Good monitor, odd issues.10/16/2020 2:17:19 AM

Pros: Solid construction Good viewing angle Great picture Solid blacks and pre-configured settings for me

Cons: Heavy No speakers Odd backlight issue Ips panel

Overall Review: I got this monitor several months ago, in an attempt to upgrade from a 24' tn 1440p 144hz from AOC because I had gifted my buddy my old 1070ti when I upgraded to a 2080s. I wanted something bigger to enjoy my gaming on and this monitor does not disappoint in that regard. I enjoy the deeper blacks and heavy contrast due to the ips panel. However, I found out very quickly in my limited experience with these that color bleed is an issue at sub 165hz refresh, and even then there is some ghosting. It makes playing path of exile fairly eye straining. Other high motion games like doom eternal look fantastic though, and at the top refresh rate eliminates a lot of the issues I had playing poe. My favorite part is the nub used for navigating the menus. It's tactile and is much better than the small hard to see ones usually used. Now, for the odd issue I mentioned. This monitor works fine and dandy, but every. Single. Time. I turn it on, the backlights in the screen do not all come on. Full sections of the screen are dim, but turning the monitor off and back on fixes the issue. Initially I'd have to do this several times before it worked and I'd feared I'd have to rma this product, but being somewhat lazy and not being interested in the hassle associated with it, I chose to stick it out. Now it only ever happens on the first time I turn the monitor on, but I fear that it'll get worse.

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Decent, for sure stay in your ear!5/29/2020 5:18:57 AM

Pros: - Price - Sound quality - individually work on their own - Outstanding bluetooth range

Cons: - Large profile - Somewhat uncomfortable - Voice quality is terrible

Overall Review: For the price I paid for these headphones, they met my expectations and then some. I am a trucker/Yard jockey and walk away from my phone often. I can walk the length of a 53' trailer and still be connected to my headphones with full audio! I was very happy with that. The unfortunate side is that the headphones are large and stick out of your ears a decent amount. It's not a huge problem for me, but some people won't like that. Once you figure out how to pair the headphones independently of one another, it's really easy and they work very well. The unfortunate part is that if you're a left ear'd listener, you can't use the microphone. (Not that I really recommend it, as from what I've experienced is extremely poor quality, however it gets the job done.) All in all, for the price - not only did they come the next day (Because anker sells through the big A. And this is a marketplace vendor on newegg) they function and meet my expectations for the price. Just don't be expecting to do a lot of calls with these, you're better off just using the actual mic on the phone unless you don't mind assaulting the person you're calling with sound quality akin to talking through a can on a string.

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Very good product for its price.3/20/2017 8:28:58 AM

Pros: Cable is braided and shielded. Good for the use I'm using it for as it's going through rafters. The ends come with connector caps to save the ends from being damaged, I know it's small but I've bought new without them and they got damaged in shipping! The picture quality on my vizio from my computer in 1080p is fantastic as well as the sound carried through the wire from my graphics card. Crisp.

Cons: The wire is kind of stuff and the braiding isn't exactly very high quality. It can snag on textured things easily due to this.

Overall Review: For less than 15$ I'd recommend this to anyone looking for something of this length over the scummy Best buy brands that charge 100$ for the same thing.

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