A Dang Nice12/3/2011 6:14:20 AM

Pros: I bought this to add storage to my HP EX-470 MediaSmart Server. It's a nice looking case, and it works perfectly with my MSS. It's small, and it does what it's suppose to. I also like the fact that the power supply is in the box and not supplied with a wall-wart.

Cons: Blue LED fan is annoying, and the case was hard to get apart for the first time. I'm still giving the unit 5 eggs because it's well-built and I got it on sale for 69.99 / free ship.

Overall Review: Sans Digital: almost EVERYONE seems to hate the Blue LED fan light including me. You have a good product that does not need the *bling*. You should quit equipping these units with that annoying fan!

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D90 is AWESOME4/15/2010 8:22:41 PM

Pros: I got tired of point and shoot cameras that took bad pictures and the batteries were always dead. The D90 gets rid of all of that frustration. The D90 is my first DSLR, and it takes wonderful pictures everytime. It's battery lasts a really long time, and it's always ready to go. Turn it on and shoot! It's on instantly, no boootup, no waiting for the lens to pop out. There is absolutley no compairison between the D90 and a point and shoot camera. You will not regret buying this camera!!

Cons: What cons? No regrets here!!

Overall Review: It was fun tossing my P&S camera in the trash where is belongs!

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BluRay for the masses!12/4/2009 3:42:33 AM

Pros: It just works, and the price was right with free shipping from the Egg.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I was looking to add BluRay to my HTPC, and buying this drive and doing an upgrade made sense to me as opposed to buying a stand-alone player and adding yet another device under the TV. This drive was about 1/2" longer than my old DVD drive, which I thought was going to be a problem at first. Ended up fitting in my HTPC just fine. I guess the included software is a con for some, but I already had Power DVD 9.0 Ultra, so I did not need the software. If you're looking to add BluRay to a PC on the cheap, this is your drive right here.

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Great for WHS!!8/24/2009 6:41:42 PM

Pros: Runs cool and quiet, 10-15 degrees cooler than my Segate drives. I have two of these in my MediaSmart Server now, and they run without a hitch! I'm very pleased with this product.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: 84.99 + Free shipping is tough to beat. NewEgg Rocks!

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