Seems nice4/29/2016 5:26:17 PM

Pros: Looks pretty good. runs almost all my games on ultra @ 1080 at or above 60 fps

Cons: has a strange smell to it almost like its burning idles at 53c gets really load at full load buzzing sound just like the asus r9 380 strix i just returned takes two 6 prong connectors

Overall Review: Not to sure if the buzzing sound is because of my PSU so i ordered a new one. AMD really stuffed the pooch on their game redeeming method. I cant even get through their invasive PC authentication program to redeem the game so that really sucks.

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Big, Sleek, Noisy4/27/2016 5:11:44 PM

Pros: I went out on a whim and bought this card because of the rebate and sale price. It has replaced a 2gb 7850 card and i can say I dont really notice any difference in preformance

Cons: My biggest grip with this card is for some reason (not sure if its just mine) it is buzzing/whining. also the box that it came in was not sealed. and the anti static bag it was placed in had a tear in it. It makes me think they sent me a used card or a refurb when i clearly payed for a new card. The card cries/whines at me right at start up, idling it whines. oddly enough when i launch a game the whining stops.

Overall Review: From right now I would not reccomend this card. you can get the sapphire 390x nitro for 15 dollars more right now I like the way this card looks I just cant stand the whining. I will more than likely return this

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Kurt, Hello, I would like to thank you for taking your time in writing this review. We certainly value your feedback. It is unfortunate that you are experiencing whining/buzzing noise with your card. Is this with the fans off? There's a chance that it is coil whine. Can you record a video of the noise and send it to me? Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact me at and I will help you to the best of my abilities. I'm here to assist our customers with our products and dedicated in bringing a resolution to all issues that they may come across. Your case for reference is #N160485764 Thanks for choosing ASUS Regards, Justin ASUS Customer Loyalty
Takes a bit of work but...10/16/2014 12:17:05 AM

Pros: Temps idle at 23c When its all set up and configured properly actually quite nice! Good price and does a good job

Cons: Came without 4 washers for the fans. I ended up not using them and just using the screws. The fans were so loud at first. Cosair Link didnt work at first. Temps were high at first.

Overall Review: Ok so if you are reading this you might have had the same problems as me. I had to change what usb header I had hydro plugged into and it finally popped up in the link software. but the fans werent showing and were so loud! it sounded like a airplane going down a runway! Well while my computer was on and with LINK software running i unplugged the fans and plugged them back in. BAM they popped up and i quickly put them into quiet mode. now i can actually hear my games and music (Imagine that) NOTE!!! the fan plugs may look like female heads but this is not the case they simply have a shield on them to protect the pins from being bent! Second note the easiest way to install the key like holders for amd mounting is to screw the nuts onto them and basically put the whole mounting block together before putting it on the cpu this allows you to easily slip the keys onto the basic amd mounting surface. Another note. IF for some reason your temps are high try switching the fans around. I have a HF XM case with about 6 fans in it. I thought itd be fine to run this RAD as exhaust since i had to put it in the rear fan slot. WRONG. even after reading many people said it wouldnt really matter well i will tell you it does. this baby dropped 10 C when i switched it back to intake. Also! make sure you tighten the nuts down nice and tight so the mounting block makes full contact on your CPU.

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Great low profile ram5/20/2013 7:25:36 PM

Pros: Great ram red matches my color scheme. comes 1333mhz stock. like others say go into your bios to manually change to 1866. The low profile is nice. especially with my huge heatsink.

Cons: The enclosure on 2 of my sticks have fallen apart. after awhile it seems they just split down the middle. The first one fell off randomly while my machine was on. landed inside my case made a ton of noise. despite what people say for some reason i cannot get my motherboard to reconize these sticks at 1866mhz. I have 16gbs of this ram and am forced to use it at 1333mhz. I have a asus sabertooth 990fx board.

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Great fan5/20/2013 7:21:16 PM

Pros: Great fan. Super fast. pushes ALOT of a air. bright red led light. the actual blades on this fan are very well crafted. they spin so fast they actually become sharp. i knicked my thumb on one in my case one time and it sliced it open.

Cons: 3 pin connector not a 4 pin. cannot plug into my motherboard, well i can but they will be cranked to full speed. not worth taking a egg off. just thought readers should know.

Overall Review: These are great. I have 3 right now. one on my rear exhaust. and two on my hyper plus evo heatsink. i wish they made a 140mm and a 200mm sickleflow I would buy them in a heart beat

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Great cheao cat 65/20/2013 7:18:45 PM

Pros: Exactly what it says it is. a cat 6 cable with a thick rubber shielding. 30 ft.

Cons: The rubber shroud at the end of both sides. is so dang hard to push in to release the cable from computer/routers/modems. I had to cut it off.

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You get what you pay for5/20/2013 1:23:12 PM

Pros: Its a working cd drive, that can burn cds, dvds aswell as play them.

Cons: Pretty Dang noisy. this thing makes more noise than my 5 computer fans.(only when a disc is in it.) It isnt all that fast. although some of the other reviews will say otherwise. Last but not least. the E-green or ehammer software that comes with it DOES NOT WORK for this model! why the hell would you waste money on burning this disc and sending them with this drive if it doesnt even support it!

Overall Review: My final score. 3/5 eggs. Its not a bad drive, IF you want something basic. Hense my title "You get what you pay for" I will more than likely get another drive through ASUS because I have their sabertooth board and i love it to death. But i will be getting a faster. quieter drive.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Kurt, I’m sorry if the programs that came with your optical drive are not working. Perhaps the disc may be defective. Please try again by downloading them here: Should you require further assistance, please reach out to me at and include ref#1072-11312 in the subject line. I will do my best to assess, diagnose and resolve your concerns. ASUS Customer Loyalty is here to listen and to respond to our customers' needs and to help provide you with a positive ASUS experience. Sincerely, Celeste ASUS Customer Loyalty
Great board, dissapointing software9/15/2012 10:26:06 AM

Pros: Great board I love it. Lots of room and blazing fast.

Cons: I cannot install any of the software that came with this. and the only thing I really wanted was the usb 3.0 turbo. I mean come on thats really the only reason why people want usb 3.0

Overall Review: I dont know if it was just me. but no matter how many times i try to install it. either it be the disc it came with or the download off the asus site . it always fails to install.

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Fast!7/18/2012 10:57:44 PM

Pros: This drive is nice. Its everything i wanted. 64 mb cache . 7200 rpm. fantastic. good price too!

Cons: For some reason this thing is gurgling at me. like a hard drive that is full and fragmented would. Im worried it might be a bad unit but im using as i type

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Great But...6/17/2011 12:05:12 PM

Pros: Great headset, Sound is amazing and they are suprisinly comfy for being so small. the mic is great in ventrillo and teamspeak.

Cons: The usb wireless card is so big, Im on a macbook pro 13 inch. and i can either have my mouse in, or my head set in. grabbing a usb extender today to fix that issue

Overall Review: Make the usb wireless card small

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