My Style12/5/2010 10:29:22 AM

Pros: A lot of space. (Great for newer large graphic cards) A lot of fans. A lot of venting and air filters. A lot of Steel. Great case and just my style. Coolest case I've ever owned (Temperature wise too). Also, this case's space allows for excelent cable routing, internal 'self contained' water coolers, and working room.

Cons: MUST HAVE KNOWLEDGE! (See Thoughts) Lower quality fans. Power and Reset buttons feel a little weak. With space comes size. (a little to big for me) This is not a case for newbs :) If the well labeled LED, Audio, eSata, USB, and Power/Reset header leads are not good enough for you, there is and English version of an instruction manual on-line. Not much help in the manual anyway. Some sort of hot-glue gun was used to apply LED lights and Power/reset buttons. My case was delivered with a damaged Power button wire. During my frustration of trying to power up the main board, I pressed too hard on the button and the hot-glued switch popped right out; frustrating me more. A little solder and Gorilla 'Super-Glue' did the trick. Also, during wiring fans and routing cables I pulled a hot-glued LED out too, and again the super glue saved the day.

Overall Review: My biggest problem was getting ALL the fans hooked up so they were quite. I recommend chaining a few fans together with the molex connectors and plugging it into the main board SYS Fan headers and letting your smart fan technology do the work. If you want Ultra-Cool, use the molex connectors direct to the power supply for the fans you do not have main board connections for. With all my complaints, I still LOVE this case. Whiners, crybabies and newbs WILL NOT!

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