Why pay more?12/2/2010 3:48:11 PM

Pros: + $2.99 w/ free shipping + Works as well as any other HDMI cable I've seen

Cons: I like blue Jeeps

Overall Review: I purchased a couple of these last year for my Home Theater system and HTPC. Last week, I accidently pulled the end off of a cable (my fault). I thought I might be able to pick up a reasonably priced cable at wally world.. Um nope, but Newegg had me covered with fast shipping and a great price.

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Best Upgrade I've done in awhile12/1/2010 8:04:38 PM

Pros: + Price (Yep, I got it on Black Friday for $20 off) + Core clock speed + Possible unlock + Works in my 95w capped Mobo +Low temperature + Did I mention price?

Cons: yeah, ummm...

Overall Review: So, ordered it on Black Friday, and dropped it in today. I'm using it on a Biostar TA 770 A2+ motherboard with a Rosewill Z1 cooler. I've only upped the CPU to 3.3 and I have not unlocked the 4th core. My motherboard is only rated to 95 watts. So, this is about the best CPU I can safely drop in. It's running at 30C to 34C under load. My 5200+ ran at 56C under load.

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Works without any issues10/22/2010 12:19:09 PM

Pros: +Worked right out of the box +It was $20 +I'm saving $5 a month on my ISP bill (Time Warner)

Cons: Not really a con, I bought the extended coverage plan due to some negative reviews and it being a recertified product.

Overall Review: I haven't had any issues with this modem. I just provided the MAC address to the ISP and they keyed it in to their system. I did have to unplug my router to reset it during install. I'm using this with: Linksys WTR54G Router Vonage Phone box Time Warner Cable Company

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Works great!8/6/2010 7:23:18 AM

Pros: - Easy Install; Plug & Play install took less than 15 minutes. - Signal Reception; My router is on the first floor, and my computer is on the second floor. This card has always given me very good signal with 54mbps flow

Cons: - May be a Windows Vista thing, but it takes about 20 seconds to establish a connection. My netbook is a bit faster with Windows XP.

Overall Review: My computer: BioStar TA770 ATX MoBo AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200 CPU Corsair XMS2 4GB DDR2 800 RAM Sapphire Radeon 3870 Video Card Rosewill RX630 630 Watt power supply

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Nice little computer10/28/2009 10:19:59 AM

Pros: +Good Battery Life +Sturdy Construction +Not loaded with bloatware

Cons: -power supply cord failed after a week -RMA took a long time (two weeks) and didn't send the right parts

Overall Review: Overall, this has been a great little computer. My wife and I are always wanting to google something on the couch or in bed. This thing is highly portable for that purpose and for taking on the road. My only issue has been the AC power cord. I went through the troubleshooting procedures with the tech on the phone. He narrowed it down to the powersupply assembly (ok, obvious). So, they give me an RMA for the power supply. After two weeks, I get the power supply WITHOUT the AC power cord. Turns out, that's what is shorted out. Needless to say, I wasn't too happy. Due to the error, they did pay return shipping on the RMA and they did correct the problem. It just took some firm discussion with the tech support guy. To their credit, their phone support line response time was good. I never had to wait on hold longer than 5 minutes.

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Great Picture, Works as a TV6/1/2009 8:35:06 PM

Pros: +Great bang for the buck. Got it for $199 over Memorial Day Weekend. +Awesome picture quality with no dead pixels +Ordered on a holiday (Monday); got it on Wednesday.

Cons: -May just be my motherboard graphics (Biostar 790GX 128M Mobo) but the monitor will not come out of power saver mode. I'm using the HDMI connection from the onboard graphics (ATI HD3300). This wouldn't be the first glitch I've had with the HDMI signal from the MoBo.

Overall Review: I'm in the middle of moving. I convinced my wife this would be a great way to watch TV after our big LCD TV was shipped. It took less than two minutes to have this thing setup and running with my HTPC. The monitor is stylish enough for the living room, and the picture quality is outstanding.

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Worth the Effort5/22/2009 8:39:56 PM

Pros: +Digital and Analog tuners are equal to or better than what you will find in most HDTVs +Great integration with Windows Media Center +MCE Remote and IR Blaster are a must if you are using a cable box +Price for everything you get

Cons: -NO documentation. Not online, not ANYWHERE. -Takes about 4 hours to tweak and get everything setup in Windows Media Center. Did I mention no documentation? -Provided media application conflicts with WMC. Boy that documentation would have been great.

Overall Review: So, I've built computers before. But this is my first serious endeavor into making an HTPC. My only other TV card was a portable one in my laptop in Iraq. I did some research and found that this card got outstanding reviews on some sites. Bought it and Newegg had it to my house in 3 days as usual. I downloaded the latest drivers from AverMedia. I used the little test antenna for ATSC and I pulled in 6 digital channels! All with crystal clear reception. I hooked up the S-Video to my cable box and setup the IR blaster. This took some playing with and multiple passes in WMC. I finally did whatever magic dance was required and *POOF* I can now watch and record TV (on the fly or scheduled). This was SO worth the effort. System: CPU: AMD 5050 45W MB: Biostar 790GX 128M RAM: 4GB OCZ Reaper DDR800 HD: 500 GB Seagate OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit (w/TV Pack) Receiver:Samsung 1000w Home Theater system TV:Samsung 32" HDTV

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Solid HTPC Board or for Gaming1/10/2009 5:22:24 PM

Pros: +Crossfire Support +Great onboard graphics for HTPC +Easy Setup, BIOS options, manual, and Good Driver CD The board has everything I could want for an HTPC or o expand for gaming.

Cons: -Would not boot with an IDE hard drive -Lack of upto date driver support for HD3300 video I used a lot of parts from an old P4 system to build this. If I had my 40GB IDE, it would not even allow me to get to the BIOS screen. It accepted my IDE DVD drive just fine. I updated ATI Catalyst drivers to 8.11. However, CCC 8.11 does not have drivers for HD 3300 video :-( you will have this issue on any 790GX board.

Overall Review: Overall, I love this board. One odd thing is that my Samsun6 32" LCD TV has no problem with the HDMI. However, my Samsun6 HX70 receiver won't display the video. Also, somewhere there was a review that said hybrid X-fire worked great with an ATI 4830 video card. When I looked throughmy manual, I noticed that that is impossible. hybrid X-fire only works with 3450 or 3470 video cards.

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Great multimedia keyboard12/29/2008 7:05:33 PM

Pros: Great Range! Hasn't dropped a keystroke yet (I'm typing on it now) Easy install in XP

Cons: Large size (About 3/4 of a standard keyboard.

Overall Review: This is the second BTC wireless keyboard I purchased. The first one isn't offered here anymore. It was a great keyboard to try out my multimedia machine, but the range was only 4-6 feet. I purchased this one to replace it and be able to use it from our couch. The only thing I don't like is that the previous keyboard was smaller (Almost half the size). I'm running this on Microsoft XP 32-bit. I'll be upgrading to Vista 64-bit in a few days. I'll update if there are any problems.

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Great Supply11/23/2008 7:43:16 AM

Pros: Quiet Power Supply that has FOUR +12 Volt rails. The blue light goes with everything in my case

Cons: It wasn't free?

Overall Review: This is powering a midrange system with all kinds of room to spare. Athlon X2 +5200 65W BioStar TA770 Mobo 500GB WD HD 120GB WD HD LG DVD-RW Saphire 3870 Video Card

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Good product for the price11/22/2008 8:08:31 PM

Pros: Good joystick/mouse Fairly Solid (My 5 year old uses it for his video game) Easy setup

Cons: Range of about 4 ft.

Overall Review: As others have said, this thing has an effective range of 4-5 ft. Take that seriously. I bought this for an old PC that I resurrected for a HTPC. IT gets the job done at 4 ft. But you can't sit back on your couch and surf the web with it. The reason it is so handy is that it's easier to stow than a full sized keyboard and mouse. Bottomline, if you want to try out a mini-HTPC keyboard without breaking the bank, get this. If you can afford $70+ for an HTPC keyboard, buck up and get it. Using with: Intel P4 2.53 Abit Mobo 1GB DDR Ram Windows XP Pro Asus 3450 Video Card 37" Samsung HDTV

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Great RAM at a great price11/18/2008 3:24:19 PM

Pros: Solid RAM with good heat spreaders.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall Review: To the reviewer that said he isn't using VISTA and can't get all 4 GB of RAM to register. XP will not register 4 GB of RAM, you will need to upgrade to VISTA to get the full use of your RAM. I am using this RAM with a BIOSTAR TA770 Motherboard, AMD X2 5200+, and a Sapphire ATI 3870 Video Card, I've had nothing but rock solid performance.

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Solid and easy to use7/22/2007 10:57:46 AM

Pros: Solid construction, easy installation, plug and play recognition, and included cable make this a hard deal to beat.

Cons: Drive is only held in place by its pins. I add a 1/2" by 3" piece of cardboard from the box to better stablize the drive in the enclosure.

Overall Review: If you are upgrading your laptop's HD, this is a great item to turn your existing slower harddrive into a data backup/storage device.

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Great upgrade for laptops with 4,200 RPM drives7/22/2007 10:43:18 AM

Pros: This thing is fast and quite. I upgraded from Hitachi's 4,200 rpm 60GB drive that came in my eMachine M6805. This thing doesn't make any more noise and it gives about a 20% increase to performance.

Cons: some of the pins came bent. That is why I knocked off an egg. It took me a sec with a plastic tool to straighten them.

Overall Review: This gave my Laptop a Vista Hard Drive score of 4.8

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Great Legacy RAM7/22/2007 10:34:02 AM

Pros: This RAM works flawlessly in my eMachine M6805 Laptop. It took about 3 minutes to pop out the old 256MB card and seat this one. The system didn't even blink at the new card.

Cons: Price is higher than some other 200 pin DDR RAM chips.

Overall Review: The price of legacy RAM doesn't seem to be getting any cheaper. I also tried getting a generic chip prior to this one and my computer failed to recognize it. I have a total of 1.25 GB of RAM with this chip. It has brought my Laptop's Vista RAM score to 4.2

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Great Headset5/22/2006 9:18:49 PM

Pros: Sound Quality Price Comfort and Ease of Use

Cons: slight ear pressure after six straight hours of use.. Is that bad?

Overall Review: Ok, I have noticed that most of the bad reviews of this headset come from two reasons. I almost did not purchase them due to the reviews. I am SO GLAD I ignored the complaints and bought this headset. I use this headset for online gaming, watching movies, and Skype video phone conversations. The first complaint seems to be about the volume and mute control. IT IS NOT the same button. The ring around the button controls the volume. The large button in the center controls the mute. If you cannot adjust the volume or mute with this, you probably cannot operate most remote controls or cell phones. I have had zero problems with the controls on the headset. The second complaint is the tightness of the headset. I wear a 7 1/4 size hat and I have the headset at almost the tightest setting. I have not experienced the pinching that others have complained about. After I wore this headset for six hours straight, I did notice a slight pressure on my right ear. I don't think that is anything t

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Great Bang for your Buck!6/24/2004 4:39:03 PM

Comments: This is a great entry level 3D Video Card. I have had it for 8 months. I chose it because Gigabyte is a solid producer, and it was the only card at or near its price to have 128-bit memory (read some reviews, this is a BIG part of performance). I use it for home video editing (with a Leadtek TV card) and some gaming. The games I play are DirectX 8.1. I play them in 1024x768 with most of the eye candy. This card can handle them well and maintain 30 fps or higher (playable speed). As always, Newegg shipping is unmatched. When I decide to upgrade, I'll definately be shopping here.

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