NICE MACHINE...SO FAR9/16/2009 9:45:01 PM

Pros: I love these little things, ever since i bought the 1005HE for my wife i was a little jealous. Well i got it and immediately put the Crucial 2GB ram in it and installed Windows 7/Office 07 and I'm perfectly content with how this thing runs. Very smooth, decent webcam, speakers are just ok, trackpad works fine, very aesthetically appetizing netbook.

Cons: I thought my power adapter failed after the first plug in, apparently it has a tendency to overheat/ thermal circuit trips when plugged in to wall but not computer. Works if you leave it unplugged for few mins then try again. Would be nice if the HD's were 7200 rpm but still pretty quick little machine regardless

Overall Review: Would highly recommend with Windows 7 for someone on the road, plenty of storage place for media and stuff!

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Good Value9/24/2008 6:05:24 AM

Pros: This card works like a champ, tried one a time and then 2 in SLI mode and all i can say is wow, cant slow this thing down...yet.

Cons: none yet

Overall Review: cant wait to try 3 way SLI with these Specs: Apevia X Jupiter case, AMD 9950BE CPU, ASRock 780aSLIx-WiFi mobo, 8GB Kinsgton Hyperx 1066, 2 Raptor 150GB Raid 0+1, 2 XFX 9600GT SLI'd, Coolmax 950w PSU, CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Heatsink

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LOADED!9/24/2008 6:01:51 AM

Pros: This board has it all for me. Even nice to have WiFi...really don't see myself using it, but having the antenna on the top looks kinda cool to me and nice to have if i need it someday. This board is tailored for gaming, the layout was decent and easy to install once i figured what order i need to put things in. The software was useful in combination with the nvidia downloaded software.

Cons: I had to buy a longer floppy cable just to reach from mobo to front of the case( i know floppys are like 1970's era) just to install my Os with Raid drivers. Could have put Floppy and IDE's where they normally go on the front side of mobo for ease of reaching and neatness. Same with USB and HD audio headers, my cables barely reach, so no neat arrangment of cables. the blame could also be on the case as well but i digest. This is my first real performance machine, but after reading the manual several times, when running in non-raid modes for SATA ports, 2 of the ports wont work, so port limited if you have SATA optical drives as well.

Overall Review: Great board all around! I like the features and capabilities. SLI runs perfectly as well as raid modes. Specs: Apevia X Jupiter case, AMD 9950BE CPU, ASRock 780aSLIx-WiFi mobo, 8GB Kinsgton Hyperx 1066, 2 Raptor 150GB Raid 0+1, 2 FXF 9600GT SLI'd, Coolmax 950w PSU, CooleMaster Hyper 212 Heatsink

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THIS CASE IS A BEAST!9/24/2008 5:43:04 AM

Pros: This case can easily hold anything you can throw at it and then some. I like the side facing hard drive racks for easy removal of HDDs, the Temp LCD on front with the Fan controller (although i still dont think i have it working correctly, the directions are kinda vague). Not all the fans are LED lit, but this thing is a blue monster as it is, the front logo LED and the huge 250mm fan LED are enough to make your presence at a LAN party known. All in all this is one case with all the new funcitonal goodies, this is one great case for your new performance machine!

Cons: Few minor issues...I'm using this as an AMD/SLI platform for gaming, so i bought the huge CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Heatsink, and when i first put it together on the ASRock motherboard, the top of the sink was making contact with the huge side panel fan, so i ended up filing some of the copper tubing ends down so they wouldnt make contact. Also, the huge 250mm fan looks cool, but its more cosmetic, it just doesnt turn fast enough to really pull or push any more air in or out, the other case fans and the heatsink move a majority of it. The blowhole on the top doesnt come with a fan either, would be nice if it did to turn this thing into a wind tunnel.

Overall Review: Better instructions for hooking up the fans to the controllers, im pretty savvy but this took me a while to figure out. As a side note, my AMD 9950BE is running at about 35 degrees in heavy loads, probly as a result of heatsink and case together, but ive heard averages of 40-50. Specs: Apevia X-Jupiter case, AMD 9950BE CPU, ASRock 780aSLIx-WiFi MoBo, 8GB Kinston Hyper-X Mem, Coolermaster Hyper212 Heatsink, 4x Raptor HDD 150GB Raid-0+1, 2x XFX 9600GT/SLI Video, Vista Ultimate 64 Bit

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