1/3/2012 1:09:02 PM

Pros: It blends nicely with stereo receiver; had a friend see it and he didn't even know it was a computer. I feel it's pretty sturdy...the metal drive bays are definitely sturdy. I have bought mid towers in the past with around the same price tag, and this is NOT on the bottom of the quality list. I didn't have any trouble with the screws not lining up like some; there are only 5 screws I had to mess with anyway - 3 for the top lid and 2 for the bay drives. The magnetic accessory compartment on the front bezel is nice with plenty of ports hidden beneath.

Cons: DVD drive door doesn't close fully after DVD insertion - not a big deal, a light press and it closes shut. A possible fix would be slightly filing down the metal fin on the none spring side. The size also limits some graphics card and heat sink choices, so measuring is a must. My entertainment center is a Z-line type unit, so the case either extends a little too far in front or too far in back - dependent on placement (not a fault - just a consideration).

Overall Review: I bought the Gigabyte HD 6850 graphics card and the top heat pipes press against the top of the case. If you get a graphics card, make sure the top is flush with bracket portion of the card and you shouldn't have a problem. The case is very efficient with space. I chose this case over the other offerings from nMediaPC (looked at the 5000B and 6000B) based on the magnetic closing bezel (clips brake - magnets not so much), the size (micro atx and smaller), the power button (looks normal), and it blends in with other home theater equipment. I am pleased with the overall quality and don't regret my purchase...I would buy again.

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