Died after 5 weeks1/19/2015 11:33:47 AM

Pros: Good performance while it worked

Cons: Card only lasted 5 weeks. I'm doing the RMA right now.

Overall Review: I'll update this review after the RMA process.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, If you have any questions or concerns regarding the product, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at usreview@msi.com and we will be more than happy to assist you, thank you. Best Regards, MSI Review Team | usreview@msi.com
Nice3/17/2014 9:49:58 PM

Pros: Sleek design, compact and really quiet even when using AHCI (Thanks to the latest ROM). Comes with Intelligent Provisioning for easy configuration, deployment and maintenance and iLO4 Management Processor that can be accessed from a dedicated NIC port or by sharing the server's NIC#1.

Cons: The Embedded B120i controller is a half baked Smart Array controller.

Overall Review: You don't need to buy HP Smart Memory or HP Hard Drives. Mine is running fine with 16Gb Kingston's ECC (p/n KTH-PL316E/8G) and 4 Western Digital Red NAS hard drives.

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Updating my 6/26/2013 review11/25/2013 7:40:28 AM

Pros: Fast when it is not crashing my system.

Cons: My problems started around 2 months ago while playing F1 2012 at stock speed (1050 GPU/1500 Memory), Now, I cannot play Battlefield 4 for more than 1 hour without getting the infamous Grey/Black screen crash and the sound looping. I've tried everything. Several AMD drivers versions and I even bought a 1200W Gold Power Supply to rule out my old 850W Bronze power supply. The only thing that seems to help is to reduce the video card memory frequency from 1500 to 1450. So, it appears the memory on this video card has developed problems.

Overall Review: I didn't get the extended warranty so, I'm going to have to RMA this card directly to Sapphire. Problem is that I don't have a replacement card for the weeks it is going to take the RMA to get processed.

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Beautiful Full Tower Case5/7/2013 11:50:05 AM

Pros: Best case I've bought so far. This beauty is huge and heavy. Comes with 3 x 140mm fans, I had no problems installing my Seidon 240M Water Cooler on it and it has plenty of room for an even larger radiator.

Cons: Two issues but, not enough to remove 1 egg. - Audio ports on top panel are either mislabeled or were wired incorrectly because, my Headset wasn't working until I decided to plug the Headphone jack to the MIC port and the MIC to the Headphone port. - I wish the Fan Control switch was easier to access. It is hidden behind the case door. How about a knob to control fan speed on the front panel instead of a switch for the next R3?

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Gigabyte for the win4/24/2013 12:23:34 PM

Pros: This is my second GA-990FXA-UD3. I bought the first 18 months ago, it was a Rev 1.1 board and it is now on my kid's PC with my old FX-8120. This new one is a Rev 3.0 and it has a FX-8350 running stable at 4.5Ghz with a Seidon 240M water cooler and 16Gb RipJaws DDR3 (2x8Gb) at 1866 using XMP profile 1. I know I could push the processor higher, if I increase the voltage but, I would rather sacrifice some performance and have a quiet system in my home office.

Cons: None so far.

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Great Purchase4/24/2013 12:14:01 PM

Pros: Keeps my AMD FX-8350 @4.5Ghz processor below 25ºC during idle and below 50ºC during gaming. I connected both Seidon FANs to the CPU FAN header on my GA-990FXA mobo and the Seidon Water Pump to SYSFAN1 header. On the BIOS, they are both set for manual fan control with 0.75/ºC for the CPU FAN and 2.5/ºC for the SYSFAN1 (water pump).

Cons: Fans are a bit noisy at 1500RPM

Overall Review: Check if your Case has enough room for the radiator before buying this water cooler. I didn't look closer to realize that my Cougar Evolution case didn't have enough room for both the radiator and fans. I ended up installing the fans on the top of the case and modding the case top cover. NewEgg free shipping is a hit or miss. I ordered a mobo proc and heatsink with free shipping the day before I ordered this water cooler and they arrived on second business day with UPS. This cooler on the other hand was shipped from the same warehouse but via FedEx and arrived a week later.

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HP Envy dv7t-72001/25/2013 10:45:19 AM

Pros: Works great in my brand new HP Envy dv7t-7200 Quad Core edition.

Cons: None

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Card made me buy a new RIG11/28/2011 2:04:57 PM

Pros: I was looking to buy a second 6950 2Gb to do xFire and finally be able to play BF3 at 1080p with Ultra settings when I saw the awesome $299.99 deal last Friday. I should receive it later this week.

Cons: I wish I knew more about this card when I pulled the trigger. Card made me spend another $800 at NewEgg in hardware when I realized that it was so freaking long that it wouldn't fit in my old case and my old 700W Power Supply wasn't going to cut it. While adding these stuff to the cart, I said to myself "what the hell" and I decided to build me a new RIG instead. Good job NewEgg ;-) Also, I wish this card came with a little bit more RAM onboard. See other thoughts below.

Overall Review: After reading few reviews about the 5970 and reading the actual experiences from other people playing BF3 with this card, I learned that the 2Gb onboard means only 1Gb per GPU due to its CrossFire setup. In case you didn't know, 1Gb per GPU isn't enough RAM to play BF3 at Ultra settings. The workaround is to lower Textures settings in BF3 from Ultra to High and you would tell the difference in game.

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