Great Drive7/21/2011 10:25:00 AM

Pros: 1) Fast, even when used with USB 2.0 2) Large Storage 3) Good amount of storage for the price 4) Construction feels good 5) As with all USB, works with any computer/OS as long as you format it accordingly (I'm using it between Windows and Linux)

Cons: 1) Cap is losable and storing it on the back of the drive is mutually exclusive with keeping it on a lanyard/keychain 2) No USB 3.0 drives exist that are be as small as some of the 2.0 drives out there, but here's to the future. The drive is just a sliver too wide to prevent me from having two of the drives in adjacent USB ports on my laptop.

Overall Review: Best flash drive I've used so far. Worth it even if you only have USB 2.0 ports. This drive can write around the USB 2.0 limit, meaning that you can write about as fast as you can read when using USB 2.0. When you plug in to USB 3.0, the write speeds get a couple MiB/s faster, but read speeds nearly double. On USB 2.0 I was able to write a single 6GiB file at an average of 26MiB/s. Reading the file was just slightly faster at around 28MiB/s. On USB 3.0 the write speed for a smaller file - around 700MiB - was around 30MiB/s. USB 3.0 read speed was around 60MiB/s on the 6 GiB file. Only wish it were smaller. It's a similar overall size to a Corsair Voyager but narrower, especially around the center. The aluminum feels good. The cap... I just had to look and see if I still had it. It could be easily lost, and if you put it on the back of the drive it blocks the lanyard hole. Worth it for $50.

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