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10/28/2010 11:30:48 PM

Pros: Decent video intros for each mission on campaign mode. Sound is also good. It has extra game (MOH frontline hd.)

Cons: Graphics has up and downs. Not a lot of detail seen in water, lighting or far distant background! Sometimes you get lost easily on what is the next task.

Overall Review: It is ok but i was expecting more on high graphics. What you see on Game trailers are only videos and are not game footages

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affordable!!!4/11/2009 8:31:25 PM

Pros: Low price, tons of space!

Cons: none!

Overall Review: it works fine!!

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Powerful PSU!!!10/28/2008 5:47:51 PM

Pros: This has a lot of connection options. Two 8 pin to 6 pin power connectors (in case you want to use anything from gtx 260 down or if you want to use from 9800gx2 and up! It is way smaller than the Corsair HDX1000 and a lot cheaper PFC feature 4 rails of 12v +!

Cons: Too many cables but they can be bundled!

Overall Review: I have a Gateway FX 5040XG with Intel Extreme qx6850 4gb pc 6400 2 optical drives, 2x 500 gb in raid o. 2 12mm fans 680i lt motheboard and upgraded to 2 gtx 260's!

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I like it!3/3/2008 12:57:14 PM

Pros: Nice CPU speed - C2D -2ghz -,3gb Memory,250gb x 2 HDD,Bluray ROM and tv tuner. Video card delivers a better performance than what i thought.Speakers are very loud as well.Not a whole lot of junkware installed. As of 3/01/08. The index score of this laptop given by Windows Vista is 4.8

Cons: LCD screen resolution is only 1400x900. I would've loved 1600x1050 resolution at least.Video card can not perform at the highest settings for the newest games.When I play videogames on it, it is not quiet but not very loud either

Overall Review: Video card performance clarification. I was able to play at mid high settings with COD 4 just fine - If i played it at high settings it slowed down a bit but CRYSIS could only perform at the lowest setting. I also have Rainbow Six Vegas and Battlefield 2 and it plays nice (mid high settings). Overall, i love this computer because it has the whole package.I wanted a DVR (tv tuner)- i have it, i wanted a to watch HD movies - i can. I wanted to play viedeogames - i can;plus i have a lot of storage for my videos,music and personal files.You can not beat this price either. I checked for prices and features and this is the cheapest you can find. I also have a HP desktop that i bought fall 07 and it hasn't given me any problem. They are reliable.

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