they just don't create a fluid inhale-exhale system. It's not terrible, but it certainly has plenty of superiors to it on that front. Even if you take the internal side fans off, the mesh panel also restricts the proper flow of pressure. Which also as of late, I've been more desiring of a side window than not. Nothing I listed of a con or a negative I felt deserved to remove a star. After 4 years and this case still looks, and runs fantastic, I can't argue against that quality for longevity.

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Exceptional product and service9/30/2014 6:09:02 PM

Pros: Straight out, this was an incredible price to get a 2k monitor for a setup, but that was just the start of things. Most complaints were of dead pixels, I did not receive such issue. Plus, the colors are still quite beautiful, without any issues of Photoshop and color corrections, it's been easy to game with, edit on, and sit back and enjoy a good movie on. As for overclocking, it is quite simple to deal with, but don't expect to get much without either doing single monitor, or a massive graphics system; multi-monitors take a lot more toll than you might expect, expecially when you're trying to push the limits of the overclock.

Cons: The only issue I can personally say from my experience, is the power adapter, with it being an asian product, you do have to attach for our standard two prong port, and it's not the most snug insert, but as long as its not in the wall (like a power surge which any monitor should be in to help prevent damage to a screen anyway) it's a small issue, nothing worth taking an egg off.

Overall Review: Shipping, it came in a day early, so that was a great surprise, plus it's got a great trim to it, just a little fat at the bottom part, but still fantastic. If you're looking for a great 2k monitor, this really is your best choice.

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Amazing Card all around3/23/2011 11:01:38 PM

Pros: This card literally gave me everything I had hoped for out of this, for how much it cost. Right out of the box installed it, no BIOS update needed, plugged the driver software in, and within minutes had it up to speed. Played WoW at Ultra setting for 6 hours for raid, never dropped FPS from 60, and never saw this thing once over 55 degrees Celcius. Then tried MoH, popping someones head off never looked so nice till this card. Still below 60 degrees at all times. upgraded from a 4770 XFX, there was no reason to compare how much better it was, it just blew me away since then.

Cons: The only problem I had and not worth to drop an Egg, it had a minor clicking problem from the heatsink fan, my guess it must have been knicked a slight from its exact location and made it slightly noticable, however, simply solved it be upgrading to a Accelero Extreme graphics cooler, and once again, a silent killer graphics card.

Overall Review: I can't wait to set aside another few bucks to get a second and crossfire this card and never have to worry about anything, other than fire again :P If you're looking for a good card for 200$ or so. Definately worth every penny in my book.

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Great Fans all around1/12/2011 11:31:49 PM

Pros: I bought these to help clear out some of the clunky stock case fans that came with my Antec 902, and I could not be happier with this pick. Very quiet, can feel the flow of air, regardless of direction, orientation, or position, made a huge difference over every other fan I have tried. I bought 4 of them, 2 of which cover the front of the case, and the other 2, onto my Corsair H50 cooler. Made a huge difference (2-3degrees at full load) than any other fan I've tried with it.

Cons: Minor high pitch noise, but not barely noticeable.

Overall Review: Would gladly recommend this to anyone looking for a great fan, with a good cost.

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