This product was as advertised3/15/2021 3:39:10 AM

Pros: This product is nice and works well, it has much more precision than my old analog scale, you can calibrate it and it even has an app that sends some biometric data, like estimated fat vs muscle, hydration % and etc.

Cons: The only real cons I have for this product is that there is a warning not to have wet feet when stepping on it, I worry about a shock sometimes, and occasionally when stepping on and off the scale it tips if you stand close to the edge with one foot.

Overall Review: This was a good product especially for the sale price and as a precision replacement for my old analog scale which was off by 10 lbs. I never really had any other scale like this so I have no reference to compare it too.

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Product works but is a bit tricky2/5/2021 5:41:23 AM

Pros: This product is a very fast SSD and I use it to keep my games on with faster than HDD usage.

Cons: I have some trouble with this drive, if I mess with the drive inside of the desktop, I have trouble getting the desktop to pick it up when turned on, and often have to unplug and replug, make sure the cables are perfectly in place for it to work properly, where was my other similar samsung ssd has no issue and will run even if hanging from the sata cord, but normally either fastened with a bracket or velcro.

Overall Review: This product is good and I just wish it worked as well as my other Samsung SSD.

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Product is satisfactory2/5/2021 5:36:31 AM

Pros: Very large amount of space for games or files if you prefer to keep your games on an SSD You will have trouble filling this drive.

Cons: Not many cons for this product so far it works quite well.

Overall Review: This is a replacement for my old 1TB Seagate external which lasted for a ten years and worked quite well, we will see how long this one lasts, hopefully for a long time as I will be using it for data backup primarily. But this had a good price for the hardware and I had friends which had been recommending these WD_Black brand of externals.

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